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  1. Where is he?

    Who cares where he is? To him, the only thing that matters in that moment is where he's going.
  2. I won't respond further to Red, because to do so would require me to violate certain Forum rules, and I don't want to burden Besty with the task of deleting my post. I will close by saying that I think this thread (chiefly Red's statements, not mine) is extremely instructive for both men and for women to read.
  3. "No way" to what, exactly? As far as I'm concerned, your mission as a man is to bottom-line everything people say and do, and keep your life and affairs as simple and straightforward as possible. (Granted, there are many different schools of thought on this, but you asked for my opinion.)
  4. Perhaps there are people who say "no," when they really mean "yes." I'm not sure how common this is among adults, but in any event, it's not your job to figure out who might be telling you the truth, and who lives in bizarro land.
  5. Red and I have been over this very issue before on The Forum, so I don't imagine that what I say will convince him. But for everyone else, this is a classic example of what I call psychoanalyzing (or "playing Sigmund Freud"): You're not allowed to do this, Red. You're not allowed to speculate on or guess at another person's motivations in this way. When a woman tells you it's over, you must take her at her word. Legally as well as morally, you are obligated. It's also the only way to retain your masculinity, and preserve your male sanity.
  6. *Sorry, the last line of my last post should have read: "I'm neither complaining, nor bragging..."
  7. Don't take my word for it. Take HER word for it. A woman has sex with you one time, then drops you (by text message, no less) immediately afterward? While you're driving home? Doesn't she know that texting while driving is dangerous? But seriously, if YOU had done this to HER, she — along every one of her girlfriends, and the majority of her Twitter followers — would regard you as the filthiest pig on the planet right now. Something tells me there is a Sex in the City DVD boxed set somewhere in this lady's apartment. (And Betsy, I'm neither complaining nor exaggerating. I'm kidding. It doesn't happen to me constantly, only every other week... )
  8. You got sexually used, my friend. I know, it happens to me constantly...
  9. How can they be "together" if they live a continent apart?
  10. Naturally, there will be further interactions, dealings, etc. It's extremely obvious that this woman is not homely.
  11. To understate: No. Which is why it makes for compelling fiction. If you'd like your romantic life to be real and not fictional, you must shun the principle of drama in all forms but literary.
  12. 2.5 million possible explanations… None of which are any of Red's business or concern. Like all men, Red needs to learn the art of dropping women. He hasn't yet discovered that love is simple — that a good relationship is a straightforward & happy affair, free of ambivalence, confusion, immaturity and drama.
  13. Betsy: What "cause" are you suggesting that Red seek out? An explanation... of what?