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  1. We are accepting submissions for the January issue of The Undercurrent until January 3rd. Please send submissions to . As always, please feel free to e-mail us if you have article ideas or an outline for review. To review our submission guidelines, or peruse previous issues, visit . Thank you, and we hope you have a very happy New Year! Regards, The Undercurrent staff
  2. Hi, The Undercurrent publishes an events calendar on the back page of every issue. If your campus club or community group will be having an Objectivism-related event or meeting in the coming months, please post the event info on our calendar form: Also, we are now accepting distribution orders for the November/December issue. You can place an order at: Thanks kindly, Distribution Staff, The Undercurrent.
  3. Undercurrent - call for submissions

    The Undercurrent is now accepting submissions for its November issue. The article draft submission deadline is October 1st. Please send all submissions and inquiries to . You are welcome as always to send us your article ideas, or an outline to review, if you would like feedback from our editors in advance of the deadline. Please visit our website - - for a review of submission guidelines or to peruse our past and current issues. Whether or not you choose to submit an article for this issue, we encourage you to please post this announcement to your blog. Regards, _The Undercurrent_ staff
  4. The Undercurrent September Issue

    The Undercurrent is now accepting orders for its September issue ( The deadline to order is August 27th. The issue will list the contact info of Objectivist Clubs around the country, a calendar of meetings and events related to Objectivism, advertisements for ARI's Atlas Shrugged Contest. If you are part of a campus club or community group, please e-mail your club's contact info to, and we will have it listed. Featured articles include a piece that examines the growing anti-immigration movement in America, and a piece that argues that the right to an abortion can only be defended on egoistic grounds. In addition to college campuses, the paper can be distributed in coffee shops, subway stations, libraries, workplace lounges. Orders can be placed at For more information, contact, or visit our website at Respectfully, The Undercurrent Staff
  5. Dear fellow Ayn Rand fans, This is just a reminder that today (July 28th) is the deadline to submit article drafts for the September issue of The Undercurrent. To submit a draft, or if you have extenuating circumstances and would like us to consider an extension, please e-mail To review our submission policy, or to browse past issues, please visit our website at Thank you, _The Undercurrent_ staff
  6. The Undercurrent is now accepting submissions for its back-to-school issue, due to hit the presses in the first week of September. The article draft submission deadline is July 28th, which is exactly 2 weeks away. Please send all submissions and inquiries to You are welcome as always to send us your article ideas, or an outline to review, if you would like feedback from our editors in advance of the deadline. Please visit our website,, for a review of submission guidelines and to peruse our past issues.
  7. There are only two days left to order our fabulous April issue! Go to to see a list of April articles. To order, fill out the form at: Now is the time to start distributing The Undercurrent. The culture isn't going to change unless we change it. The change starts with students.
  8. The April issue of The Undercurrent goes to press in one week! If you haven't already done so, order your copies immediately at The theme of this issue is foreign policy. Inside: * Elan Jouro: "Death to 'Diplomacy' with Iran" * Kelly Cadenas: " Campus Commentary: The Self-Censorship Epidemic on College Campuses" * Audra Hilse: "World Peace Requires World Freedom" * Ray Girn: "News from the Objectivst Movement: A Businessman Stands for Principle and Property Rights" * Gena Gorlin: "Google China vs. Google Profit * John Lewis: "The Moral Goodness of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima" * Rebecca Knapp: "The Backward Strategy of Democracy" * Corinne Bloch: "The Roots of the Hamas Victory" This month we are printing an expanded issue--12 pages, rather than our usual 8--to accommodate the number of high quality submissions that we have received. Distributors, this is one issue you won't want to miss. The content is top-notch. Please place your orders by Sunday, April 2nd. -Undercurrent Staff
  9. The Undercurrent's free speech flyer has now been distributed at a number of universities across America and Canada. Several campus papers have picked up the story. It's not too late to distribute the flyer at your school. One distributor at one campus can have an enormous effect on university culture--as we at TU have learned first hand. We have sent free copies to several campuses, and have more left to send. To view the flyer and print it for free, visit As we turn our attentions toward our upcoming April issue, we hope that students will continue to distribute the flyer and continue to fight for the freedom of speech. As always, please email with any questions or comments. Undercurrent Staff
  10. The Undercurrent staff are outraged by the global Muslim attack on free speech, which began when the Jyllands Posten published cartoons of Muhammad this fall. The cowardly silence of the national media leaves us no choice: we must step up in defense of freedom. We have produced a special edition, one-page flyer in defense of free-speech. The flyer includes a depiction of one of the original Muhammad cartoons, a statement from our editors, and Onkar Ghate's op-ed, "The Twilight of Freedom of Speech". You can access the PDF at We want to distribute this flyer everywhere we possibly can. We ourselves have already begun blanket our respective campuses with it, and we are asking our supporters to do the same. The PDF is free. We ask only that you send an email to, to tell us where you are distributing and in what quantity. Also, please print and distribute the flyer as a single, double-sided page. We recommend at least 500 copies per campus. You can leave them everywhere. On ledges. On benches. With stacks of newspapers. In classrooms. On dining hall tables. In libraries. Students centers. Dorms. Everywhere. This issue is important. It deserves a response that will shake America. Sincerely, Editors The Undercurrent
  11. The Undercurrent is seeking an artist to produce a customized cartoon for an upcoming issue dealing with the recent controversy over the Muhammad cartoons. The cartoon should include its own (fair use) rendition of the infamous Westergaard cartoon, depicting Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. But it should build on this image, pairing Muhammad with Jesus, portraying them as collaborators in some act of violence against innocents. The idea is to produce a companion illustration for Onkar Ghate's ARI op-ed, "The Twilight of Freedom of Speech," which argues that Christianity's ethics of self-sacrifice is responsible for the West's unilateral surrender of free speech rights in the face of Muslim threats: We'd like to publish such a cartoon in a special edition flier in defense of free speech, to be distributed in advance of our April issue. In order to do so, we would need the cartoon by Monday night. If we can't get the cartoon in time for the flier, though, we would still like to print the cartoon in our April issue (in which case, we would need the cartoon by the first week of March). Please get in touch if you're interested: Undercurrent Staff
  12. Undercurrent Call for Submissions

