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  1. Where to get my own Galt cigarettes?

    I started reading Ayn Rand while travelling across the world, and I can only describe the impact it made on me by telling that not one fellow traveller did not know about her books/ideas after they met me. After travelling for a while, I made it to Laos, where I was stranded in a lovely town called Luang Prabang. This is where I met a local lao guy selling cigarettes out of his homemade vending cart, and as a smoker, I went to buy a packet. With a shock, I saw it between the rest of his local merchandise: the dollar packet. So a couple of years later, I'm still trying to find the brand online, but I'm not succesful in my search. Luckely I saw the importance of the thing back then as I made a picture, a good thing as I lost the packet the same night... I didn't find a packet like this one again in Asia, nor did I smoke a cigarette that was as disgusting Did I find Galt's Gulch... Hidden in the mountains of northern Laos between oppressing china, moving Myanmar, and the old communist hideouts of Southeast Asia? Well, maybe. Sadly the government "forbids" you to travel to parts of northern Laos. A fellow backpacker told me of heaps of resistance by the authorities while trying to travel to places off the beaten track (and this is almost impossible there cause of the lack of infrastructure). He also described the people as afraid and not willing to tell about the great amounts of military he saw there. Well, enough History HD like conspiracy theories: The dollar cigarettes exist!