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  1. Happy Birthday to GUY A

    Thank you Betsy. Guy
  2. Happy Birthday to GUY A

    Thanks Betsy!
  3. Cadence, What sort of information would you like to have? I lived in Keene, NH from 1979 until 1984. Keene is in the Southwest corner of the state. First, what NH does not have is state income tax or sales tax. I have little first hand knowledge about the the Eastern side of the state. I am originally from Vermont and I can tell you that for two states, similar in geography, population and economy you could not find two more different politically. NH might go to the Republican side in next Presidential election. Vermont gave Obama the 2nd highest percent vote next to Hawaii.
  4. If you go to the ARI wedsite you can find the material from the lecture that you can print out. I just received "We the Living" and "Aristotle's Metaphysics" by Robert Mayhew from UPS. I went direct to and did not find a supplements reference, so I went to www. and the screen appeared showing a list of materials for various lectures. I printed out my material for "Aristotle". The material for "The Aircraft Carrier" is also on the list. Hope this helps out.
  5. An absurd (?) implication of the impotence of evil

    Her name was "Kitty" Genovese.
  6. Quiz

    Sounds to me like "Don Quixote"
  7. Meet the New Surgeon General?

    As related to me by a friend in Vermont Howard Dean is a.k.a. Dr. Demento.
  8. The Theory of Elementary Waves

    My copy just arrived.
  9. President Obama - Are You Listening?

    WOW! That was great. I"ll add my own message to that man in the White House. Mr. Obama, "TEAR DOWN THE ECONOMIC WALLS"
  10. Explosive demolition! You get to combine physics, chemistry, engineering and art to produce a great show.
  11. Happy Birthday to GUY A

    Thank you Betsy!
  12. Problem-solving in films

    Another film to add to my list: Charade: Where is the money?
  13. Problem-solving in films

    The African Queen: Welding a damaged propeller and the manufacture of torpedos in the middle of a jungle. Twelve O'Clock High: Leadership problems for the commander of a demoralized bomb group in WW2. The Great Escape: Lots of problems. The Train: How to decive the Germans regarding the progress of the train. There is an interesting part where Bert Lancaster [Labiche] rebuilds a damaged bearing on the locomotive. The Flight of the Phoenix: One major problem. Operation Petticoat: Some "creative" solutions for supply problems on a submarine in WW2.
  14. Marathon

    Here is my experience with marathons. I have run two marathons and numerous other races. Just as an aside, I certainly am not in the same league as Kurt. His time of 2:29:09 is a really good time that would have won Boston as late as 1952 and the Olympic marathon as late as 1948. My first marathon was the Green Mountain Island Marathon in Vermont, August of 1979. The course was fairly flat and the weather almost perfect, rather cool. My finish time was 3:30 :23, about an eight minute pace. By ten weeks before the race I usually ran four of five days a week. Midweek runs were 8 to 10 miles with a long run on Sunday. A long run of 16 miles became relatively easy. I finally did three 20 mile runs before the race. The 20 mile runs were never easy. I remember thinking that running the 20 miles was twice as difficult as running 16 miles. My maximun mileage for a week was 50 miles. Two weeks before the race I reduced my weekly mileage. The race itself went easier than running those 20 miles. I even got my picture in The Burlington Free Press. My next marathon was in Richmond, Virginia, October of 1979. The race started at 12:00 noon with temperature in the mid 90's. This was not a fun run. At about the 16 mile point there was long hill and a sign that read "Lee's Revenge". I walked most of that hill. My finish time was 3:48:06. My best race was a half marathon in Manchester, Vermont, September of 1981. My finish time was 1:32:49

    I saw this the first time I think when I was ten years old. I always liked science fiction and space travel movies. I was impressed by the special effects but what I did not like was nature of the aliens. Their purpose was to prevent us from having atomic weapons. Even at ten I knew we had the right to have these weapons for self defense. In coming to Earth to stop us, they were the aggressors. What I could not understand at the time was why almost nobody else that I knew could see that. It really did bother me then. It still does!