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  1. Making a better drive-thru

    I have experience in fast food and some of the things mentioned sound great.. including the customer ordering their own food and automated purchasing. I do think they would need some refinements to be made more practical, but the idea is good. Unfortunately there are always those few customers who have a disconnect between their brain and body, they say/do things they don't actually want. In many cases this is what the bottleneck is, and why you may be waiting in line for too long. I will take a different route on this subject, since the electronics side has already been touched on. I would like to see more involvement in how the food can be cooked faster and more effectively. One possibility is burgers that have less fat and water content in them so that the broiler is just not heating up water that will vaporize anyway... and so it applies all of the heat right to cooking the burger. Perhaps a new design for a broiler as well, the current ones heat the burger on only one side. Another important step is a more efficient layout of the boards where the food is prepared. P.S. The wireless systems at these restaurants are amazing. You can be well inside an enclosed solid steel cooler and freezer and still have no trouble at all hearing what's going on.
  2. Philosophical Computer Viruses

    No mention of the dreaded environmentalist virus.... on infection this virus immediately reserves all memory addresses, I/O, and interrupt requests until Earth Day when it forces the system into a permanent standby. What would the pragmatist virus be?
  3. Incredible learning aid

    I'll drink to that! Here's some other links: YaGooHoo!gle What a merger! Go ahead, try a search... interesting. Consortium to Invest in Time Travel UN Decides to Shut Down Internet Permanently. For some reason, I can actually imagine this happening.