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  1. Ayn Rand on Abortion

    I think I may be, in part, responsible for this. You see, it was I who bought your copy of The Ayn Rand Letter. The name of the article in The Ayn Rand Letter is: A Last Survey.
  2. OpenSource Software

    Evoken, I think you may actually be referring more to the idea of "free" software, coined by Richard Stallman, than open source. "Free" software is explicitly collectivist and anti-capitalist. GNU philosophy - "The enemy is proprietary software."
  3. A stud

    "I'm too sexy for my turban" How do you say "Hammer Time" in Arabic?
  4. Happy Birthday to Michael Jenkinson

    Happy Birthday Michael! For you my gift is a brand new computer: I'm still working on finding Windows Vista on 5 1/4" floppy.
  5. Stephen's Health

    I could only order my thoughts in a poem: Stephen, a man I know not personally yet, whose loss I bear so closely reminded now, treasure I have crossed the power of ideas, never to be lost value, which cannot be taken from memory
  6. Stephen's Health

    Wow. Get well soon Stephen. Best wishes for the Speichers.
  7. Talking Urinal Cakes Offer Drinking and Driving Advice I can see where this could all spiral out of control, leading to a renegade race of intelligent Urinals enslaving mankind. If anything will happen, there will be great confusion among drunkards visiting bar restrooms in New Mexico.

  9. Happy 2nd Birthday to THE FORUM

    Happy birthday to The Forum, a place where values are created and shared!
  10. Wireless router

    Not to drag down your hopes, but IEEE does not project the "really" final approval until 2008. In other words, pre-N routers are here to stay for quite some time. On Vista networking, I have no trouble seeing a Windows 2000 computer. Only thing to watch out for is that file sharing must be turned on. I can view files and print to that machine's printer.
  11. Happy Birthday to Jason Fowler

    Trust me, there is plenty of room in the trunk.
  12. It's 11:55 PM

    Snow in Mexico has been known by Scientists™ as a common indicator of global warming for centuries now. In fact, the more snow, the more pronounced the warming. *Scientists is a registered trademark of Al Gore. On a more serious, but equally rediculous note, I had a classmate in an online class who actually claimed that global warming caused shifts in the Earth's magnetic field. These shifts proceeded to cause a greater amount of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which are the result of human activities of course.
  13. Wireless router

    Stephen, your new computer may very well not come with a wireless card, assuming you are talking about a desktop. If it is a desktop, the best way to be sure is to look at the specs. I don't think I would worry about LAN transfer speeds, today they will be a number of times faster than your internet connection... unless the Speichers have a dedicated fiber optic line. What is much more important, and sometimes difficult, is getting good signal strength. Wireless N runs in the 5Ghz range, and is not nearly as prone to interference as B/G networks. If you know wireless interference is occuring, one way to try and correct this is by moving the network a few channels away from its current setting. A very practical advantage of 802.11N is that it has much better range through the use of multiple, processor controlled, antennas. Most routers, especially major brand names, should be easy to set up. They will likely have a wizard to either guide you through setting up the network settings, or it will simply do most of the work for you. Some basic steps to better securing your wireless network include: disable SSID broadcasting, MAC filtering wireless connections, encryption. SSID is the identifier of your network, it is broadcast by default and your network will be visible in Windows' wireless network connetions. I recommend changing the default SSID to something benign yet effective, mine is "home." When broadcasting is disabled, and in order for your wireless cards to see the router, you will have to go to each computer and manually input the SSID in the wireless connections properties - wireless networks tab. While you are there, click the advanced button and uncheck "connect to non-preferred networks automatically," so that your computer does not connect to other unsecured networks without your knowledge. This can easily happen if, say, you get a power glitch and your neighbors router happens to restart faster than yours. MAC filtering prevents wireless network devices other than yours from connecting to your router; a MAC being a hard-coded identifier that is present in every network device including the router itself. This will require right-clicking the wireless network connection icon, click status. A window will pop up, now click the support tab and then go to details. The MAC address, called physical address, should be in there as 6 pairs of 2 digits. You will have to find the wireless MAC filtering section in the router and input each computers address. Encryption is somewhat easy to break, due to the very open nature of wireless networks. WEP can be broken almost instantly, whereas WPA is a matter of time to a willing and equiped criminal. On the other hand, I don't know much about the second, newest, version of WPA. It still represents another hurdle to overcome. I haven't used encryption much, but the basics are: all wireless devices must support the encryption used, a key is generated by the router and shared with the other devices either manually by you or automatically through the network. One last thing is that I would recommend, you change the default password and IP address of your router and record it. IP address should be something like 192.168.xxx.xxx On mine it is simple, ... Again, not bullet proof just another hurdle.
  14. New car!!!

    Great choice, Toyota is a fine company. Their parts supplier, Denso, is one of the few companies in the industry actually making tons of money. FYI, I think Toyota is a part of the Big 3 now.
  15. Hmm..... you may be on to something there, have you shared your findings with "Dr." Lohse. To truly be sociological...errr, I mean scientific, a follow-up study would have to be done to determine how the choice between white or wheat bread factors in.
  16. What is the DIM Hypothesis?

