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  1. In Praise of the Hamburger

    My dad makes my favorite burger thus far. For one burger, he makes two somewhat flat patties. He then places really good bleu cheese on the center of one, then places the other patty on top and seals the ends together, shaping it into a burger as much as one can in light of the mound of bleu cheese in the middle. The end result is a burger so flavorful and moist that I think it can be eaten without condiments. However, I usually have a thick slice of tomato, and sometimes a little yellow mustard.
  2. D.C. Gun Ban Overturned

    Here's a link to where you can find the actual ruling. It's the first one on that page, Parker v. D.C. I imagine it will make for an interesting read. As for your editorial comment, Paul, there's also a possibility we'll get a roundabout upholding of the ruling. SCOTUS could simply deny certiorari. Although I'd imagine they would take this case, seeing as how there are so few decisions in the SCOTUS jurisprudence involving the Second Amendment, and it's a pretty fundamental issue. But then again, I don't how "clean" the facts are. Sometimes the Court will not grant cert despite a good issue because the facts of the case do not make it a good one to adjudicate. For example, if factual issues are unresolved, or if the case presents an issue they don't like with the justiciability doctrines (mootness, ripeness, standing, and so on).
  3. A Brilliant Little Internet Game

    Okay, I've made it to page thirteen so far, but I'm temporarily stumped. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.
  4. A Brilliant Little Internet Game

    I'd love to be fooled by the ads on 11, but I'm struggling to get there at the moment. What is up with page ten???? I don't actually want you to tell me. I just mean, man, that one's messing with my head.
  5. Supreme Court Throws Out Philip Morris Verdict

    I should add that the Court also stated that application of its new standard to this case "may lead to a new trial, or a change in the level of the punitive damages award." So what happens when the case gets back to Oregon is apparently uncertain.
  6. Supreme Court Throws Out Philip Morris Verdict

    The judgment is vacated and the case remanded back to Oregon for reconsideration in light of the new standard the Court enunciated. (See p.13 of the PDF.) Here's an unsolicited tip. (I hope I do not have an embarrassing discovery of its value to you. ) The future of a case, i.e. what happens next, is usually mentioned in the very last section of the controlling opinion.
  7. Muslim Surfer Girls Hit the Beaches

    Before PhilO's pictures, I was tempted to convert to Catholicism for those other ones.
  8. Muslim Surfer Girls Hit the Beaches

    Here's the American Puritanical-whatever equivalent: Wholesome Wear. Gosh, every time I read that site it kills me. A "stylish modest look." Hysterical.
  9. Regulatory overreach

    [Red Sox fanboy] This further demonstrates that the Yankees will go to any lengths to stop the Red Sox' ascent to greatness. [/Red Sox fanboy]
  10. "Don't drink and drive," said the Urinal.

    This reminds me of the funniest thing I've ever heard of being written in a bathroom stall. Someone wrote, "Jesus saves." Then right below it, someone else wrote, "He passes to Moses. Moses shoots HE SCORES!!!"
  11. I'm so glad you've enjoyed your contact with him. It's weird hearing my younger brother described as a "man" though. He is, but my mind is chock full of memories of us doing brother things growing up, like playing games or fighting. Anyway, I too hope many reply. Please remember to get your cards sent out by the 10th of this month. If you're late, still send it, there's just a good chance it may not arrive by his birthday of March 10th.
  12. Matt Stein, Esquire

    Just found out I passed the bar in Massachusetts. Three years of law school, followed by two months of living in a cave, aka studying for the bar, and I passed. I'm not officially a lawyer until I get sworn in in a few weeks, but that's a formality. I'm in, baby! Woot!
  13. Matt Stein, Esquire

    Sure, but it might not be forthcoming for a while. I'm still working on rock superstardom. As for lawyer jokes, here's my favorite, though it's not a joke in the traditional sense. As a gift, my friend received a book called "The Lawyer's Book of Ethics." What's the joke? All the pages are blank. Thanks for the congrats, people! As for work, I've interviewed for and have interest from a firm to do criminal defense and an insurance company to do claims adjusting.
  14. Federal Versus State Governments

    I don't know who would do a better job of protecting your rights, but leaving many things to the states gives you (1) easier ability to change it, and (2) the possibility that if you don't like how your state does something important to you, another state might do it right. With regard to the second point, you can still do this for federal things by leaving your country, but leaving your state is definitely easier. I'm not saying the federal government should have no power, however. I think it is very important that baselines in certain areas be established. For example, when the Supreme Court hands down a ruling pertaining to the Fourth Amendment, its rule is the federal constitutional minimum, which leaves it to the states to provide more protection under their own laws if they wish, but they can not provide less. Plus, some things, like treason, by their nature have to be federal. As an aside, I think the "modern" federal government wasn't really born until Wickard v. Filburn was decided and the Supreme Court basically gave Congress carte blanche under the Commerce Clause.
  15. My younger brother recently arrived in Iraq

