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  1. Compatability

    Hello Bborg Yes indeed... those who 'get' it and those who just do not. That's what it comes down to really. Thanks for your response! Rose Lake, I have some of Miss Rand's non fiction here for myself to read after The Fountainhead. Perhaps I will offer some to him and see what comes of it. Will be interesting to see his response at the very least eh?
  2. Happy Birthday to Paul's Here

    Hope it's been a wonderful day for you. Happy Birthday!
  3. Welcome! I have just joined this forum myself and am a fellow Australian. Lovely to see you here.
  4. Which Superhero are you?

    You are Supergirl - Lean, muscular and feminine. Honest and a defender of the innocent Supergirl 93% Wonder Woman 88% Green Lantern 65% Superman 60% Hulk 60% Catwoman 60% Spider-Man 55% The Flash 55% Iron Man 55% Batman 45% Robin 40%
  5. My photographs from over the past year..

    Some fantastic shots. I particularly loved the one entitled 'My favorite spot' Looks divine indeed.
  6. Compatability

    This thread has been fantastic to read. I have only just recently finished reading Atlas Shrugged, I had not read anything of Miss Rand's previously, though I am working my way through the rest of her work now. I actually bought Atlas Shrugged and gave it to my lover to read first. I am unsure why I was so adamant that he read it before me but I was determined that it should happen that way. It took him over a year to read. He would struggle through a chapter or two, then move onto another book, then head back to it. It became a bit of a joke. When he finally finished it a week or so ago he told me it was my turn. We said we would discuss the book after I had read it and we joked that perhaps it would be in another years time. Well, I finished it within a week. And I was changed. All the way through I kept coming to him and talking to him about the idea's that were forming in my mind as a result of it. Sometimes I'd be crying, sometimes I'd be laughing, but above all..I felt renewed. Like I'd found the long lost friend within myself. When I finally finished the book and sat to talk to him about all this and more...he almost looked at me blankly. He clearly didn't take what I did from it..and though he seems vaguely interested in hearing my thoughts on it, I don't think he is really grasping the whole thing. I wonder whether I will give him The Fountainhead when I finish it (started a few days ago) ...and whether he will actually be interested enough to read it and absorb it.
  7. Introducing Me

    Wow. Thank you all for the wonderful welcome! What a fantastic place. And an extra big thanks to Michael Jenkinson for the Prodos link. I can't say I am an Objectivist, or that I even fully understand it as yet. It's not been something I've ever researched or looked into really... but I now want to know all I can. Wonderful to see a fellow Melbournian here
  8. Flirty burqas

    Sad, indeed.
  9. Introducing Me

    Ahh Arnold, that is exactly how it feels already. I feel as if I am letting go of a lot of learned ideas and behaviours and gettng back in touch with what my core beliefs are. What they always have been. Thank you for the welcome and the encouragement
  10. It has been said that anything which is learned by being read aloud to the student is remembered best. Then again, I believe we all have different strengths when it comes to our senses. Some of us seem to respond best when using sight, some with sound. I love both books and audio books. Generally though, I much prefer to read to myself..and if necessary, read some of it aloud to myself in order to fully comprehend it.
  11. I absolutely agree with you both there!
  12. Veal Shoulder Forestière au Riesling

    Oh, how delicious that must be. Will give it a try, for sure. Thank you kindly!
  13. Greetings all! My name is Kristy Lee and I am a 28 year old woman from Melbourne, Australia. I am so excited to have come across this forum. Right now I am kicking myself for the fact that I have only just discovered Ayn Rand (after reading Atlas Shrugged)...how could I have gone this long without reading this womans ideas and philosophies? In any case, I plan to make up for lost time. I have a lot to read and a lot to learn. I'm onto The Fountainhead now. Well, I best go finish reading the forum guidelines and start to have a look around so I don't get lost in here Look forward to chatting with you all. Regards, Kristy