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  1. The Origin of Rights

    I really like Miss Rand's statement that the only fundamental right is the right to life, and that all other rights stem from that right. I take that as a self explanatory statement that no one could really argue with while staying intellectually honest.
  2. The Origin of Rights

    Thanks for the responses.
  3. The Origin of Rights

    I am new to philosophy. I also have always taken it for granted that I own myself. I have been debating some Catholics and have trouble putting together a proper argument for the objective existence or rights and self ownership. This is the response I gave: "So, what is a right? Rights deal with actions. A right is a freedom of action. I have a fundamental right, the right to life; all other rights derive from this fundamental right. I have a right to pursue food and water. I do not have the right to steal food and water from another, for this action would infringe upon the right to property of the other. I have not been able to explain the origin of rights though. From where do they derive, why does a man have them. How would y'all answer these questions?
  4. Emergence

    Certainly the universe could not be disorderly, but there must be laws of nature that govern the orderliness of the universe.
  5. Emergence

    In this regard I still have much to learn, could you explain how the universe is ordered by the law of identity? Doesn't this rule simply state that things are what they are?
  6. "Curiosity" mission to Mars

    I think you make a good point here. Our Constitution is not strictly Objectivist, but it is close enough that I could live with it. The Constitution makes certain concessions, such as allowing for tax dollars to go toward science and the arts. While I would prefer these things be paid for with private money, it is a small concession. The entire NASA budget is 0.04% of the federal budget. I would gladly overlook NASA funding, if that meant eliminating the welfare state.
  7. Emergence

    I'm sure y'all have heard of spontaneous order, John Stossel did a fascinating show on this topic. Well, I got to thinking about this and the thought came to me that this theory could explain the ordering of the entire universe. Then, I found that someone had already thought of this and gave the theory a name. It is called the theory of emergence. Here is a video explaining it: What do y'all think? Does this theory hold up to strict scrutiny?
  8. Hi y'all

    Hello, my name is Charlie and I'm new to the forum. I first read Atlas four years ago and fell in love with it right away. I am now reading Miss Rand's philosophical books, currently I'm on 'Philosophy: Who Needs It?' It's nice to have found a forum such as this where I can speak to rational folks. - Charlie