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  1. CIA denied help in Benghazi

    This is HUGE news.
  2. Best television channels?

    INSP has some great evening programming. Hallmark channel has some good stuff. DIY. Boomerang for cartoons.
  3. The Romantic era poets

    Thank you, Betsy.
  4. The Romantic era poets

    I am looking for recommendations for Romantic era poets who excel at using rich beautiful language in their verse and prose and who write poetry with a sense of life an Objectivist could appreciate on topic such as love, accomplishment, beauty, truth, heroism etc...Any recommendations are much appreciated
  5. Bill Bucko is gone

    Very sad indeed. As I deist I know he is with the Universal Creator on some adventure somewhere/someplace with loved ones.
  6. Dilemma at work

    Avoid alcohol when first getting to know a girl on a date.
  7. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    MEMO TO GOP: No more "playing nice" with the opposition. It's time to give a full account of their tyranny and an unapologetic defense of individual rights / laissez-faire capitalism. Milqtoasts are wrecking this nation. It's time to play hardball, boys.
  8. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    In terms of the popular vote alone, this election was essentially a 50/50 split. The nation is divided...this isn't your usual division either, they are two opposite views of what the proper role of govt ought to be.
  9. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    " I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy" ---John Adams
  10. Advice requested: melatonin

    Melatonin works well, at least in my experience. For max effectiveness I would take the 5mg strength, also it will take a few days to build in your system for therapeutic effectiveness. If you can I would get an Rx for Rozerem it is the gold standard.
  11. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    Texas is looking good.
  12. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    I think once a nation attains a certain population size it becomes more and more difficult to retain a free and civilized society. The sheer size makes it a problem. If you look at's freedom index, the "freest" economies and nations are not large; Australia, New Zealand, Swizterland....The USA is a sad 10th place (when we ought to be first). No matter how airtight and well crafted a nations laws may be, without a citizenry's embrace of reason and the values of individual rights, it is hard pressed for such a nation to maintain liberty.
  13. The bad guy won. The fight continues.

    All the suffering and loss incurred in the Revolutionary War, spat upon by a voting public that has drank the poison hemlock. The genius of Ben Franklin, Madison, Jefferson, Washington, all of them trumpled under the feet by millions lemmings running towards the cliff of collectivism and scarcity. I realize that the decay started long ago in America, but with Obama we saw the first lights of a man who not only hates this country and her rich history, but who also openly embraces world tyrants and ideologies that are evil. Yes, I am angry. Angry at a public that refuses reason and welcomes moral bankruptcy. I now must fight harder and harder to preserve what little vestige is left of a once great country. America of yesteryear is no more. I doubt America will survive another decade. The heartbreaking part of this story is that my children will grow up in a nation spoiled by blind faith and trillions in debt, rights lost and never to be known, opportunities lost, dreams put out of reach from some empty suits in Wash DC. But I fight on. The surest way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. "I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."--AR
  14. March 4, 1789 - November 6, 2012

    The USA cannot survive the policies of Obama and the left. It's just a matter of time. Be prepared. The USA will never fully break, but there are some pains coming.
  15. Agenda 21 - It's Collectivism Evil Out Of The United Nations.

    ewv, how many more ways do we need to make it clear to you that Agenda 21 is NOT a conspiracy theory?
  16. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    It's good one you need to defend yourself against a thug in the New Black Panther Party. I took WIng Chun for a little bit. Never tried BJJ, I bet if you combine BJJ with WC you'd be one bad mofo.
  17. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    @elliott, with Romney we're just trying to stop the total hemorrhaging of freedom caused by the ObaMAO regime. BTW, what martial arts are you involved with?
  18. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    Even in States where Romney is well ahead I would still vote for him, because the massive size of the victory also has a psychological impact on the other side.
  19. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    Gary Johnson, like Paul has a much better domestic policy than Romney, but his foreign policy (like Paul's) is highly irrational (verging on suicidal). A vote for Johnson is nothing more than siphoning votes away from Romney creating a vote for Obama by default. Gary Johnson falls into the trap that many libertarians fall into; espousing a political system with no moral foundations or ethics other than the absence of force. Those who support Johnson are guilty of package dealing the politics of Romney and Obama. They are context dropping in order to justify their support for their candidate. they fail to realize that ALL candidates fall short of the perfect candidate. Johnsonites hold a misconception that four years under Romney will be no different than 4 years under Obama. Poppycock! Although Romney is a R.I.N.O.'s R.I.N.O., he is no Obama.
  20. Even Sandy concedes to union power

    If there is a hell I hope that New York Senator Robert F. Wagner is rotting in it.
  21. Even Sandy concedes to union power

    Unions are disgusting filth.
  22. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    My concern is a Romney/GOP victory will spur minorities and ne'er do wells to riot.
  23. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    2012 is going to be a repeat of 2010.-the MSM is doing their damnedest to make it seem like a close election when it won't be.
  24. Hezbollah on Mexico Another reason not to have porous borders.
  25. food philosophy & the Gilded Fork Yummmmmmmm.....!!! And the lady who runs these websites is an Objectivist.