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  1. UK Objectivists

    The Prometheus Initiative is my project, I started it a few months back. It's not so lonely here in the UK. I met Tara Smith in London a few weeks ago.
  2. I would be thoroughly surprised if the NSA used anything other than brute forcing with super computers. Mathematically, such techniques are about as plausible as time travel right now.
  3. Ewv, despite the movies, the NSA has no way of breaking a good encryption. Blowfish is my favourite.
  4. But in 3D design, a table isn't a particularly difficult thing to achieve (takes minutes) - and you wouldn't want lots of identical tables in games.
  5. Is this Global Cooling or what?

    Ah yes, thanks, I'm aware of it - I just wrote that after a night out and I was a little tipsy, and lazy
  6. Is this Global Cooling or what?

    When it gets hotter, its climate change. When it gets colder, its just the weather. Didn't you know?
  7. Happy Birthday to Stussy88

    Happy birthday!
  8. Organic Foods

    Organic produce does not always taste better. It is simply that supermarkets will use very high quality produce in their organic lines, because 'organic' is a label that is bought by the fashionable and more affluent middle classes. Yes, that is true. This is the case with pretty much all fruits, unless they are locally grown in season. One thing the healthy-eating fanatics haven't cottoned onto yet is that the vast majority of nutrition is put into a fruit while it is ripening. So if its picked before ripening, then artificially ripened, it is far less nutritious (and that is clearly reflected in the taste). Which is why oranges taste nicer in Florida or the Mediterranean.
  9. Who is in Tel Aviv?

    That's a possibility, but more money will be taken with a gun in order to clean it up.
  10. Who is in Tel Aviv?

    Though I must say, I don't think they themselves know who John Galt is if they think its appropriate to vandalise in his name.
  11. Who is in Tel Aviv?

    Lots of graffiti is stenciled.
  12. Rachmaninoff's Piano Duets

    Marvelous, thanks for sharing these.
  13. Referendum Protests

    Yes - but the commission has made it clear what happens from here. Either the whole treaty gets implemented into Ireland one step at a time anyway (which has already started happening) or the Irish will vote again until they get it right.
  14. Referendum Protests

    Unfortunately, I think they mean direct democracy. The main instigators of the protest, the UK Independence Party are nearly free marketeers (except they believe the state should help fund the Royal Mail and Post Office network, and there are lots of socialists in the party because people only join it out of dislike for the EU), they also support the continuation of the British monarchy. Another protesting party is an environmentalist party, and there were some outspoken socialists speaking too. European politics is a big mess.
  15. Referendum Protests

    This video, taken before the ratification of the EU constitution, shows the elected officials of the EU protesting against the unelected ones about the need for a referendum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOcG2G_6uC0...feature=related The television cameras were ordered to be pointed the other way, and the microphones were muted, while this happened. Luckily someone filmed it secretly.