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  1. Beautiful Women and Men

    Oh my god, that is bloody fantastic! I wonder if there's one for women
  2. Beautiful Women and Men

    Hmmm....I've lost it now....I was looking at other pictures and most of them are quite different from the one in particular I was looking at. Quite a different image. I know my step-mom is quite fond of Gregory Peck, and I suppose I can agree with her. Then of course there is the ever-handsome Sean Connery. I don't care what age you are...that is a handsome man.
  3. Beautiful Women and Men

    Aishwarya Rai I must absolutely agree with...beautiful, classy, elegant (it helps that I'm a total nut for Bollywood movies). Kate Beckinsale too; she would have totally fit in with the classic beauties in the early "Silver Screen" days. As far as the men go...since I see this thread is quite dominated by beautiful women...I must say the top of my list has always been Taylor Hanson (especially now that he's a man)...ah, so gorgeous... Drool... One that I never could understand was Brad Pitt -- totally not handsome in my book. And I just came across a picture of Marlon Brando...never really paid much attention to classic actors but this looks like the type of man (classic, suave, gentleman) that our society (or at least my generation in particular) is sorely lacking. Too many men in my generation that sport messy hair, dirty t-shirts, and baggy jeans, wasting away in front of a video game all day long. Whatever happened to men being gentlemen and women being ladies?
  4. Your Habits

