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  1. WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS PLOT SPOILERS My children both read the book and told me that it was okay, but definitely not their favorite. Of course, this was a good time to let them know that it is GOOD to read things and not like them. It will help them identify what it is they do like in a story. About Long John... he is a complex character indeed. He was very bad, all the way through. Except he was smart and bad. What he was doing in the end was playing the field. He did good things to help the good guys, but only because he felt he may fall victim to them. He would have rather got the gold and run, which he ultimately did (though a small amount of gold only Long John was never heard from again. IMO, the main theme of the novel is growing up and holding on to values and what is right. Jim was the opposite of Long John. My favorite part of the story is when Jim stands up to the pirates and tells them to go ahead and kill him, but before they do, let it be known that it was he who found out about the mutiny, it was he who killed the men aboard the ship and took it and hid it, it was he who had remained loyal to the "good" and would not waiver. It is more complex then some novels, but there are some classics that I think you should read (and not just watch the film!)
  2. Life and Values

    It is interesting to note here that we are born with certain reflexes that enable our survival. A newborn baby is dependent, but not completely helpless. Rooting, Palmar grasp, the moro reflex, etc, are all innate. These reflexes allow him the most basic means of survival, like most animals would have. However, they disappear between the ages of 2 and 12 months. It would seem that there may be other "survival" tactics that would be present if it were not for our reasoning. However, because we can reason, they are no longer necessary and we can instead decide our future based on what we learn as we mature. Of course, this nature vs. nurture debate would be a completely different topic. But since it was brought up, I thought I would point out this small piece of information.
  3. I hadn't thought of him! Thanks, Betsy, I'll look into those.
  4. For the last two years, I have been homeschooling my children. Basically, everything I have read since has been middle school books! I have to say though, that I am thoroughly enjoying them. It seems that somehow in my public school education, I missed all of these great stories. I recommend them to anyone who missed them. Go back and see what it really is all about (unabridged texts only). Here are a few that we recently finished: Johnny Tremain The Secret Garden Ragged Dick Swiss Family Robinson Treasure Island The Winslow Boy The Mysterious Valley The Miracle Worker Upcoming: The Lost World Around the World in 80 Days Tales of the Arabian Nights King Solomon's Mines Robinson Crusoe Kidnapped
  5. Life and Values

    OH! That's what this is all about! And here I thought it was just a way to get more traffic into the forum
  6. Jokes

    Um, cats don't ALWAYS land feet first. If it is from too high a distance or too short a distance or just plan too fast, the cat can become disoriented. Don't ask how I know this..... I love cats.... with ketchup.... jk! Really, I have studied it and the equilibrium mechanism in the ears can get off not allowing the cat to right itself. There have been controlled studies done and just so you know, no cats were injured during the making of this joke.
  7. Jokes

    I always get a kick out of those "figure it out" jokes.... Like.... An electric locomotive is traveling from Denver to Philadelphia traveling at an average speed of 50 mph. The train leaves at 5:00 am. The wind is blowing ESE. What direction is the steam going?
  8. Moral Dilemma #3

    As a parent of three with another on the way, I can honestly say that the environment makes all the difference! If you set up the house in a way that is safe for the child, without having to make undue demands on the child, it is a much nicer environment. I have had to deal with a child who will not calm down, not sit still, wants to scream and fight, etc, and I refused to buy into it. I remember one day in the grocery store taking my son to the bathroom because he was screaming for something. After a few minutes, he was done, I told him that he still was not getting whatever it was he wanted and why. He never did it again. He was 2. Now, he did still want things but the behavior was negated. In older children, there must be consequences for actions. Hitting your sister results in not getting A, B, or C priviledges.... period. In emergency situations, like getting a chair and climbing on the stove, an abrupt NO with an immediate removal of the child from the situation will usually put the "scare" into them to realize that what they did was not a good idea. Kind of like a lion roaring at it's young with it's mouth open. He wouldn't bite the cub, but he'll give him a start! You know, I never thought I would use a harness.... but with my last one, I have. I always thought of it as something I would put on my dog, you know. But there is no way I am going to yell and scream and try to get through to a very active child who has a total language consisting of 6 words to sit still or hold my hand or not run into the road. You have to pick your battles, and you have to win. You don't have to fight, but you have to be firm and immediate with your response- a direct correlation to what happened. As the situations get more severe and your child gets older, there can be moments of waiting to discipline, but the response must be immediate. "That was not appropriate, and you will be punished." Spanking is a cop-out. It's what you do without resources and skills. Have I ever done it? Yeah, I have swatted a butt, but I will be the first to admit, it was my OWN inability to deal with the situation. But, getting on the right road was easier than I thought. Anyone can spank, but a good parent guides and teaches. ~Cathy
  9. Life and Values

    As someone who spent many years in the animal field, I have had this discussion several times. A pet is definitely of value and can be considered a high value since someone can get emotionally, as well as physically, attached or even dependent on one. It is easier to make a general statement, like "I value human life above an animal's." It is harder when you are talking in terms of an unknown human life and a known animal life. We decide this every day on some level when we feed our pets, but don't send food to a homeless shelter or to that starving kid on television. However, that is not an immediate life and death situation. In view of an immediate need to act, I would try to save the human life first, but not give up on the animal's either. Animals can survive a lot and a cat or dog can often last far longer in a dangerous situation than a human (especially since the human will panic, the animal will follow instincts and just try to survive). If there is a way to throw a floatation device to the human and dive in for the cat, I would do that. The human should be smart enough to grab hold, the cat would just slip. As far as the topic of an animal have a general personality (I believe that is how it was put), I would say that generally animals act in a limited fashion for that species. A reptile can not have a personality, but can be docile or aggressive. A cat can not act as a human, no matter how much we please ourselves with our anthropomorphisms. BUT, a cat (or dog or bird) can show limited affections and can exhibit behaviors that are somewhat characteristic. I do not believe an animal to be replacable simply because it lacks a human concious, but it is easy to find an animal that is "almost exactly like" another. I have heard this many times with one of my own animals. "Wow, your cat reminds me so much of my old cat ____! Do you want to get rid of him?" So if any of you have a medium-haired grey cat with blue eyes that likes to lie around, be lazy, and will come over and snuggle with you, I had one too.