    Thanks all for the kind words. Matt, thank you for that information. I haven't tried it yet, but plan to in the near future. I don't know what unit he's in. Elizabeth, I imagine he could read the board. If you really want to get in touch with him, I'd be happy to ask him if I can give you his e-mail address. Let me know if you'd like me to do this. He doesn't seem to get to e-mail that frequently, but I understand that he's trying to acquire a laptop so he doesn't have to rely on the public computers there.
  16. My younger brother is in the Army and recently arrived in Iraq. I'm sure it's weird enough for him as it is, it doesn't help that he works for the JAG, and thus is in the unenviable position of having to enforce military rules on his fellow soldiers. Anyway, in part because I'm curious in general, but mostly because I'm a little worried for the guy, I'm going to learn a little about his new home. He lives at FOB Iskan. Though it means something else to my fellow commercial law geeks, in military parlance "FOB" stands for "forward operating base." Here are links to a very short Wikipedia article and an article from the Dallas Morning News: The Dallas Morning News article refers to FOB Iskan as "relatively rugged" and added that it "surrounds a working power plant that burns crude oil. Dirty smoke floats across the base, and pools of spilled crude form black, reeking ponds. 'Our own little Love Canal,' [Lt. Col. Pat Donahoe] said." One soldier blogs that the base is on the south end of the "triangle of death," though he adds that he's told that "t's not as bad as it used to be here." It was written in August. Hopefully the situation has improved. A report for the Air Force Times states in March that FOB Iskan "can only be described as an industrial hazmat nightmare." Thankfully, the author added that "I need to point out that improvements are on the way . . . ." The article was written in March, so I hope those improvements came, but it does not paint a rosy picture. In fact, it paints a disgusting picture, like a Jackson Pollock. According to a forum, back in February soldiers found roadside bombs and weapons caches. Here's a story in April about a couple soldiers from this base who died from a roadside bomb: The above article also adds that the base is along the Sunni-Shiite fault line. Great. I'm done searching this stuff for now. Not a great outlook so far, but Aaron doesn't think it's too bad. Aaron, don't die you little punk. If anyone stumbles across any more recent information about Iskan, I invite you to post it here. (Stephen, please accept my apologies if this is the wrong subforum. I narrowed it down to this or the relationships subforum and this one seemed to make more sense.)
  17. A Few Good Men (1992)

    After watching it tonight for the umpteenth time, I'd like to throw A Few Good Men into the fold. I plan to write a thorough review some time in the next few days. Thanks Stephen!
  18. Lying to get off of mailing lists

    Did you ever submit such messages to the police? I think I would have loved to see the looks on their faces when you brought in a gift-wrapped confession.
  19. That's hysterical. And on a serious note, how wonderful to live in a place where you won't get shot or hung for shooting a certain book.
  20. How bad is soft drink?

    As for soft drinks, I drink them sometimes, perhaps 2-4 per week. Now when I find myself wanting a flavored beverage (I often want water), I usually get an unsweetened iced tea in lieu of a diet cola. I've found that the soda habit is a pretty easy one to break considering the vast amount of substitutes.
  21. How bad is soft drink?

    "This has been widely reported in many authoritative sources." I wonder what they are, and why, if it so widely reported, they were not cited.
  22. First appellate victory!

    Back in April, the Public Defender hired me to write a brief appealing a juvenile conviction for damaging a restroom. I was assigned the appeal because it wasn't considered to have a good chance of success, and thus it would be a good opportunity to give me practice at writing appeal briefs. Well, I found out today that the Nebraska Court of Appeals agreed with me and reversed the conviction. I haven't read the opinion yet, but I'm told that the Court quoted some parts of my brief. I don't know whether this juvenile committed the crime or not. We've never met, and I wasn't told anything. I just wrote the brief. Furthermore, if I did know, I don't think it would be appropriate for me to say (and it might also be prohibited by the rules of professional conduct). However, I think that, regardless of this juvenile's guilt or innocence, there is cause for celebration because my sole argument on appeal was that the evidence was insufficient to support the conviction. I think it is important to make sure that the government proves its cases beyond a reasonable doubt, and that when it has not done so, convictions must be overturned. So I'm not a lawyer yet, but I've already got an appellate victory under my belt. Boo-ya.
  23. Improved personal hygiene

    Don't get the wrong impression. I take showers already. I have a friend who used to work for Clinique. She's very skilled at personal maintenance and beautification. A couple weeks ago, she offered to give me a mild makeover, culturally appropriate for a man, and I accepted. By "culturally appropriate," I mean there was no face painting or anything, it was just some cleanup. For as long as I can remember, I have bitten my nails regularly. She cleaned up the cuticles, filed, buffed, and all that, and showed me how to keep it up. I have done so, and have only occasionally bitten my nails. They still look tidy and shiny, not jagged and dull as before. She also plucked my eyebrows and taught me how to keep it up. I've kept up on that, too. And the improved daily facial care (I now use a clarifying lotion and moisturizer). Let me tell you, men, it feels great and healthy to pay attention to the very small things like nails, skin, and eyebrows. Ladies, if you have tips for easy, masculine hygiene, please share them! If you can get all dolled up, we can spend just a few minutes a day having better skin and cleaner nails. Some men are listening!
  24. Happy Birthday to DanReeves

    I chuckled for a second when I first saw this thread. I thought, "Why is Stephen wishing happy birthday to a former NFL football coach?" Then I realized I was a goof.
  25. Improved personal hygiene

    Agreed. This makes me wonder if my memory is faulty in this instance, that is, whether I am remembering the wrong mineral.