    Hmmm....old topic but it struck a cord with me as I had just been thinking about this very thing a few hours ago. So as I'm in a rambling mood, and haven't been on here in a while...I feel compelled to write. The only thing I absolutely require in order to write is...happiness. There have only been a handful of occasions in my life during which I actually felt inspired to write, and those were times when I was exceptionally, extraordinarily happy with my life. Something about being in a constantly buoyant mood, unable to stop smiling 24/7 -- whatever the reason -- brings my muse out of hibernation. This has happened to me recently, and I'm discovering other habits of writing in the meantime... Let me back up a bit. A few weeks ago, I suddenly felt that sense of extraordinary happiness. Don't know where it came from....but BAM! It was there. And I started writing a novel, partially based on some dreams I'd had and partially based on my own life. It started coming out as the story of a young woman who hates men, and meets a perfect gentleman, but she doesn't trust him at first. She has to learn to do so... One day when I was in the middle of writing this, I threw my pen down in frustration because I wanted the story to be real, and it wasn't. And then it dawned on me what I was doing: I was trying to consciously deal with my own issues. Three years ago I was raped by the boyfriend I thought I was going to end up marrying. Ever since then, I've shunned human contact, especially that of men. But I never allowed myself to deal with the rape; I buried it under other issues. And suddenly it was back at the forefront of my mind, now that all the other issues had been resolved and (I guess this is really the only way to put this) I had enough room in my brain to finally think about it. I finally admitted it was real, and the weight of it was suddenly gone. It didn't torment me anymore. The nightmares have all but stopped. And it took me several days, but I picked my pen back up, and haven't been able to put it down. I'm writing constantly, at home, at work, while driving (in my head, obviously). So...sorry...very long aside to get around to my habits. Typically, whenever a story has presented itself to me in the past, it was when I was lying in bed at night, wide awake, not distracted by anything else (such as work or telephones and whatnot), and I have plenty of time to think. Thus, most of my past stories have had several scenes that took place at night, in a house, in a bedroom (no, I'm not talking sexual here, unless it involved rape, which has wound up in almost every story I've ever written, even before it happened to, mostly it winds up being long boring conversations or a long train of thought that someone has while lying in bed; i.e. exactly what I was doing). I was finding myself very influenced by my surroundings. So now when I write, I have to be constantly moving around: a different room in my house, at work, at school, outdoors, in the car. And all those different surroundings help me brainstorm different scenarios: what would the main characters do in this place? this situation? in this weather? in the dining room as opposed to the living room? in the classroom as opposed to the cafeteria? Thus, this story I'm currently working very me. The main character is a belly dancer (go figure), who works for the family auto repair business (uh, duh), and is learning to deal with having been raped and learning to trust other people (and herself) again...very me. I also find that it helps for me to hand-write rather than type. If I type my story -- sensitive as it is, and as fast as I type -- I find it tumbles out a little too overwhelmingly; the drama is a little too overdone, the pain and emotions a little too much to bear...and it comes out with the wrong feeling, and goes in a different direction than I was intending (stream of consciousness, as my therapist put it). Instead, I prefer to hand-write, but not only that: I write in code. I made up a phonetic code for myself, so I can write without anyone being able to read it (not only because it's sensitive but also because my first drafts embarrass me to no end until I get a chance to edit them), not to mention having to focus on "translating" while writing forces me to slow down and really focus on the wording, the feeling, the plot. It helps me keep my stories on the track I intended. And on that note...back to the book...and somewhere else (been sitting here in my home office too long).
  5.'s true...I have sinned. How? I dance. *claps hand to mouth* Not only do I dance...I dance with my belly uncovered. *claps hands to eyes* Even worse...I dance to drums! *faints* Yes, I am a tool of Satan. I dance, not fully covered, to drums, and move in a seductive, sensual manner. I intentionally arouse men to make a profit. Oh the horror! Oh the shame! least that's what a bunch of little Christian children were so eager to tell me the other My sister and I rode in the bed of a pickup truck, in full costume, for the local downtown Christmas parade on Saturday night (I'm a member of our local Downtown Main Street Association and figured this would be a fun advertising opportunity for me...not to mention I love Christmas more than any other time of the year). A majority of the crowd totally enjoyed it, and we had so much fun. There were a few small groups, however, including this float of children from a local bible school, who were very loud in proclaiming our sins. "Put a shirt on! You're evil! That's disgusting! That's inappropriate! That's Satan's music!" I just had to laugh. It is, however, sad that bellydance has become something sexual and inappropriate, when it was never designed to be so. The dance was, in origin, never intended to be used for seduction. It was actually done by women, for women; at the time a woman dancing for a man was inappropriate, and vice versa. Bellydance was something for the women to do in the privacy of their homes, where they could remove their collective veils that covered them in public and be able to freely and beautifully express themselves and their individuality. It was part of their culture, and was considered an art. Now, the status of bellydance has turned from artful to sexual, from cultural to slutty sideshow entertainment. Of course, I must admit, there are a lot of bellydancers who support this viewpoint by not adhering to some of the ethical guidelines of professional bellydancers (e.g. never openly flirt with your audience, when doing floorwork never part your knees toward your audience, never dress so scandalously that your costume might reveal too much, never advertise yourself as anything less than tasteful / elegant / artistic...basically, don't equate yourself with a pole dancer or stripper, etc.). It's very frustrating for me that I have to turn jobs down because people are expecting a certain low (by low, I mean degrading, trashy, slutty) level of entertainment...something I'm certainly not willing to offer for any amount of money. I hate that so many people equate bellydance with stripping, such that even when I'm portraying something beautiful and tasteful, I get shouted down because I'm apparently doing something sinful. Well...I guess that just means I'll have to work a lot harder to educate the public in my area so I can actually get more work (there's another dancer I used to be friends with who gets jobs all the time, but I know for a fact she's willingly consented to a much lower level of entertainment than I would ever accept...which is sad, I hope she doesn't get herself hurt doing that, but if she does, it's her own fault). ...I wonder...if I continue my slow transition away from bellydance and toward Hindustani dance, and start wearing saris and salwar kameez instead of traditional bellydance costumes, what the local public would
  6. Henna body art

    I don't know if this would be an objectivist art, but this is what I do. I've been doing this on myself for a few years, but I've learned a lot more about the art in the last year so I could start doing it for others. I've started a business doing henna body art and belly dance / Bollywood dance as live entertainment. I figured it was about time I make some money doing something I My first attempt at bridal henna: Just a random composite of design elements: Me and my sister at a dance performance with henna on our hands and feet:
  7. Christmas lights!

