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  1. Tax on financial transactions

    No way the UK is going to vote for this, therefore, it is moot.
  2. Happy Birthday to Joss Delage

    Thank you all. Miles is doing great - he doesn't want to speak any French anymore... We're starting him at a bilingual school in September.
  3. Happy Birthday to Joss Delage

    Thank you - big 4 0 for me today! Fourty down, 400 to go (then I'll re-assess).
  4. Time lapse short movie on cities

    Don't read the artist's statement - just enjoy the amazing beauty of large modern cities:
  5. Back in Seattle

    My family and I moved back to Seattle after 3 years in Paris. We just arrived, I'm researching paleo friendly resources (Whole Food is good, but expensive) and exercise options. Short term goal is to finish up programming my website and incorporating.
  6. Back in Seattle

    The weather has been lousy here - and that's coming from someone who spent 10 years in Seattle.
  7. Anyone raising a pre-schooler?

    I am not sure the quality of the preschools we're going to be able to find in Seattle for our soon-to-be-4 year old boy. I'm curious to know if anyone here has a good compilation of curated, recent sources of information, resources, and advice? Thanks, Joss
  8. Back in Seattle

    I had forgotten about Trader Joe's. Thanks for reminding me of it.
  9. Business Growth

    The book "The 4hr workweek" has plenty of tips and tricks to outsource part of your day-to-day chores. Consulting is traditionally difficult to scale.
  10. See this: The discussion on average happiness starts around 11mn.
  11. Memory / SuperMemo / Piotr Wozniak

    All, I'm reading an article on Wired that I find interesting and I'd love to get opinions from the members of this forum. The article is here: Here are a few chosen quotes:
  12. What happens on those surveys is that there is a marked increase in perceived happiness the year the kid leaves home, to the "no kid" average. So maybe people have an average happiness of 7 for the 10 last years of their kids being home, versus a higher happiness for people without kids. Parents' happiness then goes up to the kidless average and stays up after the kid leaves. Pretty compelling to me.
  13. I disagree that children are an obvious emotional pain - in fact, for most happy parents they are an obvious emotional benefit. With this said, I think many parents would be happier not having children (or having them later). People generally don't think through the changes that a child bring. There are very real prices to be paid, it's not for everyone. There are studies that ask people to rate their happiness from 1 to 10 at various times through their lives. The research shows that on average parents are never happier than when their children leave the home...
  14. e Readers - Which is the "best" one?

    As much as I love my Kindle, I have to say it works much better for linear reading, i.e., for books you read from start to finish in the order they are "printed". It's not an ideal device for browsing or for jumping around. It's also not ideal for reference material. You can jump from key passage to key passage much more quickly on a "real" book.
  15. e Readers - Which is the "best" one?

    He set up at least one private (for profit?) public library!!!
  16. What Makes You Think This Recession Will End?

    Completely agree, although it is an inescapable fact that so far the vast majority of people are reaching the wrong conclusions.
  17. Best Type of Exercise

    Ray - do you not think that some strong lifters loose some range of motion overtime, despite the fact that they strength-train?
  18. Atlas Shrugged Movie trailer

    Wow this looks great!
  19. How are you preparing for inflation?

    I think this is too vague a definition. With such a definition, you'd have to consider price increases from supply shocks as inflation. That's not very useful. Purchasing power is a consequence, not a primary cause. Inflation = increase in money supply, even if said increase is slower than the growth of the economy (i.e., when consumers don't experience price increases, only slower decreases than they would otherwise.) Personally, I'm doing the following: 1) I have invested my money in gold and broad indices of stocks, with a large % outside the US. 2) I maintain a high debt on my low interest rate (8%) credit card, which I could pay off but do not. 3) I plan to develop an internet-based product which can easily generate money outside the US. 4) I have a US green card and a French passport, my son has both passports.
  20. e Readers - Which is the "best" one?

    What's nice is that the books will sync across devices. So imagine your Kindle is your main reader, but one day you're stuck in a line somewhere and read a few pages from your iPhone Kindle app, when you come back to your Kindle (as long as the wireless is on), it will sync to the furthest page read. To answer the original question, I love the Kindle. The only improvement I would like is a version without a keyboard.
  21. How Are You Preparing for Economic Doomsday?

    And the poors. High inflation will hurt the poors much more than the more productive, of course.
  22. Cocoa Powder Test Completed --

    Great John. If I recall correctly, the mix powder isn't outrageously expensive. You owe it to yourself to taste the water-based mix. It's awesome.
  23. Chinese play antiamerican song in whitehouse

    That might be meaningless. When French officials are honored abroad, "La Marseillaise" is played, even though it makes reference to "So that impure blood - Waters our furrows!" - which in the historical context refers to the blood of soldiers of other European countries. It could very well be that the song is popular without any reference to its original context.
  24. New online currency exchange system

    Well, it's cute but it's just for Euro to GBP and vice versa for now, so the appeal (to me) is limited.
  25. State of the States ... and Countries

    I empathize with your view, but there's something to be said for a long tradition of the rule of law. As bad as things can go in the US, they can get much worse outside the US...