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  1. Recommended TV series?

    I'm having a blast watching "True Blood". I highly recommend it. (A fair deal of nudity though, so if this is something you object to, that might not be the right thing for you.)
  2. About Confederate Bikes:
  3. Beautiful Women and Men

    Even as a straight male, I have to admire this specimen...
  4. Embassies

    You don't need an army. You need a few soldiers with machine guns. The point isn't to resist a full fledged assault by a military force, it is to repeal invasion by looters / hooligans.
  5. Embassies

    Outside the embassy, fine - but once people breach into the embassy...?
  6. Gold strategy

    Thanks Betsy. Quick question: why do you buy options in the money?
  7. Gold strategy

    Betsy, I think I'm going to buy a few lg term calls on gold (in my 401(k), a few % of total). I know the theory behind call pricing, but I have never traded them. What should I look for in terms of ticker and the like to make sure I'm buying the right stuff (long term call options)? I was thinking of buying calls that are just out of the money - what do you think?
  8. My bad, it's only this one 6mn subject. I've now listened to it. It's more neutral than I would have expected, with quite a few abstracts from a 1959 interview.
  9. I haven't listened to most of it. But even if mostly negative, any exposure Ayn Rand gets is good.
  10. Wow, shocker. I would have put a yoga company in the leftist camp. That will teach me.
  11. Apparently Cain just claimed that Greenspan was the best Fed Chairman ever...
  12. Happy Birthday to Betsy Speicher

    Happy birthday Betsy!
  13. Steve Jobs is gone. Age 56

    I was just about to post that one. ^
  14. Steve Jobs is gone. Age 56

    Just found this:
  15. Steve Jobs is gone. Age 56

    So has Google. Good for them.
  16. Steve Jobs is gone. Age 56

    Huge, huge loss for the world today. Who knows what he might have come up with in the future. I feel as if my favorite author had died - a profound feeling of personal loss. I'm glad to see dedicating part of their homepage to honor Steve.
  17. Anti bailout Ford commercial Awesome.
  18. Or "President 9%", or spelled "Nine Percent" - doesn't matter. I think he should be branded with his unemployment record in preparation of the elections.
  19. Can't wait for the world cup!
  20. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    I had the same experience. I had no idea who she was and I looked her up on Google Image and didn't see anything unusual.
  21. Great Coffee and Fine Food Worldwide

    I've not found the Vivani bars in the US. What I have found is this very good dark chocolate: I recommend the 71% cocoa. I'm going to order some of the 80%. (That site is a good source for coconut products by the way. I recommend their coconut cream concentrate!)
  22. Who are your favorite candidates, who are the ones you fear / loath the most? I like Gary Johnson based on what I heard so far - which isn't much. Of course, most people don't even know he exists... Perry and Bachman worry me due to their strong religious stand. I'm worried it is going to be stronger than their small government stated orientation.
  23. Happy Birthday to Bob Kolker

    A very happy birthday!
  24. What do people think of the Nissan Leaf? We're considering buying one as car #2. It fits our needs quite well - my partner commutes just a few miles for work, and she probably has access to charging stations at work. Our current car is a VW Sportwagon TDi. It's a great car - I think I've filled the tank less than 10 times since we bought it. That will be the car we use to drive longer distance. I'm wondering if anyone has done a long term financial analysis on the car's NPV... Thanks, Joss