    I love this time of year...makes me feel like a kid again. Christmas lights totally make my day Except this year is so different from years past. Everyone seems so depressed, and there aren't nearly as many decorated houses as last year. Though there are some really cool displays...I need to get a picture of this one house that has a network of what looks like fishing line running between a couple of trees, and hanging from the lines are several dozen ornaments. It looks really awesome. *puts santa hat on* Well...back to last minute gifting...
  8. I'm not sure about some of those, but a couple in particular I definitely agree with... The "assumed" issue of global warming is most definitely having a drastically negative effect on taxes and the loss of the American Dream, not to mention all the ridiculous regulations in place to protect the environment. I work in the automotive industry, and have to daily put up with the restrictions on the industry thanks to the environmentalist wackos...and trying to explain to customers that they have to replace their brake rotors at every brake job because they're created smaller to save weight to help contribute to lower tailpipe emissions...very frustrating.
  9. Intrinsic Value and Anarchy

    Just some thoughts I had yesterday....I'm sure similar things have already been discussed and understood, but...well, I guess I just want to rant about the deplorable state of our We had a debate session in my Ethics class yesterday, and for this project we were divided up into groups and had to prepare an argument for our given topic and position. For one of the topics, a group argued the following: All human beings have intrinsic value (that is, they must be always treated as an end and never as a means, and must be taken into moral consideration in any moral dilemma). Because all human beings have intrinsic value, they cannot be killed for any reason whatsoever, including as a punishment for murder. (There was a bit more that followed this, but that was specific to the topic, and I'm here concerned more with the general implications the class derived from these two premises.) After this group presented their argument, the professor and students were allowed to present counterarguments and counterexamples to show why their theory didn't work. One of the counterexamples was that, if people have intrinsic value, then you also cannot imprison them for crimes because to do so would be to treat them as a means and not ends in themselves (this is, of course, assuming an Intrinsic Value theory, which I don't agree with, but we had to assume it for purposes of this discussion). The implications were then obvious. If you can't imprison anyone for a crime, they essentially can't be punished period, because doing so would treat them as a means. If that's the case, then crime is no longer crime, and criminals would be free to do essentially whatever they wanted. This, obviously, means Anarchy. Taken from an economic perspective, which we also discussed, the government cannot charge citizens taxes, fees, fines, etc., because, again, to do so would be to treat people as a means to and end rather than as an end in themselves. Thus, government could not be financed (unless it was privately owned and operated). Again, the end result is Anarchy. This is where the group's argument fell apart (besides the fact that Intrinsic Value is invalid). If you assume Intrinsic Value, it is contradictory to Anarchy, because in an anarchic state nobody would treat one another as if they had intrinsic value since it would be every man for himself. However, taken literally and practiced literally, Intrinsic Value naturally leads to Anarchy. Thus, their argument was self-contradictory. This got me thinking more about the state of our country right now and the ideological crisis it's experiencing, even though people don't seem to realize it. It seems as though many want to assume Intrinsic Value, because people want others to treat them as ends in themselves, whether they deserve it or not (consider all the benefits we give criminals in prisons...see below for more on this). However, it almost seems as though we've twisted this concept such that only the incapable have value and the capable don't (namely, the poor, hungry, homeless, and incarcerated have intrinsic value, but the rich, productive, and responsible do not...they are afforded only instrumental value). This is a terrible mixing of intrinsicism and subjectivism. It's the same thing with the concept of Altruism. People are in such a hurry to be charitable because apparently that's the only way to be morally good these days, but at the same time people are flipping it around and demanding others be altruistic to them (the looters). What about all of us business owners who are barely making it because the regulations are so tight and the public so demanding that we can't make enough money to stay in business? Do we get our break? Heck no...because we're the immoral capitalists who dare to want a profit. So instead of Anarchy, we're heading for Communism...oh hooray for us...
  10. Intrinsic Value and Anarchy

