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  1. His Dark Materials

    This series is often said to be anti-faith, but it contains many mystical elements and reliance on faith rather than reason for solving problems. I think the book is more anti-authority and individualist than it is an attack on faith. I enjoyed the book despite its flaws, as I enjoy many fantasy novels. The ending, however, was particularly disturbing. The main characters, Lyra and Will, were forced to sacrifice their lives to continuous scientific study for the good of the world rather than live together happily. Openings between parallel universes and thus knowledge of the different universes was a drain on all of what was good in the world, "Dust." I think this really contradicted the rebellion against the Garden of Eden and forbidden fruit and knowledge that Lyra and Will led. I would have written an ending in which Lyra and Will could live together selfishly while continuing to increase knowledge for their own benefit. Openings to parallel universes and knowledge of them would not cause Dust to drain from the world.