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  1. Why you will fail to have a great career (video, 15:00)

    superb talk, btw
  2. Why you will fail to have a great career (video, 15:00)

    if you have to look for it, you wont find it, most likely. I've known since I was 10 years old that I loved weapons and the how to's of personal, defensive combat, specifically hand to hand and guns, specifically handguns, more specifically, powerful pocket autoloaders.
  3. Why does it seem like people are getting dumber?

    maybe it's cause they ARE dumber, and lots more of the them are dumb?
  4. Total silence leads to hallucinations

    so now all totally deaf people must hallucinate?
  5. Cognitive collapse through Digital Dementia

    first you have to have a body of material TO remember,and that presupposes the desire to accumulate same. :-) I don't see much evidence of that, anymore.
  6. I searched for anarchy here, got nothing.

    I searched google and wiki for childs. wiki says Childs "expressed doubts" about anarchism later in life, but no cite so that I can see the man's words in the original print. Can somebody help me with that?
  7. I searched for anarchy here, got nothing.

    searching for Child's name brought no results at all.
  8. other than our recent discussion about how I should search for "anarchy".
  9. I'm just in it for the money.

    So what's wrong with making money, hmm? if the facts presented are correct about the give product or idea, and the public benefits by being made so aware, that is good, and if the presenter/producer shows increase profits thereby, GOOD DEAL.
  10. Is it rational to HATE those who threaten your loved ones?

    I don't let it percolate/fester in me, but I've got a list, and if the chance ever comes to deal with that list, you can bet, with 100% security, that I will do so, in whatever way presents itself.
  11. NAACP should be abolished,

    or a NAAWP should be permitted, for a fact. talk about racism! sheesh.
  12. DoJ set up a get Zimmerman tip line!AGAI

    If he had a lick of sense, he'd already have a book and a movie out. He must have signed away those rights to his defense attorneys as part of getting exonerated. He'd better take a year in Mexico, changing his face and then get a legal name change, a dozen times in as many states, if he wants to remain relatively unmolested, in the US.
  13. There's privacy violations, and then there's this.

    This sort of thing is why silenced autoloading, takedown/concealable rifles MUST remain available to the public. There is no other limit to what the power seekers will do/try, other than death from afar, remaining unpunished.
  14. Population and resources

    as they say about investsments, past performance does not guantee future results. Anyone can SEE that there is a limit to all resources, and the mind can't turn inorganic matter into organic matter, us needing the latter to survive. The mind aint going to create more oxygen, etc. You obviously have, or want to have more than 1 kid or you fear the "downward spiral" of depopulation. Which is it? I don't need to read the Bible to know that it's bunk, or any other bunk.
  15. IF gov't quit wasting resources

    except that's not WHY they spy, as we all know,now that Snowden has revealed it. The taxation on imported goods here is certainly a legitimate imposition on those who MADE a ton of money by starting here, and then bailed out for cheaper labor. Import duties imposed upon corporations are a FAR better way to get monies than taxing income of private citizens, certainly.