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  1. This article says that John Malone, Liberty Media chairman, is now the top landowner in the U.S. Although he claims to be for "conservation," environmentalists are reportedly "fret[ful]." Is this a smokescreen? Is he one of the leading viros?
  2. It's interesting you say that. Why do you think Hillary would be worse? I think her "replacing" Obama as President would be disastrous for America, but why would her tenure be worse than his?
  3. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    I knew that's what you were referring to, Brianna. I also agree that her occasional sexual "flaunting" may be part of her psychological "weaponry" against the repressed, radical Islamists she fights. America is a secular country.
  4. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    I had missed your post with the "clicky" when I first responded, but I addressed it later in my 3:05pm post. See above.
  5. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    While that is indeed a low neckline, I do not find it so remarkable, and it is only one instance. She knows she is fairly attractive [not necessarily to me though] for her age - and works hard to maintain her figure - and may feel a need to look "extra sexy" once in a while. One could even put it down to poor taste, and not necessarily exhibitionism.
  6. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    Since she is a public figure, there should be a lot of images out there for you to choose from, if your case were strong. You have not provided any evidence to support your case. Your claims are, as yet, unfounded. The "Superman" t-shirt photo looks Photoshopped, so I do not set any store by that. She is not my kind of activist, but I don't see anything wrong with her dressing.
  7. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    I have searched for these "provocative" pictures of Pam Geller, to no avail. All I see are vlogs with her in a bikini (and not very revealing shots at that). Does anyone have a link to these "provocative" pictures?
  8. Current line up of presidential candidates

    Whether or not Johnson wins the nomination, the two main issues of the next presidency are repealing Obamacare and the defense of the United States. If the Republican president is able to do more (repeal Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, end the EPA and other viro agencies, etc.) that would be great; but I'm not holding my breath.
  9. The trend has begun reversing (see Reagan, Tea Party, rise of Objectivism, rise of India, etc.), but the question now is whether we'll be able to make enough headway before the Left make their final push for total and (possibly) irreversible domination.
  10. There is still a lot that has to be done by the Left before the first dictator arises in the U.S., if ever. The populace is not sufficiently disarmed (guns), and there's still way too much freedom of speech (talk radio and the internet). If the Left wish to drastically accelerate the statist process, they need foreign agents - such as the Islamists - to accomplish that. If the Islamists make a serious nuclear strike, then a "state of emergency" could be established, and freedom of speech and gun ownership banned. The only possible domestic case I can imagine is the emergence of a "right-wing" (the Left will call it that) terrorist or separatist group, which will be used to establish a "state of emergency." (Trudeau imposed one in the wake of the FLQ separatists, but Canada was not yet ripe for absolute dictatorship.)
  11. Key Ingredients in Successful Psychotherapy

    Are these all original insights? I don't see any references, so my guess is that they are. Thank you for sharing them. Dr. Michael Hurd has written a book, Bad Therapy, Good Therapy. I wonder if you've read it, and, if so, what you think of it.
  12. It's stunning that someone like Moore - a modern tech billionaire - would be involved in anti-metal-mining.
  13. Wendi Deng is Superwoman.

    The global Leftist machine has been in hot pursuit of media billionaire Rupert Murdoch for the past week, with a view to destroying his Right-wing operations. The latest developments in the mob frenzy are the Parliamentary hearings in the UK. Murdoch's very good-looking wife, Wendi Deng, demonstrates what love means by her sharp reaction to a nihilist's attack on her husband during today's session[video here].
  14. Favorite movie lines

    I thought Uma Thurman was special when she first came into reckoning. I still think she's an uncommon beauty, but, I was never a big, big fan of hers. I think I was drawn to the story, but I would have to take the time to list the reasons.
  15. Favorite movie lines

    It's not a great movie, but for some odd reason, I've seen that movie maybe four times. If it's on and I happen to catch it, I usually finish it. Michael Rapaport delivers those lines in a goofy but memorable way. I agree with the sentiment, too.