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  1. Mirror Neurons

    There are several different groups trying to connect Neuroscience (and mirror neurons ) with different fields. As an example, check out: The Neuroscience of Leadership by David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz
  2. Use of Unmanned Aircraft Soars

    I just finished the book Skunk Works by Ben R. Rich published in 1996. It's about the wonderful division in the Lockheed Martin corporation that created so many wonderful planes. From the U2 spy plane to the stealth bomber, these people got things done. I highly recommend the book. At the end of the book, Ben Rich talks a little bit about the future of airplanes and mainly pushes for drones. He readily admits however that increasing bureaucracy has stifled this innovation, and we are far behind where we could be. Based on the publishing date of the book and what Rich says, it seems as though these drones should have been operational long ago.
  3. Two good finds on the NEW Fox Business Network: Alan Greenspan interview: (aprox. 7:40) He talks about whether or not Ayn Rand would support the federal reserve) Also note, that he readily admits that the US economy did very well while on the gold standard. Jonathan Hoenig, Objectivist and an investor, has a video blog on the the FBN website: For those who use RSS feeds, here is the feed for the video: So far, I've really enjoyed the new station. Its supposed to be much more "friendly" towards business than CNBC, and I've found that to be true so far.

    I'm on it too. It is less helpful right now as I am in college still, but it is good to maintain some contact with my current connections.
  5. I'd like to happily recommend Transformers (2007) for the ratings!
  6. nicely done, good luck!
  7. Strange Computer Problem

    There's a lot of trial and error that you may have to do. Yet, seeing how you don't think you've updated/changed anything and it is the XP screen saver, I would run a check on the hard drive for errors. Harddrive errors can make a computer do some really goofy things sometimes. Plus, doing a check for errors is not a bad thing to do anyway. To do that check: Go to Start->Run-> enter "cmd"->"chkdsk /r" for more info about check disk: It should say that it will do the check the next time the computer restarts (or will ask permission to do so). It'll take an hour or two depending on the size of your hard drive and how big it is.
  8. Picasa

    I enjoy Picasa entirely. I have set it up as my parent's photo handling software because it is so easy for them to use. Each time they plug their camera into the computer. Picasa automatically imports the photos onto the computer. They both have Gmail accounts so all they have to do is highlight the pictures they want to e-mail and click the e-mail button. When they want anything in prints, they just highlight those pictures and click the Order Prints button. For more advanced photo editing like Photoshop but free software, check out There's even a portable version of Gimp available that you can put on a flash drive.
  9. Spider Man turns into an Objectivist?

    I've come across this before and as usual wikipedia mentions something about it: I'm pretty sure there is at least one other comic book creator who followed Objectivism or maybe it was Neo-Objectivism. I recall that one of these comic book creators decided that Objectivism wasn't "pure" enough. I won't start throwing out comic book names though, because I can't find the information/links to back it up right now. If I find it, I'll post.
  10. CEO of the Year

    Awesome! Thanks for the link!
  11. market based management

    I think that if you're emphasize ownership of projects (like entreprenuers) and reward them for the value they create, then you are creating an atmosphere of pride. Also, my point of starting this thread wasn't so much about how it will affect me personally as an intern, but a look at the philosophy itself.
  12. market based management

    I am in the process of applying for internships. One of the companies I am applying for is run by an Objectivist, but the other is run by the former-vice-president candidate for the Libertarian Party in 1980. The Libertarian I'm talking about is Charles Koch. He runs the largest (by revenue) privately owned company in the world. The name of the comapny is Koch, Industries. Here's what I want to talk about in this thread. Charles Koch is not quiet about his admiration for Hayek and Mises. In fact, His company is run based on free-market economics and he reminds his company of it always. The name of the philosopohy by which is company is run is "market based management". What I want to discuss is how his market based management philosophy matches up to Objectivism. Here is the info from Koch's webpage: "The basis for the philosophy Market Based Management was developed based on these beliefs: * Long-term business success comes only from creating real long-term value for customers and society, not the illusion of value. * The world is experiencing an unprecedented (and accelerating) rate of change. * To create value amid this change requires a well-founded understanding of what people value and how the world works. * Throughout history, the framework that leads to the greatest value creation is one based on economic freedom, individual responsibility and the rule of law. * A market system based on private property and economic freedom has proven to be the most effective and efficient system for creating prosperity and social progress. The five pillars of MBM Koch’s Market Based Management framework includes five dimensions: * Vision: Koch companies constantly seek opportunities, in any industry, for which their capabilities will create superior value. * Virtue and talents: Integrity, humility, teamwork, intellectual honesty and the desire to create real value are necessary values for a free society to function properly. Talented people who embody these virtues are an important driver in an organization’s success. * Knowledge processes: A key driver of prosperity is understanding what people value and how to satisfy those values. Thus, Koch companies strive to create a culture and the measures necessary to build the relevant knowledge. * Decision rights: Creating superior value requires that decisions be made by those who have demonstrated the ability to get results. Therefore, authorities are set more by comparative advantage than by hierarchy. * Incentives: Koch companies try to reward their people like entrepreneurs, paying them a portion of the long-term value they create. " - I'd like to start off the discussion by pointing out that last two beliefs state that private property, economic freedom, individual responsibility and the rule of law create the most value. What it does not say is that these beliefs are morally correct.
  13. Bernstein & I on YouTube!

    thanks for the posting!
  14. Happy Birthday to taylor

    Stephen, You're early! His birthday is the 29th. Must have been a typo! -Corey
  15. CTO of company, SURPRISE!

    I forgot to point out that despite being a mid-sized company, the company I worked for this is summer is a popular mutual fund company. I am not sure it is appropriate to name the company so I won't. I'll always remember that conversation where he revealed that wonderful piece to me. Moments like those remind me of wonderful movies, but the life facts you encounter are even more empowering of a charge.