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  1. When words have no meaning

    Dems and republicans are not at odds in any meaningful sense, they only battle over the nuances, the details, the specific method by which they distribute loot... not over where it comes from, why it is there, and should it be there. Lately I have noticed the term loot no longer refers to an extracted value created in the past. Today loot refers to the burdens to be paid in the unforseen future when the real loot has long since been spent. Looters now have a blank check to simply create loot.
  2. Happy Birthday to Jason Fowler

    Thanks Betsy. I am still around, albeit forum lurking.
  3. Peart R-30 Drum Solo

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBTpJJ0Vg3A Higher quality version of the drum solo from R30: its called Der Trommler. This link takes much longer to load on high quality. I have all of Rush's studio CDs, the deluxe R30 DVD set, and Snakes and Arrows Live.... 35 years worth of their music and I have never been disappointed with any of my purchases. What is wrong with Geddy's voice? Early in their career he had a very high pitch, which can understandably put some people off, but his voice now is quite mature. Listen to some songs from Snakes and Arrows Live(2008) and you will see, and yet he can still hit the highs pretty well when needed.
  4. The Loudness War

    Counterparts is loud but it was made loud with some care, it is not even close to the butchering of Vapor Trails. My favorite Rush album is Power Windows, I love the meshing of synth, guitar, and bass. I found something interesting on youtube, a short comparison of the Guitar Hero version and the retail version of Death Magnetic samples. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=DRyIACDCc1I&...feature=related
  5. The Loudness War

    Metallica's recently released Death Magnetic CD is the epitome of loudness, a war whose weapon is a permanently clipped noise wall targeting my ears. My only defense is to turn it off and head back to the 70s / 80s. Rush's Vapor Trails was bad, but Death Magnetic is much much worse. Do a search for a waveform sample, when I say permanently clipped I mean it. FYI, Vapor Trails had more problems than mixing / mastering, there was distortion introduced during the recording process which could only be corrected by recording new tracks.
  6. Peikoff on the coming election

    I was unclear due to a omitted word. I do not regard Christians as an equal or even greater threat to the United States than Islamic-fascists. There is no comparison between the two, and to claim otherwise is an injustice to the majority of Americans.
  7. Happy Birthday to Michael Jenkinson

    Hey Michael, happy birthday. Wish you the best in all your endeavors.
  8. Re-Written Quotes

    I think therefore I am not about to waste my time proving my own existence. I do not think, therefore...
  9. Microsoft

    I can only hope that this is the breaking point where Microsoft finally stops enabling these looters, to not comply with the orders and not pay the fine. Sadly, they are already caving in. The EU has continually added fines, jeopardized the security of Vista, asserted ownership and control over Microsoft's own property, and generally have made it clear that producers even outside their borders are slaves to them. The EU should be challenged to live up to their own standards of monopolistic and anti-competitive practices and get the hell out of the market. If Microsoft was any more open they would have to code every software company's application for them.
  10. The Government Now Wants To Monitor Us In Video Games

    So... the CIA is apparently going to need a lot of staff to filter out the millions of teenagers that will be flagged on the very first day. If you get caught by the Feds Carlos, create a moderate muslim priest and cast Prayer of the Sanction of the Victim... I cannot recall it ever being resisted.
  11. 51% of Venezuelans not willing to be slaves

    I do not see this, by any means, as being settled. All Chavez has to do is find a way to "remove" 2% of his opposition from the voting results and have a re-vote.
  12. Question About Logic

    Logic is how we use our rational faculty to know reality. Qua human survival, it is the proper use of the uniquely human tools our nature grants us.
  13. Question About Logic

    We need logic to identify and integrate the facts of reality... logic is the law of identity put into epistemological action. Without logic, we are stuck with an objective reality, governed by identity, whose components are unknowable. "There's something out there, but the hell if I know what it is."
  14. Mario on Piano

    Mario Piano I was joyful to hear these songs once again and with relatively good quality too. I would prefer Nintendo music on the radio compared to the majority of songs played today.
  15. Church Signs Show the Naked Truth

