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  1. Don't shutdown the forum!

    If i do set THE FORUM up in a fully operational way. I most likely will not be using ipb do to the high costs. Ill most likely use mybb or phpbb with a skin modeled after ipb.
  2. Don't shutdown the forum!

    The search seems to be part of ipb and is tied in with it but i can just replace it with an alternate site search that will work just as well.
  3. Don't shutdown the forum!

    Here is the url. objectiscan.com/archive/4aynrandfans/forums.4aynrandfans.com/ . Try to leave any links to the archive in plaintext until The Forum goes down.
  4. Don't shutdown the forum!

    Right now I am setting up a test of the archive on my server. This way i can get any bugs out before the forum is taken down. I should have it ready by tomorrow and i will link to it from here so i can get feedback.
  5. Don't shutdown the forum!

    Just to clarify when i said functional i meant still capable of being posted to. What i have now still would function as a static read only website.
  6. Don't shutdown the forum!

    I used a web crawler to request and backup the pages. The collection of files total was around 9.7 gigabytes.
  7. Don't shutdown the forum!

    Succsess! I have managed to make an archive of the entire forum. If its ok with the owner i would like to post this backup at objectiscan.com/archives. Unfortunately i don't think it will be possible to keep the forum functional becuase i don't have its server side databases.
  8. Don't shutdown the forum!

    When will it be shut down?
  9. Don't shutdown the forum!

    I doubt this decline could be caused by social media alone. The other two large Objectivism forums don't seem to be declining. On one of them an admin was asking for donations to help deal with increasing server costs caused by traffic.
  10. Don't shutdown the forum!

    Have you ever heard of tor browser. Thats what i use when i need to do something privacy conscious. Still this is dissapointing I hate using social media sites.
  11. I just added a page that defines the sorting options. The privacy policy includes a portion on 3rd party sites that addresses Google's actions. Hosting a proxy could get me in trouble with my web host. If you are worried just use tor browser or a vpn. What pages not related to Objectivism are returned?
  12. Thats what the sorting buttons are for. If you click official then it will only give results from the the Ayn Rand Institute and pages run by its members. Do to the algorithm that objectiscan uses low quaility pages in general will appear lower in the results unless higher quality pages do not contain keywords relevant to the search.
  13. Don't shutdown the forum!

    In my activation email the site owner claimed that the forum will be shut down soon. Every time an Objectivism site dies Objectivism loses progress. Please do not shut it down. If you really just don't like managing it or don't want to pay the fees associated with running web site then merge it with one of the other Objectivism forums. Objectivist living and Objectivism online use the same software as this forum so it should be technically possible but if you don't want do that or can't then at least hand it over to someone who is willing.
  14. I made a search engine that provide results only to objectivism websites. Here is the link to objectiscan. Can you guys give me some feedback?