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  1. Augustine's "Sense of Life"

    Thanks so much, ewv! That's exactly the quote I was looking for.
  2. Augustine's "Sense of Life"

    In Dr. Peikoff's lecture course, "The Founders of Western Philosophy," there is a section on St. Augustine. He includes a quote from Augustine that really illustrates his tragic sense of life, and in fact it's one of the most vivid quotes describing a tragic sense of life that I've ever seen. But I don't have this lecture anymore, and I can't find the quote. Does anybody have it, or happen to know the quote I'm thinking of? I'd like to find it again. Thanks!
  3. In memory of Lady Brin

    Goodbye, Miss Brin. Thanks for liking my music; it meant a lot to me! -David
  4. Tales of Hoffman

    "Doll Song" from Tales of Hoffman is one of my favorite operatic pieces that I've ever heard. It has such an addictive melody.
  5. An Inconvenient Truth

    I'm cereal about An Inconvenient Truth the opera. EXCELSIOR!
  6. The Scottish Enlightenment

    Thanks for these suggestions! Cometmaker: What is an environ? Something like a state or territory?
  7. The Scottish Enlightenment

    Ha, I forgot to ask my question: Does anyone have any recommended readings on this topic?
  8. The Scottish Enlightenment

    I've recently become interested in the Scottish Enlightenmet. I am aware that it was a significant influence on America's founding fathers. Adam Smith was part of this movement, and Benjamin Franklin was said to frequently correspond with Scottish intellectuals of this period. But I would like to study it more in depth, as well as learning more about Scottish history in general.
  9. The Science of washing dishes?

    ....I wish I had a matter transporter receiver! ::looks around at the sky::
  10. The Science of washing dishes?

    I think they say to use cold dish water in order to save energy by not using the hot water heater as much. I think it's impractical to use cold water for rinsing not only because hot water might kill residual germs, but also I've found that dishes seem to dry faster when I rinse them in very hot water. I'm not sure why, though. Wish I had a dishwasher!
  11. Happy Birthday to ifatart

    Belated happy birthday, Ifat! : )
  12. Everyday Italian

    Is it just me or is Giada De Laurentiis one of the hottest women on TV? Everyday Italian is my favorite cooking show. : D
  13. Schlegel Guitar Vid

    Cool, I subscribed to you and to your favorites also. ; )
  14. Is Ayn Rand dead?

    I should have said "I believe that's what she means" instead of speaking for her.. Sorry. ; P
  15. Is Ayn Rand dead?

    She means that nobody actually experiences being dead. "The world," meaning one's own private experience of the world, ends at death, so for that person it's as if the universe simply vanishes. Her view is somewhat reminiscent of Epicurus' view of death, as put forth in his Letter to Menoeceus: