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  1. An Introduction to Progressive Exercise

    RayK, I have enjoyed reading your posts for their clarity and simplicity. Up until October of this year I have never exercised in my life. I have played sports and worked of course, but never for the purpose improving my strength and overall health. Less than 2 months ago I bought a low-end exercise machine and I have used techniques inspired by the information you presented here. Visually I have had noticeable gains in my arms which are very likely my weakest area. In fact, my body has always been inconsistent in terms of muscle, with my legs having a lot of muscle and my upper body with next to nothing.(or put simply, thick legs and skinny arms) Within maybe a week or 2 I may already max the machine out with my leg exercises. I have been doing seated leg extensions and I noticed that you do leg presses. Why do you use leg presses and should I switch to those instead of leg extensions?
  2. oil company execs to justify their profits

    I was thinking along the same lines as you were Capitalism Forever, although my comment would have been little different. "The justification for our company's profits is that our revenues exceeded our expenses."
  3. Whim-Worshipping and Second-Handedness

    A whim-worshiper uses faith as a primary method of cognition while a second-hander uses the output of another conciousness as a primary method of cognition.
  4. What IS "Rand's analysis"? What is the meaning of "value for value"? There are no further quotations or evidence determining what it is. This person claims that child baring and parenting are outside of rationality. On what basis is this determined? What standards, principles, or theories then does one operate by for parenting? The answers to these questions and the basis for his argument rest on nothing. If he claims he is not using reason then how can you give relevance to his arguments? What other methods does one use? Do you take his word for it? What do you think about "genetic imperative"?
  5. Wireless internet

    Now back to the The Good, in wireless networking. Accessibility is the most important feature of wireless. That is, accessibility to other computers and networks, but namely, access to the internet. In essence, this feature allows a greater integration of the power and value of the internet in our lives. The impact, both present and future, that these technologies will have on individuals is exciting. Imagine the power of: All long-distance communications, grocery planning and shopping, news and current events, planning and implementing major purchases, making appointments or interviews, getting an education, etc. All made available while you are sitting in traffic, on a plane trip, riding on a train, taking a brake at school or work, or... well... perhaps while at the Grand Canyon. All of which would be done on your own personal computer and connection.
  6. Wireless internet

    I see now, my mistake was overestimating the moral/political stature of such a breach... which then caused me to question it as an act of force.
  7. Wireless internet

    Definately not. Accessibility does not imply permission.
  8. Wireless internet

    Brian Smith, I have a question for you about a very briefly mentioned detail in this thread. By default, Windows XP will automatically connect to an "unsecured" wireless network. This setting is located in the Advanced section of the 'Wireless Network Connection Properties' and is called "Automatically connect to non-preferred networks." Just as the average home user may not have secured their network, they probably have not changed this particular setting. Therefore they may not only be unknowingly broadcasting an open wireless connection but also unknowingly be connected to and using their neighbor's unsecured wireless network. (hell, their neighbor might be in the same situation!) A real life example: My brother updated the firmware on his router which then resets all of its settings. When he attempted to log into his router using the factory default login he unintentionally logged into a neigbor's router. Much to our surprise instead of seeing a page for a Belkin router in his browser we were looking at a Dell-brand router page! It seems while his router updated and reset, his notebook connected to a local unsecured connection, that is, the next available wireless connection. In summary, while the broacasting of wireless access is quite open, so is the ability to connect to them. Since the major issue here is use of property without consent my question is: How, if at all, does this affect the application of morality and property rights on this subject? While I clearly see the principles and consistency in your arguments I find it difficult to consider myself or my brother as initiators of force. Given the default open nature of this wireless protocol, I would find it difficult to place any blame or fault for those in the same position. (let alone those who have little interest in computers)
  9. Adware

    Well at least your spam is kind enough to recommend methods of its own removal. While I highly recommend Microsoft Anti-Spyware, you can greatly reduce spam, pop-ups, and other annoyances by using an alternative browser like Opera. In my case, a monthly run of Spybot will typically have little or no "threats".
  10. Link: An Exclusive story from 'The Onion'
  11. Photography

    Patrick, those photos are fantastic. They highlight one of my favorite aspects of cats: disciplined relaxation.
  12. Spybot

    Nice post Egochick. I second your endorsement of Opera. On my Acer Aspire 1680 notebook I dual-boot XP Home and Fedora Core 4.(no longer associated with Red Hat) I still overwhelmingly use XP for its ease of use and support and the bottom line is that that combination equals productivity for the user. Here's my experience with my linux distribution: When I set up FC4 it was a bit rocky. I wanted to use a different, but technically unsupported, file system but the installer would get read errors part-way through the process. I have used this file system, ReiserFS, for previous versions of Fedora Core and it HAD worked fine. I ended up using the standard "ext" type file system. It took me considerable time to finish this process because each time started over I had to go through the software packages and take out a lot of crap that is installed on a system by default. With that out of the way I eventually made it to a graphical desktop. I remember there being some sort of configuration wizard mainly for server applications, which I disallowed. The default configuration for the services that would startup was not consistent with my choice regarding the initial configuration for servers. Things like NFS(Network File System) and services associated with it were enabled by default. Once I got rid of the excess services I noticed the memory usage was around ~116MB. This is pretty good considering in the past I have seen this around 2 times MORE from distributions. Wireless support is a bit strange. My setup came with a decent wireless management program that was graphical. The problem I have with it now is that it locks up within about 2 seconds after it loads up and the load time alone takes a good 8 seconds. If I keep trying to use it even though it crashes it will eventually lock the whole GUI up. Due to that I rarely use this program and "activate" my wireless connection through the Network program/service. As far as I know there is no automatic way to connect to a wireless network that is quick. It can be done during the startup process but I don't really want to wait while it looks at the availability of all the wireless networks I told it to. Another minor difficulty I had was getting drivers for my intel wireless. It is certainly a problem if one does not have access to a wired connection and therefore no means of downloading the driver. Luckily not only did I have that option but I also could download the driver from a desktop then transfer the files to a USB flash drive. One important note is that Fedora Core is all about open source. I does not come standard with anything BUT open source software. Anything that you like which is closed source must be downloaded and installed by yourself.(that includes the Opera browser) Overall I was pleased with how things are progressing as far as responsiveness and efficiency but I am still not nearly as productive in Linux as I am using Windows. I would like to note that the reason I use Linux is EDUCATIONAL, that is, I am interested in seeing and trying something new. Those who are actually trying to set up a stand-alone Linux system may find this process much more frustrating. For those who are serious about switching you should take the time to understand the hardware you are using and the drivers that may be required. Download the necessary drivers and burn them to a CD prior to installing linux, that way some of the hardest and most time consuming parts of your switch are eliminated or at least reduced.
  13. Which magazines do you read?

    I used to have a subscription to Discover as well. The last magazine of theirs I read had a picture of a tornado on the front with a reference to global warming. Right now I have no magazine subscriptions but I may get back into Popular Mechanics.
  14. The Automobile

    I enjoy reading threads like this. I enjoy the devotion that people have to things. At first I thought that it was the sense of life of others I was responding to but I think it is something distinct but related. I do not have a word to describe it, but a phrase: a passion for values. When I initially joined this forum I thought to myself: there ought to be a section to discuss values... concrete, tangible values. I didn't notice at the time there ALREADY was one.
  15. The Automobile

    In response to a recent thread on cars I've decided to create a more general one on the value of the automobile. It is difficult to imagine what life would be like today WITHOUT the automobile. For me personally, my current life would be impossible. I live 50 miles from school and 35 miles from work, which does not include the trip BACK home. I do not live any where close to any sort of mass transit. The automobile has provided man with physical freedom in a very personalized and private manner. The pure physical nature of a car, by itself, is fascinating to me. Man is propelled along with the device itself which typically exceeds 1 ton. The intensity and direction of this motion is controlled by nothing more than a touch of a hand and foot. The personal context of this type of transportation has a number of different sources. These include individual ownership, customization, and the different types of vehicles available. With the automobile virtually every American can have their OWN form of transportation rather than be dependent on a few major methods. The variety of parts for and types of cars has further personalized them to meet the very specific needs of owners.
  16. Seinfeld (1990)

    I starting getting into this show by the time it had already ended. Practically every re-run on TV I have seen has been entertaining. Now I'm looking for suggestions as to what seasons are worth purchasing on DVD. Newegg has some excellent prices for each season, which is ~$35. Are the first 2 seasons any good or should I purchase the later ones?
  17. Twist to the supreme court eminent domain case.

    LOL. That is fanstastic. Now what are the chances of IRS buildings being converted to Walmart Super Stores? (for economic development, taxes, and public use)
  18. Ayn Rand's view of love?

    1. It is my understanding that the definition of value(s) is neutral in the sense you are talking about. Values refer to the result of an action taken by a living entity. This does not necessarily mean they are beneficial, particularly when man is the subject involved. 2. My thoughts on this are that she left this open because there may be multiple objects which meet a certain criteria for being "a source of pleasure". (again, that is my own speculation.)
  19. The Matrix (1999)

    I enjoyed all 3 of The Matrix movies. To me they represent a human struggle between reality and unreality. The key to that struggle is Neo's honesty. Warning: There are spoilers about this movie in this post. There is no mention of any number of humans that will be freed from the Matrix. The word used by the Oracle at the end of the movie was "the others", in particular she was referring to those who know what the Matrix really is. I think her words were: "those who want out". The machines have known where Zion is for quite some time. This is indicated by your own comments concerning The Architect: That this situation has played out many times. Specifically this is backed up in Reloaded when Neo meets The Architect.
  20. Google Web Accelerator

    I would have to agree with Stephen. This is a fundamental problem that should not have made it to this stage. Thank goodness that online banking/credit institutions use HTTPS otherwise this could have been A LOT worse.
  21. 100 Greatest Americans

    Unfortunately none of them, out of 100, include Ayn Rand. Somehow John Edwards, Barack Obama, Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter... etc made it. I put my input in some time ago which included George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ayn Rand, Henry Ford and the last was either Bill Gates or John D. Rockefeller. Overall I'm surprised she didn't make it, I wasn't expected her to be voted the greatest American ever but I thought she'd at least make a nominee. http://tv.channel.aol.com/greatestamerican
  22. In Praise of Amsoil

    It is a 1991 Buick Century. Before I start in with anything else I'd like to say that Mobil 1 is a good oil.(I believe Corvettes come from the factory with Mobil 1) Unfortunately it carries a premium price tag but is not designed for extended drain intervals... well until just recently. So for someone like me who goes to school and is just starting out in the job market, I don't have the kind of money or the time for those frequent changes. As far as attributing it to my particular problems: it may well be that the issue is more complex and relates to the design of the engine AND the qualities of the oil. I am very fortunate to live in an area where a brilliant auto mechanic/technician named Larry Perry works and has his own 2 hour radio show on Saturdays 3-5PM EST on 580 WDBO. He is a certified Master Mechanic who owns a shop called the Magic Mechanic. I was first introduced to Amsoil through this man. He has made some outstanding claims about their products including Amsoil motor oils virtually friction free an engine, that it seeks out heat, and that several hundred thousand miles of service can be achieved if routine maintenance is kept. Amsoil has worked great for me as it is designed for long term use and protection. The one thing I love and is a testament to the durability of it is that I never have to add oil to my car over the course of a year. The only time I ever put oil into my car is either when I change the filter, every 6 months, or when I drain the old oil. With this procedure my car is running better now at 120K miles than it was at 80K. Now I just have to worry about the other parts of my car.
  23. In Praise of Amsoil

    This month will mark the 2nd time I have changed the oil in my car in 2 years and it has never run better. Right now the engine runs smooth and quiet, but it was not always like that. Most notably, before switching to Amsoil whenever I started up my car I would get a horrific startup noise. It almost sounded like my car was a diesel, but it was not. My car was like this for about 15K miles until I switched to Amsoil. Startups became a lot quicker and more responsive, while this noise was slowly but surely being suppressed. Within 2000 miles after the change the startup racket I had to endure for so long was gone and has never been heard again. Amsoil is a company with a lot of pride and support in their products. Their original 10W-30 is warranted for 1 year or 25K miles while their Series 2000 0W-30 is warranted up to 35K miles. For intervals even longer than that on the same oil, Amsoil offers a service called Oil Analyzers that provides an objective look at the condition the oil is in. Overall I have been nothing but pleased and impressed by the quality of their products. Amsoil Website
  24. In Praise of Amsoil

    I don't think it was a problem with the car, particularly because the engine was rebuilt some short period of time before it came into my hands. I think it was a lubrication problem. Considering it only occured during startup and let up as it continued to run, that would indicate poor cold cranking performance of the oil*. So I tried to look up some data on the original oil I was using, Mobil 1 10w-30. (which is a composite of esters, PAOs, and petroleum) The data on the oil is missing the relevant information, which is the cold crank simulator score. Strange, considering it is a required test for certified multi-grade oils. So I looked elsewhere. There is some literature produced by an API member, Michael Kaufman, called The Motor Oil Bible. At the end of this there is a comprehensive table of data on various different brands and grades of oils. The score Mobil has is tied for the highest among the list. Since the score is in terms of viscosity at a particular temperature, a score on the lower end is more desirable. The author earlier notes that the temperature during the test greatly changes the results making comparisons difficult at times, but luckily Amsoil's and Mobil's are at the same temp. *Or a poor engine design/assembly, but if that were the case it would still be occuring. Also, I am not by any means an expert on engines.. the problem was possibly the lifters not getting lubricated properly. Here is the link for The Motor Oil Bible. The book is in electronic .pdf form but requires a free registration to obtain it. Be aware there is some religious "preaching" at the beginning of the book that used to not be there when it required payment to view it. Fortunately it can be bypassed. The particular oils I used after switching to Amsoil are 10w-30 and currently 0w-30.
  25. Making a better drive-thru

    Hmmm... what kind of burgers are you eating? I can barely stand fast food burgers... but I love 93% lean beef. Very little grease, it doesn't shrink to half its original size once cooked, and tastes great. If it doesn't taste right you're probably not cooking it correctly. (either wrong temp or infrequent "flips") My favorite burger by far is made by Steak&Shake. I'm not sure of their fat content but they are certainly more lean than regular fast food burgers.