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  1. Stephen's Health

    I came to know of Stephen and Betsy when they first started this forum. I never met Stephen, but I met Betsy at last year's OCON. The value I have derived from their existence is immeasurable. If I could put in words the most important thing Stephen taught me, through personal interaction and by example, was that benevolence and being an Objectivist weren't mutually exclusive. I can't begin to express how important this was for me. I'm beside myself. I'm so sorry, Betsy, and I'm sorry that "sorry" doesn't cut it. You have my deepest condolences. HaloNoble6
  2. Stephen's Health

    Betsy, Please send Stephen my best wishes for a quick and full recovery. When FC told me about what happened I was driving and the shock of it nearly required that I pull over. The two of you are in my thoughts daily. HaloNoble6
  3. Check you Peter-Pan Peanut Butter!!

    I'm 9/10ths of the way through a 211 jar (have been eating it for the past month or so). Three days ago I experienced flu-like symptoms (high fever, cough, sour throat). I'm gonna check myself into the clinic just to be safe.
  4. Hype for the movie "300"

    Well I'd say he was both positively and negatively influenced by Sparta: he praised Spartan balance of powers, but condemned the Spartan treatment of citizens. The "American principle" derived by the Spartan model, at least by Adams, is the structuring of government in such a way so as to reflect the three natural orders of men in society (the one, the few, and the many; hence an executive, a senate, and a house). Sparta was the first to do this, and historically it isn't trivial. Against that positive influence, for Adams, stands the Spartan approach to citizens. He objected (viewing Sparta from a modern (at that point in time) natural-rights-perspective) to the manner in which citizens were compelled to do the State's bidding.
  5. Hype for the movie "300"

    I think it would be interesting to have a thread dedicated to discussing the legacy of Sparta.
  6. Hype for the movie "300"

    And let me add, realizing the thread I'm posting in, that I'm totally looking forward to 300! I can barely contain my excitement! For those of you that have a Facebook profile, I started a 300 group!; go and join!
  7. Hype for the movie "300"

  8. Hype for the movie "300"

  9. Happy Birthday Stephen!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  10. Link Where is this man's government when he so badly needs it?
  11. Founders College website

    In Virginia, Founders College indeed!
  12. Help: New computer and cannot login

    Stephen, I assume there's a way to transfer all her posts from her other username to this new one by directly manipulating the mysql database (which I assume this software uses to store posts and other such information). I would think that you could transfer the tables associated with her previous account to the new account.
  13. Iran declares war?

    And now this: A report that the IAEA has found traces of weapons-grade Uranium.
  14. Silly video of my dog

    You are correct, it is Heroes! The dogs are mostly entertaining, but they do try to wrap me around their fingers, too! But I'm a disciplinarian, so they fail miserably, buahahahahahah... (yeah right).
  15. Silly video of my dog

    They are both mine, and both are boxers. They are half-brothers; born two months appart. The white boxer is lower in rank and is actually scared of the toy. But, when the brown boxer gets it, he wants to crush it too. I guess he thinks once his brother gets it, the creature is defeated.