    Dear students and Undercurrent supporters, After publishing over 20,000 copies of our fifth issue--and distributing it on 34 campuses across North America--we are excited to begin work on our sixth. The next deadline for submissions is March 1st. At present, we are anticipating that the next issue, due out in April, will focus mainly on foreign policy. As usual, however, we are interested in looking at submissions on all topics, so please feel free to submit anything you think may be of general interest to a college audience unfamiliar with Objectivism. Whatever your idea, it also helps to email an abstract of your topic in advance of the deadline. This way we can let you know if yours is the kind of piece we're interested in running. Best, The Undercurrent Staff
  13. Dear students of Objectivism, If you care about the survival of our culture, as we desperately do, please consider distributing The Undercurrent on your campus. We won't review for you all the ways in which our culture is dying for lack of intellectual fuel--presumably, you already know the symptoms, and see them around you daily. But if we want to resuscitate the culture, we must start on college campuses, where it's suffocating today at a faster rate than anywhere else. It won't cost you much at all, in money or time, to distribute The Undercurrent. It's on newsprint, so it's cheap (about $8.75 per 250 copies plus shipping), and it takes less than half an hour to distribute stacks of it to key locations on campus. But for that price, you get to expose countless students to Objectivism. Many of them you might not have reached any other way. That's what we get out of The Undercurrent--knowing that we're making a real impact on campus culture, breathing whiffs of reason and earthly values onto the students who pick us up and read our pages. But we can't do it without distributors. The deadline for placing orders is TUESDAY, JANUARY 24. Send your order, with the number of issues you wish to purchase, your name, school, and shipping address, to The theme of Issue 5 is "Religion." For a sneak preview, see The articles are as follows: * "Moral Values without Religion" by Peter Schwartz (ARI op-ed) * "The Bait and Switch of 'Intelligent Design'" by Keith Lockitch (ARI op-ed) * Quinn Price, "Intelligent Design and the Philosophy of Make-believe" * Gena Gorlin, "Chronicles of Narnia: Christian Sheep in Lion's Clothing" * Kara Zavarella, "The Case for Girly Beauty" The issue also marks the premier of two new regular features--a commentary on campus publications, and a column on news from the Objectivist movement. In this issue: * Rebecca Knapp, "Religious Tolerance Blights Campus Culture" * Ray Girn, "A Man of Science Crusades against Intelligent Design" As you know, all of our writers are long-time OAC students committed to the study of Objectivism. We at the Undercurrent share a common, selfish goal: to rescue our dying culture by spreading Objectivist ideas on campus. We currently have 15 campuses committed to distribution. If you share our vision, add your campus to the list today to help make an even bigger impact. All the best, The Undercurrent Staff
  14. order The Undercurrent, Issue 5

    If you're looking to spread Ayn Rand's ideas among college students, read this: The January issue of The Undercurrent will be going to press within a week. The deadline for placing orders is 12am ET, Wednesday Jan 17, so email us as soon as possible: The general topic of this month's issue is "religion". Articles include: -"Moral Values without Religion" by Peter Schwartz (ARI op-ed) -"The Bait and Switch of Intelligent Design" by Keith Lockitch (ARI op-ed) -Rebecca Knapp, "Campus Commentary" (a new feature): Religion is rising unchecked on college campuses. -Quinn Price, "Answering Intelligent Design: The 'Falsification' Pitfall": In order to defeat creationism, we must reconsider our understanding of science. -Ray Girn, "Objectivism in the Culture" (a new feature): Keith Lockitch's lecture circuit on intelligent design. -Gena Gorlin, "Christianity and Narnia": Christianity can gain traction only by diluting its ethical message. -Kara Zavarella, "Why I Enjoy Being a Girl": Feminists dispense with individualism and reality. ==== Why distribute *The Undercurrent*? -articles are written with clarity and persuasiveness for a college audience unfamiliar with Objectivism. -article topics are always fresh, relevant, and provocative -it's on newsprint, so it's cheap. Distribute mass numbers for a low price--a rate of about $8.75 plus shipping per 250 copies--and reach hundreds more students than your usual means of campus activism -our regular "announcements" section draws attention to the nationwide network of Objectivist activism in general, and your campus club's events & meetings in particular. (For additional publicity for your club, it's very easy to stamp your club's name and contact information on each copy.) For more information, visit or email us at
  15. The Undercurrent - Call for articles

    Preparation for Issue 5 of *The Undercurrent* is now underway. We're accepting articles on any topic. The deadline for submission (of first drafts) is October 10. Issue 5 is slated for release in early November. Questions? Email For information on getting involved with *The Undercurrent*, please join our mailing list at