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  1. Children and Marriage

    Very interesting observation Abaco. I know a man whose wife cheated on him, forced him to go to therapy to deal with their issues, but never told him about the affair. I think that is an extreme example, but now that you have raised it maybe it is part of a larger trend. I do think Europe has different sensibilities about such things. I am not sure which one is better, but I do think that trust and honesty are key whether you are in an open or monogamous relationship.
  2. Children and Marriage

    Thanks for all of the thoughtful responses. Interestingly, the difference between the US and Europe that Joss identifies seems to be illustrated in our responses here. In fact my partner has a similar approach to the institution as Joss -- as I mentioned the commitment issue does not bother me so much. I do however still worry about the stigma issue. Joss, I guess for you this is not an issue as you and your partner live in Europe and I assume plan to for the foreseeable future. We will, however, be living in the US, and as you note some of your US friends and family somewhat gently suggest you should get married. Additionally, for Joss and any others that have had children outside of marriage, have you entered into separate legal agreements with your partner -- i,e, with respect to child support or other such things in the (likely or not) case that you may separate?
  3. My boyfriend of 18 months and I have been talking about having children, but for a variety of reasons he is reluctant to get married. I dont doubt his commitment, but I am concerned about having a child out of wedlock -- concerned about the legal implications, as well as the stigma on the child. Has anyone tried this, or know anyone that has?
  4. Invictus (2009)

    Rhodesia was a far better place than current Zimbabwe! It is a sad fact that Africans have not been successful at governing themselves -- as others have pointed out even Mandela was quite a failure.
  5. Invictus (2009)

    Minor correction -- Mugabe is President of Zimbabwe. Zambia is actually in relatively good shape. Mandela in fact has spoken out against Mugabe, though not as much as many would like. So I dont mean to disagree with Arnold's point expressed here.
  6. Cocoa Powder Test Completed --

    I am not sure I follow this logic (though I love the chocolate!). Shouldn't a more market-driven approach lead to a better product? Either the market works or it doesn't, and I thought we all agreed here that it works?
  7. Student gets 20 years prison for speech in Afghanistan

    What is the basis for assuming that the Afghani people are in fact "animals?" This smacks of racism to me -- not saying you are, but the statement certainly sounds like it. There are lots of people in Afghanistan trying to build a democracy -- they are held hostage by Islamic militants funded by outside forces (including many here in the US). I do agree though that we have no obligation there. But I am not sure on what basis you say that Afghanistan is full of animals????
  8. "Justice delayed but not denied"

    I am not sure I follow this. Is it your view that he is being punished for another crime? Which? As far as I know he was acquitted of all previous allegations against him.......But perhaps I am misunderstanding the point of your heading? Certainly he is being, or will be, properly punished for the crime for which he recently committed. But should he be further punished for something for which he was not convicted? That seems to undercut our notion of due process and fairness in our judicial system.
  9. Happy Birthday to Genius Aspirant

    Thanks to all for the private birthday wishes! It was sweet of you all to send them privately, as it is difficult for me to respond to each of them publicly. This is such a great community. Thanks again!
  10. Krugman gets Nobel Prize

    Hi Carlos, I think you are wrong about the African woman? Not sure, but do you have a quote or cite for the assertion that she said AIDS was engineered by white people? I know some have said that, but I don't believe that she was one of them. To the rest, Does anyone know much about Krugman's economic work on globalization? I don't, but business friends of mine who are very pro-free market say that his economic work is quite good, and that in fact his political positions reflected in his columns are contradicted by his economic work. I can't say I have read much of him in either place, but curious if some of the rest of you might have?
  11. Classical Music Recommendations

    The thread on loudness in CDs was very interesting. A lot of it focused on rock music, but some commented on classical music. I like classical music a good deal, but I must admit I am pretty ignorant about quality of recordings. Someone (I cant remember who) suggested that DG (I assume Deutsche Gramaphone) was particularly bad. Does anyone have a good and handy list of labels that produce high quality classical CDs/recordings? Related (maybe this should be a separate topic), what is your all time must have classical recording and why?
  12. Times may be tough, but....

    Wow. Congratulations Jason! That all sounds great. I can relate to the 85% furnishing of an apartment. It is three years since I moved and I am still at the 85% point! On the Hunter Valley -- I am jealous! I love Australian wine. What are your favorite vineyards there? Anything that we should be on the lookout here in the US?
  13. Whence "Redlining"?

    I just sent an inquiry to a friend who is President of a bank on this, but have not heard back from him yet. My sense is that years ago, many years ago, there were racist lending practices. And as was pointed out -- and echoed repeatedly by Ayn Rand on the issue of racism -- it is a stupid business practice that actually harms the racist. I think the geography thing is a tough one. I know that racial segregation has decreased, but it still exists, so I think the general comment is right that if all of the denials are in one area it is hard to know if it is race or creditworthiness. I guess the only way to tell is to review all of the decisions, which would be very time consuming (though I am sure some democratic government person has allocated lots of money for such a study that probably has bad methodology and for which we have no good data!). I dont think there is any racism today in bank lending, or insurance, or any major business. It is something that the left and all of their cohorts try to perpetuate in order to argue for more invasive government intervention.
  14. Happy Birthday to free spirit

    A happy happy especially happy birthday!
  15. Paulson Agrees OKs Exec Pay Limits

    I did just see something in a news report of the bailout that does suggest that the money will be given conditional on future pay of executives. That is unfortunate. In fact as others have pointed out that seems completely counter productive. It is reminiscent of Nixon and the wage and price freezes -- though here focused on a more limited market. Ugh. Not a good week for the free market, capitalism, democracy, freedom........