    I wish I could have said more....the whole debate process was very rushed due to time limitations (considering it was the last class period of the quarter). Regardless, I was at least proud of myself for at least being able to think of these things because normally I process information so slowly that I come up with a thought much too late and by then the discussion is long
  11. Atlas Shrugged in the real world

    I read this today on Boycott over store closing Why is it these people don't realize that a business cannot function without a profit? I was talking to my boyfriend about this, and he related a story to me of a new client of his who called his competitor to complain about his prices (when in fact my boyfriend has one of the best deals in town on printing and web development). The client asked the competitor if my boyfriend was making money off of her. Um...duh? Isn't that the way it works? Make a profit, then use that profit to continue to expand one's business, let alone STAY in business? Why don't people understand this? It's so simple to me. Why are we, the producers who make a profit, the morally guilty ones, while the looters who contribute nothing and demand everything for free are morally pure?
  12. Intrinsic Value and Anarchy

    And I'm a dork...forgot the thing about the prisoners... My father's girlfriend works at the local Men's Colony prison in the medical department (she's in charge of scheduling doctor's appointments for the inmates). It is absolutely amazing to me what we as taxpayers are paying for. These men are getting free sex changes, Viagra, organ transplants (and being put at the top of the donor lists), and other such procedures that keep these murderers and rapists alive and healthy and happy. We are forced to treat these people as if they still have rights, which they don't (or, at least shouldn't have rights). This is all in addition to the ridiculous other benefits we give them (television, paid work, etc.). Whoever decided these people need to continue living, let alone have anything more than food, was crazy.
  13. On-Topic and Off-Topic Issues

    Sorry, I think I posted that slightly out of context. A previous post said something about "I'll state my premises and my conclusion, but won't state my argument." I found that statement self-contradictory, hence my own post quoted above.
  14. Now just dying is not enough for the viros

    That is sick....environmentalists are out of their minds. I cringe to think I used to be one of them....that was before I read Atlas
  15. online philosophy degree

    I'm getting information from Founders, but does anyone know of any other universities that offer an online bachelor's degree in Philosophy?
  16. On-Topic and Off-Topic Issues

    Doesn't stating one's premises and a conclusion necessarily entail stating an argument? As far as I know, the very definition of an argument is a set of premises and a conclusion that, if valid, logically follows from the premises.
  17. On-Topic and Off-Topic Issues

    Good lord....I think I'll stop posting new topics so these explosions don't
  18. Yet Another Fantasy Genre Topic

    This is going to sound totally escapist of me....but I like some fantasy novels specifically because they are not reality. The world as it currently stands is so miserable and collectivist that sometimes I just get tired and want to imagine myself away from it all, and fantasy novels are great for that. That being said, I have a hard time finding really good fantasy novels. Other than my obvious loves, such as The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, I have a hard time finding good fantasy novels that can actually keep my interest. And I totally agree that fantasy novels, even though they are not reality-based, can be excellent metaphors for various things that can be applied to reality.
  19. Morality of capital punishment

    I've been reading some of the other threads (and information posted on other Rand-related websites) regarding her views on capital punishment. I understand that, regardless of the legality of it, she thought capital punishment was morally defensible but in reality impractical due to the possibility of error. However, in the case of someone like Lee Boyd Malvo (the DC Sniper), in which all the evidence pointed to him and he even confessed to the crimes, would Ms. Rand support (morally and legally) having him put to death? Even though he was 17 when he committed the crimes? My gut reaction to cases like this is that someone just needs to put a bullet between his eyes because he doesn't deserve to live. But how does an Objectivist provide any sort of ethical argument for justification of that? I've been trying to put one together in my head and I think I'm missing some pieces, just from my lack of complete integration and understanding of the philosophy so far.
  20. Morality of capital punishment

