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  1. Greece

    Greece tourism is at capacity. A devaluation would only have marginal effect here. Yes, a devaluation would make Greece more competitive for foreign companies but there are several reasons why I don't think it will work in this case: 1) Greece imports much of what it consumes so Greeks would feel huge pain right away for potential long term gain later. That's not the kind of trade off they've been known to make. 2) There's going to be major political risk in the mid term and that's going to be a deterrent for multinationals. 3) The current Greek culture is not attractive to multinationals. Bribes are everywhere, people don't often speak English and have an entitlement mentality, regulations and redtape are bizantine.
  2. Greece

    It doesn't matter how price-competitive they are, as they don't produce much of anything at all. I'm not trying to be flippant, but I fail to see why Greece would benefit from a massive devaluation given its (lack of) industries.
  3. Greece

    One thing I am not convinced is that Greece will leave the Euro. Default on its debt, yes. But why leave the Euro? Greece doesn't export anything and import everything. They cannot reinvigorate their economy through devaluation, so why try & risk capital flight? It's possible that other countries would want to kick them out, but the truth is that there are no rules for that in the EZ.
  4. Greece

    To answer your question, yes there is something wrong. The US is too much in debt, and a bank run in Greece could start a run on the dollar. This being said, the dollar is still considered much more solid than it really is, and a panic in Greece could just as well start a run *INTO* the dollar. Go figure.
  5. He's by far my favorite candidate.
  6. French elections - 2nd round tomorrow

    So, the Socialists are back in power after 31 years. It's going to be very interesting. I will make sure to vote for the right during the upcoming legislative elections (in June). It's going to be an interesting time for France if the Socialists also win the legislatives.
  7. Tomorrow, France will elect its president. It's likely to be Socialist Hollande, after a disastrous Sarkozy. French people living abroad vote today, but I'm not bothering to drive to the polls.
  8. From one of my favorite blogger....
  9. 2012 Presidential Poll for April 2012

    The question is whether committed conservatives will.
  10. 2012 Presidential Poll for April 2012

    Looks like Santorum is out. Good riddance.
  11. 2012 Presidential Poll for March 2012

    "worth" should have been "worse".
  12. 2012 Presidential Poll for March 2012

    I agree that Santorum will not be able to impose a theocracy, but he would be able to take us several steps in that direction, and that's enough to disqualify him for me. Add to that that he is *also* a socialist, and I deem him worth than Obama. I agree with that, but given that the state *does* sanction marriage, it should also sanction gay marriage. Similarly, the state should not finance biological studies, but given that it does, it shouldn't exclude stem cell research.
  13. 2012 Presidential Poll for March 2012

    If Santorum were the nominee, I would (want to) vote for Obama, not reluctantly but enthusiastically.
  14. 1942 Office of War Information color pictures on 4x5 Kodachrome - strong women (mostly) hard at work for the war effort: Those pictures are amazing.
  15. John Carter (2012)

    I went to see it on Wednesday. Overall, it's a pretty good movie, with some fun action, a lovely lead actress, good special effects, and a positive story.
  16. Oh My God Particle

    Nah - where would Education students be.....?
  17. Who's your current pick for president?

    The field is very bad. If I were a citizen & a member of the Rep party, I would probably vote for Ron Paul, since nobody is going to do anything about Iran anyway.
  18. I need a new TV series (I use iTunes). My recent favorites have been Firefly, West Wing, Deadwood, Stargate: Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica, but they've all ended now... What would people recommend? Thanks, JD
  19. How Doctors Die

    From :
  20. How Doctors Die

    What does a "do not resuscitate" cover though? If I'm having a cardiac arrest following for example a car accident and a massive loss of blood, I most certainly do want the hospital to do as much as possible to resuscitate me. When I was 8, I had an accident where I lost a lot of blood and (according to what I was told afterward) my heart stopped (and was restarted, thanks for asking) during the 8hrs surgery that followed. How do you make the distinction between futile care and this in a simple form?
  21. Does anyone know anything about this movie? Cheers, Joss
  22. 2012 Presidential Poll for January 2012

    Whatever one thinks of Romney, the (Republican) attacks on his role at Bain Capital are repulsive.
  23. 2012 Presidential Poll for January 2012

    I now think that Obama is likely to win -- as of today, based on the current performance of the Reps and based on the fact that most people think that the economy is "trending up".
  24. 2012 Presidential Poll for January 2012

    Casting my vote for Gary Johnson.
  25. Who's your current pick for president?

    I had forgotten about Gary Johnson. It looks like he's going to run as a Libertarian...