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  1. Who want's to make a new Forum with me?

    Betsy - what do you find are the active Facebook groups? Thanks, Joss
  2. Dallas Buyers Club

    I highly recommend that you go see this movie. It's very well played and is a life-affirming story.
  3. Happy Birthday to Alon Tsin

    Happy birthday Alon.
  4. Zimmerman Verdict

    I don't think there's any such evidence beside Zimmerman's testimony.
  5. Zimmerman Verdict

    Is that so? My understanding is that we had no idea who started the physical assault.
  6. Happy Birthday to Joss Delage

    Thank you.
  7. Zimmerman Verdict

    Now that I think of it, this has more to do with self defense than stand your ground. Still, I'm puzzled.
  8. Zimmerman Verdict

    I have misgivings on the "stand your ground" laws, as I understand them. The problem I see is that conceivably someone could initiate a fist fight (assault someone else), find themselves on the loosing side and at real risk of great bodily arm, and then pull a gun a shoot the person they attacked. If I'm not mistaken, the only thing that matters is whether one is at risk of material injury or death. If this is true, it is easy to manipulate and it makes it hard for unarmed people to defend themselves: they can only fight to a draw, they cannot risk having a significant advantage. This is not how a fight is terminated safely.
  9. Edward Snowden

    You need to make a case for those claims before asking me to defend snowden. People are labelled bad things and villified all the time. Doesn't make it true.
  10. Edward Snowden

    Snowden didn't endanger Americans - terrorists endanger Americans. The government's role is not to protect certain rights at the expense of others, it is to protect all rights according to an objective standard, ideally defined in the law. I'm not sure Snowden is a hero, but he's closer to being one than to being a traitor.
  11. My Hobby: Long Range Fishing

    The problem with nutrition is that we have no way of really testing long term effects of things. Personally, I am convinced that both *what* and *how much* we eat will have an impact on our quality of life and/or lifespan. The more I read and learn about the subject, the clearer it is that our knowledge is fuzzy. The field is also as polluted with politics as is climatology.

    Just got 23000 points - Big time sink though... :-)
  13. Beautiful Women and Men

    Very cool. Not exactly a scientific experiment, but still very, very cool.
  14. Beautiful Women and Men

    Not my cup of tea at all. These women are very skinny and they have poor muscle tone (aka muscular mass). Everybody benefits from squatting some heavy weights.
  15. Top Five Most Beautiful Cars

    I think that regulation is largely to blame for the blandness. All the cars have to fit such narrow standards that they end up looking very similar. My dad used to have a vintage Mercedes Benz (early 50's 220). It was lovely, but you had to constantly polish the chromes and treat the leather. That was a pain in the neck. But then again, that was the luxury side of things. On the other side of the spectrum you had things like the original VV beetle and the French 2CV - horrible cars.
  16. Elevated estradiol

    Oh, in the diet adjustment: selenium is also needed (best source: seafood).
  17. Elevated estradiol

    You could try some lifestyle changes. I am not sure exactly what causes your high estradiol levels, but I have read that at least the following can all impact the aromatization of testosterone into estrogen, or the production of t. to start with: - diet: testosterone requires saturated fat and cholesterol. - stress levels / sleep quality: low stress, good sleep quality is required to produce testosterone. - Weight lifting: heavy weight lifting promotes testosterone (endurance work doesn't) - High body fat levels contributes to aromatization. Also, there's some evidence that consuming content of an erotic nature boosts testosterone (although maybe only temporarily).... :-) The problem with supplementing is that once you go that route, you might have to continuously do so, or maybe increase the dose over time. Hormones are tricky that way.
  18. AMG SLS Electric Drive (video, 18:45)

    When I was investigating the purchase of a Nissan Leaf (not the same category, I realize), I was told by the dealer that the battery could loose as much as 20% of its capacity per year! I'm waiting to see what happens a couple years down the road for early adopters.
  19. All, What are the cons to a "universal background check"? What I'm talking about here would be that individuals would have access to an online version of the same tool the dealers use - no more no less. My thoughts is that it seems like a reasonable thing to do. Although I oppose restrictions on gun types, ammo, and magazines, I don't think we should be able to sell guns to people who shouldn't have them, be they criminals or crazies. With this said, I've never owned a gun in my life, and before adopting this position for good I would like to understand this issue as well as possible.
  20. Carrera GT reaches its 10th birthday!

    Lovely car.
  21. Happy Birthday to mweiss

    Happy birthday!
  22. Happy Birthday to Jason Fowler

    Happy birthday!
  23. This is sloppy copy. The text mentions both the M1 Carbine and the M1 rifles, which are completely different weapons.
  24. No, it's just a different thing, and a more intrusive one. Many gun owners who are hostile to a registry would be OK about a background check as long as it doesn't amount to a backdoor registry.
  25. Stiil if the right was drafting the law, they would be in a position to correct the creep of the past laws - i.e., the fact that the dealers' background check amounts to a registry.