    These signs are real... have faith in me.
  16. Gore and UN Share Nobel Peace Prize

    At least one Meteorologist is brave enough to speak out Is it possible to win both the Nobel Peace Prize and honorable mention for a Darwin Award in the same year?
  17. Ahmadinejad at Columbia

    After watchin a sizable portion of the event, all I can say is I gained nothing from it. The tough talk and no non-sense approach to Ahmadinejad that Columbia University confidently bragged about was practically non-existent. Aside from the introduction, the Iranian leader, or should we call him "his excellency" or "Mr. President", dodged direct questions and misdirected time and attention away from himself, his statements, and his actions. The full video is on C-Span now in Real Media format. The student questions section begins at the 49 minute mark, and the 20 minutes preceding that point Ahmadinejad painfully, to me at least, tries to educate the University on "true" knowledge and science. You can cut the irony with a knife... There are bits and pieces on YouTube: The last 2.5 minutes literally sums up what he says the next 20 minutes. Huh? What gays?
  18. Ahmadinejad at Columbia

    Not when the applause were mixed. Ahmadinejad received applause for questioning why they cannot go nuclear when the U.S. already is; applause for retorting the entire intro from Bollinger as moralizing; applause for being against nukes; applause for saying you are a retard if you support the U.S. having nukes. Now I said the University's toughness was practically non-existent, the one time he was called out was on the issue of executions. Did you see the result? He became a blithering, outrageously irrational fool. You might say that is good, and I agree to that extent, yet I wonder WHY did they not call him on everything else? If we were tough with Ahmadinejad, he would be immediately leaving the country with his tail between his legs. The reality is he is staying to see families who lost loved ones directly due to 9/11.
  19. Ahmadinejad at Columbia

    In my haste of typing, my quote suggests that Ahmadinejad did address charges against him during the introduction only. He never did. I meant to explain two different points: that the University of Columbia was only "tough" on Ahmadinejad during the introduction, and that Ahmadinejad did nothing but evade the questions and charges against him.
  20. 2008 Presidential Poll for September 2007

    I would have to pick Rudy Giuliani at this point. In terms of health care, foreign policy, energy policy, and a simple respect for American life, there are few with as many positives as Rudy.
  21. Anti-Virus Software

    I use NOD 32, lightweight with very good support and most of the time you don't know it is there. NOD32 The last review of several AV programs I looked at was a year ago, NOD32's heuristic analysis was, depending on the test, ranked either the best or among the best. Unfortunately it is about the same price as Norton, with the renewal weighing in at ~$28. I have never had problems with Avast or AVG. Programs like Norton and McAfee make changes or additions to the Windows kernel, something that is unsupported by Microsoft.
  22. Bill Gate's Harvard Commencement Speech

    I do not care about Bill Gates' altruism. In comparison to his achievements in business, his altruism is but a blip on the screen.
  23. Audio Editors For Macs -- Any Suggestions?

    Not a Mac fan(Hi, I'm PC), but I do know of a free cross-platform sound editor. I doubt Audacity will have the polish of a professional application, but it is very likely to be suitable for what you are looking for. You could also look into virtualization solutions to run your Windows only programs on OSX.
  24. Climate of Fear

    After seeing jdperren's post about an upcoming John Stossel special on global warming, I noticed an ad on the Drudge Report for Glenn Beck's hour special on the same subject. I am looking forward to seeing what differences there will be between the two reports. Climate of Fear
  25. Climate of Fear

    I agree, Climate of Feared showed the weak basis for Kyoto and the modern day witch hunts against those who disagree with the "consensus." On the other hand, there was a rather sad segment of the show based entirely on a typical collectivist economic argument. We are asked by Bjorn Lomborg to decide, in essence, the best place to spend society's pile of loot. What is worse, on a show that is dedicated to providing opinions against global warming histeria, Lomborg's harshest statement against applying environmentalism is that it is not a "good deal."