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  1. Population and resources

    how about we discuss the ROOT cause of regulation/usurpation, to wit, OVERPOPULATION OF THE EARTH and depletion (regionally, so far) of irreplaceable resources. People who INSIST on having kids, despite their being HOPELESSLY unable to raise that kid properly? How about we defund our beyond bloated military and spy establishment, and do away with ALL welfare, and pay as yet childless women say, 5k each, to be sterilized, and take their thumbprint to avoid fraud. If she's had one kid, give her 3k, if she's had 2, offer her free sterilization. To get the most bang for the buck, so to speak, it will go to third world women, but that's where they need financial and population relief the worst. Some women in the US, (the kind we badly need to sterilize,, will jump at 3-5k, too, thankfully.
  2. other than our recent discussion about how I should search for "anarchy".
  3. IF gov't quit wasting resources

    on pointless wars, spying, and laws vs dope, prostitution, gambling and guns, we'd have PLENTY of money with which to pay for other things, like defending the accused. even better, if we taxed foreign goods like they should be taxed. That is especially true of US companies that moved overseas with our jobs, but still want to market their goods here!
  4. NAACP should be abolished,

    or a NAAWP should be permitted, for a fact. talk about racism! sheesh.
  5. Why you will fail to have a great career (video, 15:00)

    superb talk, btw
  6. Why you will fail to have a great career (video, 15:00)

    if you have to look for it, you wont find it, most likely. I've known since I was 10 years old that I loved weapons and the how to's of personal, defensive combat, specifically hand to hand and guns, specifically handguns, more specifically, powerful pocket autoloaders.
  7. Why does it seem like people are getting dumber?

    maybe it's cause they ARE dumber, and lots more of the them are dumb?
  8. Total silence leads to hallucinations

    so now all totally deaf people must hallucinate?
  9. Cognitive collapse through Digital Dementia

    first you have to have a body of material TO remember,and that presupposes the desire to accumulate same. :-) I don't see much evidence of that, anymore.
  10. I searched for anarchy here, got nothing.

    I searched google and wiki for childs. wiki says Childs "expressed doubts" about anarchism later in life, but no cite so that I can see the man's words in the original print. Can somebody help me with that?
  11. I searched for anarchy here, got nothing.

    searching for Child's name brought no results at all.
  12. I'm just in it for the money.

    So what's wrong with making money, hmm? if the facts presented are correct about the give product or idea, and the public benefits by being made so aware, that is good, and if the presenter/producer shows increase profits thereby, GOOD DEAL.
  13. Is it rational to HATE those who threaten your loved ones?

    I don't let it percolate/fester in me, but I've got a list, and if the chance ever comes to deal with that list, you can bet, with 100% security, that I will do so, in whatever way presents itself.
  14. DoJ set up a get Zimmerman tip line!AGAI

    If he had a lick of sense, he'd already have a book and a movie out. He must have signed away those rights to his defense attorneys as part of getting exonerated. He'd better take a year in Mexico, changing his face and then get a legal name change, a dozen times in as many states, if he wants to remain relatively unmolested, in the US.
  15. There's privacy violations, and then there's this.

    This sort of thing is why silenced autoloading, takedown/concealable rifles MUST remain available to the public. There is no other limit to what the power seekers will do/try, other than death from afar, remaining unpunished.
  16. Population and resources

    as they say about investsments, past performance does not guantee future results. Anyone can SEE that there is a limit to all resources, and the mind can't turn inorganic matter into organic matter, us needing the latter to survive. The mind aint going to create more oxygen, etc. You obviously have, or want to have more than 1 kid or you fear the "downward spiral" of depopulation. Which is it? I don't need to read the Bible to know that it's bunk, or any other bunk.
  17. IF gov't quit wasting resources

    except that's not WHY they spy, as we all know,now that Snowden has revealed it. The taxation on imported goods here is certainly a legitimate imposition on those who MADE a ton of money by starting here, and then bailed out for cheaper labor. Import duties imposed upon corporations are a FAR better way to get monies than taxing income of private citizens, certainly.
  18. Is it rational to HATE those who threaten your loved ones?

    I have specialized in violence of one sort or another for almost 50 years now. It is a necessary tool to have in your box, for certain, when dealing with some people and some animals. But it must be judiciously, appropriately applied, or you become an animal just like they are.
  19. I hate college

