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  1. Jokes

    " Traffic jam" takes the price
  2. Acting Up

    Thanks for sharing the experience with us, congratulations !
  3. The (Possible) Virtue of Benevolence

    I think it's more than cost-benefit calcualtion that's involved in acting benevolently: mostly it has to do with one's sense of life.
  4. Nyiregyhazi

    I'm speachless ! I would sell my objectivist soul to play like that. Years ago, back in Europe, I had the pleasure of seeing Adam Harasiewicz ( a leading polish Chopenist) in action , about 4 mtr's away from where I was sitting, and the vibration coming from his grand, made the wooden floor tremor.
  5. Is the LPPa Platform Truly Objectivist?

    Hi KPO'M Transpower's position is made clear by the following quote " Yes, I read Peter Schwartz's essay many years ago-- it is a correct analysis of the anarchist wing of the LP. THe LPPa has , however, always been minachist, and we've taken great pains to avoid the problems that he brings up" Isn't this statement enough to suggest that he/she is not an objectivist?
  6. Is the LPPa Platform Truly Objectivist?

    Hi Transpower, what is so unpalatable to you, regarding Objectivism , that you're unprepared to call yourself one?
  7. The (Possible) Virtue of Benevolence

    Benevolence to me is more of an attitude ( conscious or not) when interacting with others. So I agree with that part of definition emphasising kindness. Personally I don't think benevolence is a virtue, in the sense of achieving or going after a value. I think It's on par with the concept of generosity; both can be used in adverse manner. The primary virtues on the other hand are the means of achieving a positive. As far as compatibility, I tend to think the concept is morally neutral.
  8. Happy Birthday to ifatart

    Mazal Tov , L'haim to Ifat!
  9. Paul Whiteman's Orchestra, tango

    Very enjoyable European type of beat ( I think ) . Personally I prefer the more aggressive Latin style.
  10. Arriving in Sydney in FOUR weeks

    Hi Jason, You will not be disappointed !
  11. Alright...I'll admit it....I'm a sinner!

    I hope you face is not veiled, showing off your beautiful smile to match your body.
  12. In my daughters case , I confronted the bully directly by paying her a visit. I appealed to her better side and it worked surprisingly well.
  13. Hurrah for Max Motors

    What an ingenious idea--god bless them !
  14. Hi realitycheck44, first class reply!
  15. Fusion-Man

    What a guy ! I fly like that in my dreams.