    How would Immanuel Kant be categorized under DIM?
  17. What is the DIM Hypothesis?

    I have not finished the DIM lectures, but I want to express an observation concerning the relationship of D's, M's . When we talk about cultural influence, as DIM does, we should consider that one category can affect the other. D1's, multiculturalists, can certainly embolden M2's, islamic-fascists. I have not yet seen how this is addressed or taken into account by Dr. Peikoff. Correct me if I am wrong, but my impression so far is that Dr. Peikoff expresses these categories as if they were in a vacuum. Being reminded of the Attila and the Witch Doctor figures Ayn Rand wrote about, my initial thoughts are to make them analogous with the D's and M's. As Ayn Rand mentions, in a sense, the two actually need one another and they unite under the banner of unreason.
  18. Windows Vista and a new computer

    I am running Vista 64-bit Release Candidate 1 and I have no problems with graphics sluggishness as described by Steve Gibson. Any dedicated video card that supports DirectX 9 or above should have no problems. By the time Vista is released, DirectX 10 video cards will start to become common-place. Symantec is one of the companies complaining about security being locked down with the 64-bit kernel and appealing to the EU for the removal of security features in Vista. I do not trust them and their judgment on Vista security. Some of the security improvements made in Vista(32 and 64-bit) over XP can be viewed here: Windows Vista Security An Introduction to Kernel Patch Protection If you plan on the 64-bit Vista, just make sure the hardware you have will be supported and the necessary 64-bit drivers exist or will eventually exist. My System: AMD Athlon 64 2800+ 1.5GB DDR 400 Memory Nvidia 6600GT graphics All of which are aging.
  19. Why existence contains no contradictions?

    Reality is contradiction... What is reality? What is contradiction? If everything is a contradiction, then is not that statement itself a contradiction? How so? Deduction is a method, if this method is not reliable, or contradictory, then how one "rightfully" determine its results? What is relative?
  20. I seen that picture on the Drudge Report earlier today, just fantastic. I'm glad for technology, these military men can see who really supports them when they are not back here to defend themselves. Parts of the press release were on Kerry's Official Site along with an introductory fiery spat. So you see, Kerry is actually the victim of the classic right-wing conspiracy here. Additionally, there was NOTHING wrong with what he said and technically he did not apologize at all, he was only sorry for offending anyone or being misinterpreted. Wow, ok... my head hurts now... but one last thing. If the joke on education was actually about George Bush doesn't Kerry know he went to Harvard? I just don't get it.
  21. You use too much gas AND you're too fat

    Very amusing, worthy of a "most ridiculous item of the day" mention. You know what? It all makes sense now, The Big Oil Companies are colluding with the food industry to make us fat so they can increase their profit$. Given Ted Kennedy's girth, position on big oil... and girth, he is probably-pretty upset about this. I propose a bill to subsidize the development of a new, gas-fat, hybrid vehicle whose emissions are "silent but violent."
  22. Peikoff on the coming election

    So in essence, voting republican means to have a disregard for ideas. The solution then is to not vote according to an individual candidate's ideas, but to blindly vote for the opposite party's line? If religion is the "only real threat", a BIG if, then what will democrats do against islamic-fascism? How will voting democrat diminish the threat of certain elements of religion at home and abroad? Does Peikoff think that all religious people are a real threat? If that is truly the case then I think his comments are terribly unjust to many American Christians who do not engage in a ravenous and indiscriminate use of violence.
  23. In a previous post, I claimed Microsoft would face legal actions due to the integration of a certain security product, Windows Defender, into their next version of Windows. It seems my prediction was not only true, the reality of the situation is not nearly as narrow as I thought. Here is one of many news articles on the EU trying to pressure Microsoft to REMOVE various aspects of security from the upcoming version of Windows, named Vista. The basis for the European Union's actions are that small security companies will be unable to compete and, as a result, the common good will be harmed due to lack of innovation. At least some of applications the EU wants removed include: Security Center: Odd for this to be included, as this actually has no direct function in improving security. It is a basic indicator of the presence of security related software and system configuration. It is essentially a simplified information center. Windows Defender: Formally known as Microsoft Anti-Spyware. Windows Firewall And this is really only the tip of the iceberg. The EU will likely continue their assault on Microsoft's integration of Windows Media Player and potentially concerns from companies such as Symantec on certain aspects of the OS being closed off and changed. How long will Microsoft bend over backwards to these ravenous, success-hating leaches?
  24. Capitalism - Most moral?

    A question back to Asimov: What did you find significant or interesting about the article's claims concerning Capitalism?
  25. Worst Predictions in History

    I'd just like to point out that Bill Gates has always denied that quotation on any amount of memory being enough for all time. A little more than halfway down the page here: Source