    If you still; have loans and grants remaining, here is what I suggest, especially if you are young, male and unattached. SAY that you want to teach, get an "extra" 4k of loans per year at college, with the teacher's loan. They call it a grant, but it's a loan. enter all scholarships, even if you have to have somebody else do the required essay.some are very proforma, you will pick up several k more $ per year in this manner. sell your blood plasma, it makes you 3k per year. eat at the mission, the supper is usually very good, and they'll let you go thru the line twice.. Anyone can get $200 per month of food stamps, which can be sold very readily for $100 cash. Live in a $1000, 12 year old dodge mini-van, they can be found everywhere in the US. move it twice a day, morning and night, and don't park it at the same spot., get around via bus and bike, and your "rent", vehicle and "utility" costs will average under $200 per month, including repair/replacement, gas, and insurance. Park halfway between the mission and the school,near a bus stop. If you are unemployed, the unemployment bureau will pay your tuition. So you wind up with about 25k cash in your pocket per year, and you can easily live on just 10k per year,if you do the van thing. You can hustle jobs on the "all gigs" part of Craigslist, during your school breaks. Read the texts in the library, or get cheap, used, 1 year "out of date" (it won't matter) books from Amazon. After a year, use a summer break to go to the Phillipinnes and pick out a lovely, smart, young NURSE, already practicing. It will take 4-6 months to get her visa here. She has just 90 days after her arrival to marry you, or she must go back. after marriage, she can get a job at Lowe's, Hobby Lobby, 711, Home Depot, $11 an hour, while she updates her education to have an RN's license HERE. That will take a year or so. But she gets the same 20k per year of grants and loans, ya see, and those are CASH. Those are YOURS, in return for your having lifted her out of that sewer over there. She also has to pay for her own car, rent, utilities,etc. but she will still be banking 10k per year or more,after that first year. It takes 5 years for her to get US citizenship, but then WATCH OUT. :-) buy your properties as a Nevada corporation, and don't let her know about any of it. Look into getting an older veteran to get a similar lady, in return for letting you use his (one and only) VA home loan. No 20% down payment is required. find a big old house 4000 square feet or more, big garage, attic, basement,, in an area where it's known to be all rented out as flophouses. get most rooms rented, then start dividing them in half. You can get $100 per week for "sober living" rentals (easily evicted,very important) for 20 rooms or more, and if you provide Net, computer, Cable TV and Tv, microwave and small fridge in each room (communal bath) and keep the place clean, you'll have a WAITING list of tenants. Keep living frugally, and every year, you can double the number of such places that you rent out. By the time that your Filipina divorces you, you'll have 80k a year after tax, corporations don't pay that 15% self employed SS, guys, paying someone to manage the (in house) managers at each place. All you have to do is check on your general manager now and then. It can't be done just anywhere, but it IS being done LOTS of places. The loans are HER loans, bud. If you make her aware of what she will owe, all's fair. If she will move where the action is and work some overtime, an RN can clear 60k per year. So she can easily pay off 65k of student loans in 2 years. She;'ll be in heaven, don't worry about HER. And in 5-6 years, you'll have a great income. you will have no boss, I suggest that you NOT pay more on the various home mortgages than the minimal amount. the interest rates are the same as our annual inflation rate (about 5%, average) So let the BANK worry about riots, quakes, storms, floods, loss of market value.:-)
  20. Public schools are funded by money taken at GUNPOINT (as are all tax monies) Doctors, nurses, etc, don't work for free, so there's no such thing as "free" medical care,etc. It's paid for by SOMEBODY. If you can't cough up 1/2 mill $ over the span of 25 years, you danged well shouldn't be having that kid. It's not doing right by the kid, and it's for sure an imposition on other people. The only way out of poverty is to stop REPEATING the cycle of inadequate stimulation, bad genes, inadequate housing, education, etc. Govt's all over the world and for centuries, have TRIED taxing the better off in order to give money/goods to the poor, and it CAN'T be done (enough to really stop poverty) Poor people just have MORE kids whenever they get more "stuff";., or make other equally bad life decisions( gambling, dope, drink, extravagant housing, cars, clothing, etc). I have only grossed over 20k for 1 year of my life, do don't think that I don't know poverty. I've spent 10k over the last 2 years, helping people in SE Asia. So don't think that I don't have compassion/empathy, either. But if you tax corporations or individuals too much, they just LEAVE your country, taking their money(and our jobs) with them. England found out this truth, the hard way, in the 70's. This rarely happens,tho, because the wealthy SEE TO IT that the gov't is in their control. So you will never be able to inflate the currency, tax the rich, etc, enough to help the poor (enough to really matter). The only viable option is to (greatly) reduce the numbers of the poor by helping them not produce more people who also have no means of escaping poverty. When there is no longer an excess of workers/renters, etc, wages will go up and rents will come down. You have two choices with which to save this overburdened Earth,, decrease the birth rate or increase the death rate. Where does your vote go? Mother Nature WILL(eventually),create crop failures, pandemics, etc, to ease the burden that our species imposes upon our planet. Offering young, childless women say, 5k each, to undergo a couple of injections and fingerprinting. is NOT the use of force. It is offering a reward. They should be free to not take it, but then neither they nor their children have any claim upon anyone else., No person has any valid, rational claim on any other person's time, thought, effort, or money, ever. We CAN reduce our population. we just have to find the will power to do so, and do it swiftly.
  21. It costs 1/2 million $ each to raise a kid properly in the US

    I saw it and it's silly on the face of it. You might as well say that lack of water doesn't cause dehydration. It's obvious that more people will use more resources. Now, you can argue that fewer people MAY well demand more resources, but it's not nearly as likely. Indeed, having more people DEFINITELY must increase the demands on the Earth. how could that not be the case? People exist without eating, drinking, eliminating wastes? 2 +2 does NOT =4, because you don't WANT it to =4?
  22. Population and resources

    right, increased depletion of resources is not a problem, and overpopulation is not driving that depletion, correct? :-) as more and more people INSIST upon having and gain the mains to pay for a decent level of existence, the problem is going to increase exponentially. How can anyone "think" that more people don't HAVE to have more resources? That's asinine on the face of it.
  23. what do you think? How about those of David Kelly?
  24. Every Loneliness Is a Pinnacle

    I think that acknowledging such a thing is a sign of weakness. I've never experienced it, tho, so I can't really say for certain. While I very much enjoy the company of a few people, I'd much rather be alone than find myself beset by the mindless chatter of most drones, er, people, that is.
  25. Implicit Concepts and Units

    There can be no such thing, really, as an "implicit concept". :-) somewhere, somebody has to make it explicit, or it's just a percept, and as such, very prone to being irrational.