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  1. The Psychological Value of Objects, Part 1

    I agree. Also, I think the treasured “objects” of a deceased loved-one become more significant to us after the person has died. What perhaps were once mere objects become treasured items that are emotionally comforting to see and to hold. They’re a tangible link to our memories and the experiences/interactions we shared with the person and their treasured objects.
  2. The Psychological Value of Objects, Part 1

    I found this a moving account of your experience, Scott. Sorting through a deceased loved one’s possessions can be emotionally challenging. I look forward with interest to more of your professional insights to the Psychological Value of Objects.
  3. Deep Discounts On My Originals

    Beautiful work, The eyes, too, are superbly done.
  4. A Normal Day

    Every picture tells a story, and what a nice story this one tells, Robert. The little girl has complete acceptance and trust of all that’s going on around her, and looks wondrously into the distant, promising future. (And I just know she’s going to tie those long, pretty silk ribbons in her hair when she gets home). I love the way you’ve captures the white light on her. An engaging painting, thank you for sharing it here.
  5. This may be the way to go. Betsy has come up with some good ideas to consider. Other good places to meet people of both sexes are at debating or public speaking organizations. These generally cater for small groups so members have an opportunity to get to know one another, and they provide a legitimate platform for them to express their ideas and learn valued skills in a supportive environment. (Good public speakers are a rarity.) Those who delight in food, a gourmet-cooking group might appeal. Participants usually work in pairs, and at the end they get to eat their culinary creation together in a pleasant setting – preferably with a fine wine! I’m not sure that your disappointment in the social settings you attend is altogether linked to introversion or extroversion. My understanding is that the percentage of extroverts and introverts is far lower than those who fall somewhere between the two states. Perhaps many others attending these functions feel as disappointed as you do. Parties and happy hour settings can be draining/boring for those who prefer gatherings that are more intimate and intellectually satisfying. Incidentally, I also think that a relationship between an introvert and an extrovert can work well when they share similar values. The one complements the other. So, if you happen to meet Miss Vi Brant-Sparks, don’t pass her up too quickly – she could be a “keeper!”
  6. My Newest

    This is a charming landscape. The colours appeal to me; autumn is my favourite season. I’ve been enjoying browsing through your gallery – such a wide range of works there. You evoke atmosphere and mood compellingly in your paintings. I have a friend, a well-known and respected artist here on the Sunshine Coast, who specializes in painting nudes. I think I would describe her as a “romantic realist” as you are. If you’re interested in seeing her work, here is her website. Meanwhile, I’ve sent her yours, as I know she’s always eager to see the works of other artists, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy seeing your gallery. Thank you for sharing “The End of Summer”.
  7. Art and immortal beauty

    I don’t think anyone is denying reality here; age is the natural progression of life. The fact is that the model in the painting is young and beautiful now and probably will be for many years to come, which is why she still has “time on her side”. Meanwhile, the artist, with his paintbrush, has immortalised her youth and beauty. Isn’t that splendid?
  8. A Rare Nude

    Oh, yes, I see the difference. I like the amber hue on the model; it seems to make her stand out more from the background, and her features are more delineated. The tones in her hair and the shape of her head have more definition. I marvel at the highlights and reflections in the clock face, too. I’m looking at pure glass, not paint! You’re very talented. Oh, yes, I see the difference. I like the amber hue on the model; it seems to make her stand out more from the background, and her features are more delineated. The tones in her hair and the shape of her head have more definition. I marvel at the highlights and reflections in the clock face, too. I’m looking at pure glass, not paint! You’re very talented.
  9. A Rare Nude

    Very nice, Mac. I like the idea of putting your model against a dark background – it ensures the viewer’s eyes stay focused on her. The colouring, shading and highlights are beautiful, so is the skilful way you’ve done the clock nearby - very clever. From your description of your (visual) ideal woman, it seems you’ve captured her perfectly in this painting, right down to your favourite feature - the sternocleidomastoid muscle! It's all there. Thank you for sharing this work. I hope you’ll treat us to some more soon.
  10. A Place of My Own

    I like this, Brianna, I’m glad I came across it while browsing through the posts. Thank you for sharing it. It reminded me of a poem I wrote many years’ ago when my daughter left home to attend university. She was excited to be beginning a new, independent life while I was suffering from a bad case of “empty nest” syndrome. Looking at my poem now it strikes me as being a tad soppy, but it's how I felt at the time. Here it is, if you're interested. ON A DAUGHTER LEAVING HOME Your photos in my album bring Fond memories that sting My eyes with nostalgic tears As I reminisce over bygone years. I yearn the times you came to me, For soothing words; my comforting knee. I miss the urgent way you’d shove In my palm crayoned notes of love. Your whispered secrets; your posies of weeds; How well they all nourished my maternal needs! Then suddenly (as if overnight!) Independence came to give new sight, And to your youthful conscience brought New love, new life, new thought. I question my sadness after helping you test Fledgling wings that took you from the nest, And reason replies it’s a job well done When chicks take off and are gone. Yet still I succumb to the folly Of this all-absorbing melancholy.
  11. The Outcasts by Bill Bucko

    Congratulations, Bill. This must be a very exciting time for you; I wish you great success. I enjoyed reading the chaptersyou posted here and I look forward to reading the entire story in paperback publication. It’s an enthralling story and your vivid writing captures the imagination fully. Bravo!
  12. The Humean universe of one psychotic

    Henrik, Your story doesn’t have to be a complicated or long novel, it could be written as a short story or a series of them in the form of diary entries or letters. Many wonderful books have been written in this form with great success. It’s a structure that sharpens realism; it can take a reader on a really gripping journey if handled well. I know you say you don’t have skills in fiction writing, but I’m sure you will be able to learn them. There are many creative writing courses in existence, also writing groups where writers share their work and get feedback. You already possess some important requirements e.g. fluency, authentic experience, word power, grammatical know-how etc. It would help to read some works in the epistolary genre if only to study the mechanics of construction. Also, I think you might be interested in reading the autobiography of Janet Frame. Miss Frame suffered similarly to you and had a terrible struggle with mental health for many years; she spent a good deal of the time in lunatic asylums, as they were called then. At one stage she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and was treated with electro convulsive therapy and insulin. Fortunately, the success of her book, which won the most prestigious award of the times, resulted in the cancellation of her scheduled lobotomy. Her story is compelling and an award-winning film was made of her life: “An Angel At My Table”. It’s worth seeing, I think. Best wishes.
  13. Beefcake in Opera . . .

    Thank you for posting this, Vespasiano. I have played it several times over. As you say, the physique of the singers is impressive, and it is an excellent demonstration of breath control, I intend showing the clip to my senior speech students. I’m constantly telling them that breath is the basis of voice production so it’s important to develop good breathing habits. Some actually think practicing breathing exercises is a frivolous activity. I’ve lost count of those who bewail: “I know how to breathe, I’ve been doing it all my life….” Or “I don’t need to do breathing exercises, I just want to learn how to project my voice without losing it….” I suppose singing teachers have similar experiences. It’s part of a day’s work!
  14. A Patriot's Open Letter

    I think this is an excellent letter; you express your thoughts so simply and clearly. Thank you for writing it. It was a bull’s-eye for me.
  15. Happy Birthday to B. Royce

    Happy Birthday, Brian! I hope it's a wonderfully memorable day for you. May your birthday year bring you loads of good health, prosperity, happiness ... and inspiration! Thank you for all the pleasure you give us through your poetry and writings.