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  1. This article says that John Malone, Liberty Media chairman, is now the top landowner in the U.S. Although he claims to be for "conservation," environmentalists are reportedly "fret[ful]." Is this a smokescreen? Is he one of the leading viros?
  2. It's interesting you say that. Why do you think Hillary would be worse? I think her "replacing" Obama as President would be disastrous for America, but why would her tenure be worse than his?
  3. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    I knew that's what you were referring to, Brianna. I also agree that her occasional sexual "flaunting" may be part of her psychological "weaponry" against the repressed, radical Islamists she fights. America is a secular country.
  4. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    I had missed your post with the "clicky" when I first responded, but I addressed it later in my 3:05pm post. See above.
  5. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    While that is indeed a low neckline, I do not find it so remarkable, and it is only one instance. She knows she is fairly attractive [not necessarily to me though] for her age - and works hard to maintain her figure - and may feel a need to look "extra sexy" once in a while. One could even put it down to poor taste, and not necessarily exhibitionism.
  6. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    Since she is a public figure, there should be a lot of images out there for you to choose from, if your case were strong. You have not provided any evidence to support your case. Your claims are, as yet, unfounded. The "Superman" t-shirt photo looks Photoshopped, so I do not set any store by that. She is not my kind of activist, but I don't see anything wrong with her dressing.
  7. Who is Pamela Geller?...

    I have searched for these "provocative" pictures of Pam Geller, to no avail. All I see are vlogs with her in a bikini (and not very revealing shots at that). Does anyone have a link to these "provocative" pictures?
  8. Current line up of presidential candidates

    Whether or not Johnson wins the nomination, the two main issues of the next presidency are repealing Obamacare and the defense of the United States. If the Republican president is able to do more (repeal Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, end the EPA and other viro agencies, etc.) that would be great; but I'm not holding my breath.
  9. The trend has begun reversing (see Reagan, Tea Party, rise of Objectivism, rise of India, etc.), but the question now is whether we'll be able to make enough headway before the Left make their final push for total and (possibly) irreversible domination.
  10. There is still a lot that has to be done by the Left before the first dictator arises in the U.S., if ever. The populace is not sufficiently disarmed (guns), and there's still way too much freedom of speech (talk radio and the internet). If the Left wish to drastically accelerate the statist process, they need foreign agents - such as the Islamists - to accomplish that. If the Islamists make a serious nuclear strike, then a "state of emergency" could be established, and freedom of speech and gun ownership banned. The only possible domestic case I can imagine is the emergence of a "right-wing" (the Left will call it that) terrorist or separatist group, which will be used to establish a "state of emergency." (Trudeau imposed one in the wake of the FLQ separatists, but Canada was not yet ripe for absolute dictatorship.)
  11. Key Ingredients in Successful Psychotherapy

    Are these all original insights? I don't see any references, so my guess is that they are. Thank you for sharing them. Dr. Michael Hurd has written a book, Bad Therapy, Good Therapy. I wonder if you've read it, and, if so, what you think of it.
  12. It's stunning that someone like Moore - a modern tech billionaire - would be involved in anti-metal-mining.
  13. Wendi Deng is Superwoman.

    The global Leftist machine has been in hot pursuit of media billionaire Rupert Murdoch for the past week, with a view to destroying his Right-wing operations. The latest developments in the mob frenzy are the Parliamentary hearings in the UK. Murdoch's very good-looking wife, Wendi Deng, demonstrates what love means by her sharp reaction to a nihilist's attack on her husband during today's session[video here].
  14. Favorite movie lines

    I thought Uma Thurman was special when she first came into reckoning. I still think she's an uncommon beauty, but, I was never a big, big fan of hers. I think I was drawn to the story, but I would have to take the time to list the reasons.
  15. Favorite movie lines

    It's not a great movie, but for some odd reason, I've seen that movie maybe four times. If it's on and I happen to catch it, I usually finish it. Michael Rapaport delivers those lines in a goofy but memorable way. I agree with the sentiment, too.
  16. Favorite movie lines

    Very good choices, these. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Multiple Intelligences

  18. Cop with questions.....

    You're most welcome.
  19. Cop with questions.....

