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  1. A Brilliant Little Internet Game

    It's part of the game. This page is one of the reasons I will be EXTREMELY impressed if anyone manages to complete it without using any external hints. It would require knowledge of computer and networking protocols, mathematics, scientific theories, foreign languages, and clever guesswork. I know I never would have got past the teens if I couldn't use Google for ideas.
  2. A Brilliant Little Internet Game

    Got it! All the way to 30. I made liberal use of Google to figure out some of the hints. Now that was an enjoyable way to while away an hour or so on a chilly Sunday!
  3. A Brilliant Little Internet Game

    I got up to 13 in about 10 minutes, and I was stumped. I took a 3-hour break for a bike ride and came back to it. I finally found a hint by using Google, so I can't actually take credit for 14. I'm up to 17 now.
  4. Seeking Assistance

    Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the answer! You said: This is actually a bit different than what I was expecting, but it's definitely helpful. This agrees with some things I have learned in the past few weeks. I don't have time to add anything else right now, but I have a post in mind about sense of life and the benevolent universe premise. I'll see about writing it up and starting a new thread in a couple of days. Thanks again!
  5. Thank you everyone for the advice. It's been a help. I realized that I may have been unintentionally misleading in my initial post. It gave the impression that I was making up a checklist of what kind of woman I want to date, but that's not the case. I wanted to explore the idea of making it a purposeful goal to seek a romantic relationship and knowing what values are important to find in a partner. Thanks again everyone. Martin C. (Not Maarten)
  6. Ray, I wasn't thinking of making it a shopping list - more a general knowledge of what traits I'm attracted to, and what personality types I'm likely to fall in love with. I've learned a few things about myself from looking at my own history of relationships and the women I felt sparks with, and the ones I didn't. The main thrust of what I'm trying to work out is the choice between actively seeking romance instead of just waiting for it to happen. My question was meant to express that, but I see it could be taken as looking for a laundry list of what I want.
  7. Aurelia, Thanks for answering. I can see that you don't want to be compared to someone's imaginary list of what his "ideal woman" would be like. I'm not trying to do that but I can see how my initial question could give that impression. I think I should write more of the reasons behind my question. For several years I have heard people say things like "You need to find a good woman", "I'm surprised someone hasn't taken you off the market yet", etc. My general reaction to statements like that is anger. I have done some introspection and I realized that subconsciously I think there's something wrong or immoral about actively seeking a relationship, instead of just going about my life and waiting for it to happen as if by magic. I have had people tell me how important it is for them to get married. When I hear this, I think they are putting the goal of being married above the individual they end up married to - almost like picking a generic husband or wife, anyone will do, as long as they don't have to be alone. This is definitely what I DON'T want. But I have gone so far in the opposite direction that I have been passive in seeking relationships. I'm 41 years old and single, and I'm realizing - late, but not too late I hope - that BEING PASSIVE DOES NOT WORK. Not in relationship, not in a career, not in ANYTHING that's worth living for. Maybe I should rephrase my initial question. Would you ratner be dating a man who tried to meet as many potential dates as he could, and made an active effort to get to know you as an individual, so both of you could find out for yourselves if you like each other and if you want to have a romantic relationship - or would you want to date a man who is passive in meeting dates, but if by chance you meet and get to know each other, he might work up the courage to ask you out? Now that I ask it that way, I think I've answered my own question! But I'm still working on my own subconscious reactions to the whole field of dating and romance, so I would appreciate any other comments anyone has on this subject.
  8. Thanks for your suggestion. I was not suggesting that I would put it literally this way. I have some other reasons for phrasing my question like this. The main reason I wanted to ask this is to get some help figuring out for myself if it's better to actively seek a match, or to let things happen by chance. Rationally I know that seeking values is the way to live, but emotionally I experience a conflict with that. I'm looking for evidence I can use to help change my emotional resistance and fear of taking action into something more aligned with my consciously chosen values.
  9. I have a question for the ladies on THE FORUM. I have some important reasons for asking this, but first, I would like to ask this question: How would you react if a man you were dating said something like this: “I decided that I was lonely and I needed a good romantic relationship in my life. I sat down and figured out what kind of woman I wanted as a partner. I wrote down what I wanted in terms of appearance, intelligence, values, and personality. I realized that I need certain things from a relationship, and I wanted to find a woman who needs what I bring to the relationship. Then I set out to find someone who fits. Now that I've found you, see that you are the one I was looking for.” Thank you for any and all input!
  10. Seeking Assistance

    I just added Procrastination to my Amazon shopping list. Thanks! My own experience with public schooling is similar to yours. I learned to read before I started kindergarten, and I was never really challenged until college. I didn't get easy A's, though - my high school GPA was only about a 2.4. I did better in college, getting a 3.46/4.00 GPA in engineering, and I never took less than 15 credits a semester. I certainly wish I had gone to a school where I could have been challenged by interesting subjects. After all that, and plenty of adult work experience, I still struggle with procrastination. At least I can usually recognize it and do something about it.
  11. Seeking Assistance

    And how could I forget Malcom Reynolds?
  12. Seeking Assistance

    You know, I'm actually finding it difficult to come up with an answer - although I can name several people who have been heroes to me at various times. Do you mean real-life or fictional characters, or both? Real life - Robert Heinlein - George Washington - Ayn Rand (Of course!) - Franz Klammer (1976 Olympic downhill skiing champion, the first man I remember thinking of as a hero) Fictional characters: - Howard Roark - John Galt - Steven Mallory I'll probably think of more soon, but I need to head to a meeting.
  13. Seeking Assistance

    I hope nobody minds my jumping in here. Elizabeth, you said: Could you elaborate on this? I ask because I'm working on some things with my own psychology and I need to have a vision of what's possible. What do you think is the "right level"? Healthy psycho-epistemology? No repression? Overall happiness? Thanks! P.S - Fidgit, I hope you don't mind my jumping in on your thread like this!
  14. Chocolat

    I finally saw Chocolat tonight... I don't know what to say. Just wonderful. Far superior to sleep, now it's 12:15 AM and I don't want to go to bed! THIS is what life should be like... now it's time for me to make it so. I can't say much other than that. I rated it a 10, of course.
  15. The Man Who Laughs

    This is my favorite among the Hugo books I have read. I read this about a year ago, followed by Toilers of the Sea, and I liked The Man Who laughs much better. I think I picked up more of a sense of humor, and much less tragedy. The language also seemed smoother and easer to read in English. I rated it a 9.