    I hate group a rule I usually refuse to do them because I always have severe ideological differences from that of my teammates. Our last day of class this quarter we're supposed to engage in a philosophical debate on a given moral issue (ours, obviously, is whether it's moral to kill the DC Sniper even though he's 17). My team's position is that it is moral to kill him, so we have to pick an ethical theory and support our position, and come up with counterarguments against the other team's position. Last night I had a meeting with my group to decide which ethical theory we were going to use. I presented a case as to why none of the theories presented in class would work because they're all either intrinsic-based or subjective-based. They were not comfortable using a theory not discussed in class, so we spent almost two hours going over the given theories and never came to a conclusion as to which one to use (obviously, because they all have flaws...frustrating!). They didn't find any flaws in my argument supporting Objectivism, but they still only want to use a theory presented in class. I would assume that the other team will have to use an intrinsic-value-based theory, since I doubt a subjectivist theory would work (unless they go with something like Existentialism and argue that the Sniper's actions have no meaning anyway so killing him would be pointless). So I told my team that, in order to counter the other team, the best way would be to attack the other group's theory at it's core: namely, attack intrinsic value in itself (or, attack subjectivism if they use a subjective-based theory). Unfortunately, I couldn't convince them to give up the idea of intrinsic value, even though that very concept keeps us from presenting a case for killing this murderer. I hate how illogical and contradictory people are. Oh least the quarter is almost
  21. Morality of capital punishment's my basic justification for killing the DC Sniper, even with my limited comprehension of Objectivism. (parts of the following taken directly from sections of the Lexicon) The only fundamental right is a right to life. The rights of one man cannot and must not violate the rights of another. Killing puts the murderer's right to life into conflict with the victim's right to life, and thus the murderer violates the victim's right to life. Since acting on a right must never violate the rights of another, acting in such a way removes one's right. The government, acting as an agent of man's self-defense (in its only proper role as a defender and protector of man's rights), may use force in retaliation to those who initiate force against others (and thereby violate the other's rights). If a killer no longer has a right to life, due to his act of murder, the government's proper role leads to a justification of subjecting the murderer to capital punishment. In my mind, age should not be a factor. Murder is murder. Even a young child can have a concept of the evil and immorality of murder. I'm sure this has holes and mistakes but this is how it currently makes sense in my mind.
  22. Preparing for Grad School?

    Well I've emailed Founders to get more information about their distance learning program. If only there were an Objectivist-based school here, or at least one that didn't have such an obvious liberal's very frustrating. I'm so sick of the altruist / collectivist / socialist ideas that these universities are so quick to promote.
  23. Preparing for Grad School?

    In this particular case, I'm dropping out because nobody at this school can ever answer a question I have; they keep shuffling me from department to department and I never get an answer, and of course one department doesn't know what the next is doing and I often get conflicting information; in addition to the fact that they are trying to remove prior credit that I had been given, claiming it should not have been given to me, so now I have to take additional courses to satisfy degree requirements, which they have also changed on me. At this rate, it will be 3 more years, at least to finish something that should have been done a long time ago. I should have had two degrees by now, but the system keeps hindering me. So I need a different school or....something....I'm not sure what. I just know that Cal Poly doesn't deserve any more of my hard-earned money. And yes, I had looked into Founders. The only problem right now is I can't afford to move cross-country, let alone leave my dad stranded at work, and never see my new niece and my sister, or my boyfriend (who would move with me if I asked him to, but I wouldn't want him to give up his business to do that).
  24. Preparing for Grad School?

    I wish I'd ever get to grad school... I've decided to drop out of Cal Poly University (again) it seems like I'll never finish my bachelor's, let alone make it to a master's degree. I'm so sick of the liberal public education system. It's so terribly frustrating that bureaucracy is keeping me from attaining a decent education.
  25. Tell me if I'm close at all...

    In regards to my other posts about the Intrinsic Moral Community... I sent the following email to my professor today. Tell me if I'm even remotely close on being correct, or what I'm still lacking understanding on. I'm really glad I bought's helping me start to put some things together that I didn't quite understand before.