    One possibility I see is you writing a book about your experiences on the Force. You could even become an advocate for the repeal of Welfare State and Drug laws, presenting them as two pillars of anti-American evil. You have an emotionally-potent writing style.
  20. Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011)

    You understand me correctly, Scott. If there is low interest in this Part 1 and the trilogy is abandoned, there is the possibility of a great series or miniseries being produced at some point by a serious team of esthetic visionaries. I am very firmly convinced that if an unflinchingly Romanticist TV [mini]series is shot with cinematic production values, we could have Atlas Shrugged - book and [mini]series - selling like sliced bread for the next twenty years. Objectivists would be swamped with offers from media outlets, universities, and the general public to explain the philosophy. We would even have trouble keeping up with the tide of opinion. The power of the screen is not to be underestimated. I have read people writing "It's only a movie," which I find a most ignorant statement. People watch movies and series they love over and over again. Atlas could easily be that movie, and a life-changing experience to boot. If America's (and the world's) parents resist the miniseries, their children and grandchildren will not be able to. If, however, Aglialoro or his team is involved in any future Atlas Shrugged adaptations, we will be stuck with what they've put out there for a long, long time. I recognize that book sales spiked a little while the movie was being promoted by the radio and TV talk show hosts, but I knew the spike would be tepid. As you noted, sales had been up recently anyway. And, as I pointed out elsewhere, the book has always been a bestseller, so book sales are not by themselves any measure of how many people will seriously take up the philosophy. What we "need" is to maintain a position of psychological and moral strength. The quality work produced by Ayn Rand and the best Objectivist scholars has always been "blue-chip." The level of esthetic and philosophic integrity has afforded Objectivists tremendous moral power. A shoddy movie or miniseries would saddle the philosophy with an unworthy artifact we would need to explain to newcomers. The heroes of Atlas Shrugged, together, pack more power than fifty Robin Hoods, Edmond Dantes, Zorros, Valjeans, Bruce Waynes, Joans of Arc, and Cyranos. We should not have to bend over backwards to make people watch a movie of the Greatest Story Ever Told. I'm in a hurry, so I can't say much more. I've written quite a bit about this on Facebook, and would have to assemble all my posts there to make complete sense of my position. But, let me just say that I hope Parts 2 and 3 are never made. For whatever reasons, the rushed production was pragmatic, and I look forward to a real mind who will make the lush, exciting miniseries titled Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Aglialoro should accept the reality of his limitations and be gracious with the rights.
  21. Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011)

    This is the most troubling news I've heard since talk of this miscarriage of a movie began last year. These people are bent on cornering the screen adaptations. I will never accept such shoddiness.
  22. A Canadian publisher, Ezra Levant, is on trial by the Canadian Human Rights Commission for publishing the Danish, "anti-Islamic" cartoons. His defiance of the Commission is first-rate. I found the story on Little Green Footballs and on Instapundit (which refers to the LGF story). Here's the Instapundit intro:
  23. Canadian Publisher Persecuted for Cartoons

    You are most welcome, Brian. I'm happy you enjoyed it.
  24. Canadian Publisher Persecuted for Cartoons

    Political news today is quite depressing: silver has trebled since 2009 and gold has shot to unimagined highs, as the criminal-communist Obama unleashes the forces of evil on America at home and abroad. Yet, the news is not all bad. In fact, in Canada, whether most people realize it or not, we are witnessing the value of putting up an ideological fight and staying committed to practical plans. The five-year Harper minority government has allowed for some application of political leverage by the Conservatives. Among other items, a right-wing SUN News Network was proposed by a Quebecois billionaire last year. Instantly labeled "Fox News North" by the Leftist Canadian media, George Soros spent a lot of money fighting it. A lot of pressure was applied on the Telecommunications Commission by the Leftists; the proposed channel was denied any of the privileges granted the state-owned CBC and the state-sanctioned CTV; but, finally, SUN launched on Monday evening on some Canadian cable stations. SUN News' style is based on the personality-driven Fox News format but with a more civil tone (no rude interruptions of guests). Its 5 o'clock slot is hosted by lawyer, Ayn Rand fan, and radical-for-liberty Ezra Levant. So far, his show has been very informative and incisive. Canadians have never before had a TV channel like this with hosts making unabashedly pro-freedom and pro-Western-Civilization statements, so this is a major milestone in the war for freedom. On Monday, Levant showed the Mohammed cartoons on his show - unblurred, uncensored - which I think is a first in all Western television. At the start of commercial breaks on Monday, Levant's show would put different freedom quotes and their authors on the screen. In one particularly super moment, he had a picture of Ayn Rand up, with the immortal quote right there on the screen: "I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine." On yesterday's show, Levant celebrated Earth Day in a most unusual way -- a way that I think most of us here, being anti-environmentalism, would appreciate. Here's the clip.
  25. Ed Cline novels for Kindle on sale now!

    And/or, developing a screenplay for a movie or miniseries based on the novel?