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  1. The racist Messiah

    This whole issue is also an opportunity for Obama to distract the public from his plans for 1) National Healthcare, and 2) A possible second major bailout and 3) Unpopular Cap and Trade legislation. This is an opportunity for Obama to take center stage. The more he can find ways to appear favorably in the public eye, the less attention on his less favorable legislation.
  2. Good commentary. I just wrote an email to one of my Congressmen (a Democrat) who voted in favor of the legislation, asking him to reconsider when the bill comes back around. Also going to write one of the Republicans who failed to show for the vote to ask him to not miss the next one...
  3. House Passes Waxman-Markey Climate Bill

    I saw that the small number of Republicans in the House either failed to vote against it (absent), or voted in favor. I wonder if leaders in the business community who know this will hurt their company will weigh in or remain silent. I think Dave Reichert is in a district near Seattle so I would think he would not be such a fool. I wish I could get more involved with this one but things have been very busy and work and I haven't had much time for politics lately. I would probably just get angry that so many people are so blasé again.
  4. Yaron Brook Delivers a Keynote Address

    Do a Google search for 'Yaron Brook' if your browser allows the Google autosearch function to run then you should see a list of suggested topics before you finish typing the 'k'. I've known a few native Israelis and they have a distinct accent. I know the difference. Regardless it doesn't make me question Dr Brook's knowledge or leadership ability.
  5. Yaron Brook Delivers a Keynote Address

    Right now I would say Glenn Beck is the favored speaker at events for more principle-minded Republicans. Also I still think there is a split between the leadership and elected officials in the Republican Party, and the Rush Limbaugh and core-conservative Republicans. Depending on which group you might forward this video you will get possibly opposite responses. I do not think all of the elected Republicans really understand what the party needs to do now, or how to communicate it. I agree that Yaron Brook has the right message and the right attitude. I am a little nervous about his speech impediment which distracts from his excellent commentary. If he joked a little about the speech impediment when he first starts to speak, I think it would put the audience at ease and they could just ignore it for the rest of the speech. That is a recommended technique that people with a disability use when addressing an audience. When I first heard him speak I had already read his writing on ARI and heard admirable things about him. But when I heard him speak my first reaction was surprised that he did not have a great oratory voice, as someone who is accustomed to delivering an important message. He could say something like "Rush Limbaugh stole my speaking voice, but not my message". Then the audience would be all ears.
  6. Economic Dictatorship in US Begins

    Baz I agree with you 100% re: what you said about Obama. But I disagree with your sentiment that anybody in this forum might 'deserve' Obama. I don't think anybody capable of understanding and implementing even some of the Objectivist tenets deserves a president like Obama. Also remember that a majority of people in this forum said they would either support John McCain or vote against Obama in our regular polls last year. Dr Hurd had a column recently where he pointed out the fallacy of supporting Obama to spite religion - where he said that under Obama the only freedom left will be freedom to have an abortion. I think a majority of Objectivists understand well enough, we know it is time to try to reach and educate Republicans. That is my goal when I write now.
  7. When it comes to altering the entire U.S. economy into a socialist/marxist model the Democrats have an ally in Kant. When cornered on replacing free market businesses with government they have simply voided the use of the word "socialism". When Rush Limbaugh points out that the entire stimulus package is welfare, they can rename the newly created benefits "Not-welfare benefits" ('Renaming welfare' is actually being done in many state benefit offices). Every time a valid point is made the Dem's have countered by attacking the very idea of using words that have specific meaning. Is this not a Kantian defense? The other day my wife overheard a commentator saying that if Rush Limbaugh and President Obama were to debate, and Rush Limbaugh "somehow" won, then the only person it would serve to help would be Rush Limbaugh. So if Rush Limbaugh is correct that Obama is leading this country to ruin, and he wins the debate by crafting a good case that presents the facts, this only serves him because his words have no meaning in the real world that we live in.
  8. Thanks Arnold, Jason and everybody else. I'll keep those things in mind. :-)
  9. Michael Steele's comments about Rush Limbaugh show his fear of "extremists" in Rush's audience. His attempts to downplay Rush Limbaugh are aimed at consolidating the Republicans under a big tent, which he fears Rush will disrupt by playing to principles. In this case Rush Limbaugh is an excellent agent of uncovering the people in the Republican Party who have no real principles. I am glad I told Michael Steele's handlers that I couldn't find any valid reason to give money to the Republicans (because they have no principles) when I got his donation email. Some people think its time for the Republican Party to split. Maybe?
  10. I was talking to a co-worker today and they told me that they thought living in Australia would be no better than here because "Australia is socialist". That is not the first time I've heard that comment. How does that actually play out in everyday life in terms of taxes (hidden and otherwise), healthcare, and the ability to obtain a fair quality of goods and services? Is Australia really any more socialist than the United States is now?
  11. I wrote a quick blurb on my blog in response to several widely disseminated news articles regarding Obama's equating the U.S. and Japanese financial systems.
  12. When words have no meaning

    This whole thing is smoke and mirrors. The key thing is that those pushing for it have to keep the public convinced that it is required to get the economy moving. I see some public outcry but it might not be enough to stop it. Too many people believe what they hear on TV and have limited knowledge of economics.
  13. The New New Deal

    Not to sound melodramatic or paranoid, but I half expect some sort of Ellsworth Toohey to be behind this. Just think, if Barney Frank calls massive bailouts being "Pro-Capitalist" then when they fail can he then move on to more "Anti-Capitalist" measures ? How can Republicans justify themselves if they support the Auto Bailout? The failure of the auto bailout to rescue the industry will "prove" to the gullible that capitalism and Republicans are bad - paving the way to create bailouts aimed at putting money and jobs directly in the hands of 'working Joes'. If liberals are successful in tying the bailout failures to Republicans, they can move on to more powerful socialist measures like direct nationalization. The media is playing right into this.
  14. btw, They mis-spelled my name. But they posted my letter. Latino's would do well to remember the words of the late Senator Barry Goldwater when it comes to government "The government that is powerful enough to give you everything you want, has the power to take it all away." We've seen this happen with the government created mortgage mess....... Grundon Response to Prof Raul Yzaguirre's column
  15. Have these propaganda posters been creeping you out, too?

    Baz, It is pretty creepy, especially now that only a minority is expressing concern about Obama's easy slide. I ended up voting for McCain, not that it mattered. I expect Obama to have an easy victory, and likely 8 years. Possibly his vice president from the 2012 election could get at least 4 more. You can expect Joe Biden will be the scapegoat for Obama mistakes and dropped from the ticket in 2012. Then Obama will pick up someone like Jim Webb or Tim Kaine as his new co-government head. I don't see the Republicans as being able to regroup to mount much opposition for a while. Sorry to give such a dark prediction, but on the bright side Objectivist intellectuals might be in more demand for the next decade. They are probably the one's best positioned to help the public make sense of everything that is happening.