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  1. Ode to Joy: 4th movement of Ninth Symphony

    Just as I dislike it when classical stations play a single movement from a multi-movement piece I dislike the idea of rating a single movement from a multi-movement I won't give it a numerical rating. What I will say is: 1. Beethoven is my favorite composer (and arguably the greatest of all time with J.S. Bach and Mozart as the only other 2 who can be included in that argument). 2. I love Beethoven's Ninth...with the fourth movement being my LEAST favorite (although I lke it very much).
  2. Opera: it all starts here

    The opening few minutes from "L'Orfeo" (1607) which is considered the first opera. The composer is Claudio Monterverdi, a giant in the history of Western art music.
  3. Root beer

    Sounds dee-lish. I found this link and although it is not the same company you mentioned I think I will be ordering:
  4. Root beer

    Any other root beer lovers out there? It is my favorite carbonated beverage, my current favorite brand being Stewart's: smooth, creamy, not too "sassafrassy" and not too sweet. Other good ones are: Thoman Kemper and Henry Weinhard. My all-time favorite, though, was the A & W root beer served at their stands in the frosted mug. Their bottled/canned stuff is nowhere nearly as good.
  5. In Praise of the Hamburger

    I prefer a char-broiled burger to flat-grilled so I prefer Fatburger to In-N-Out. (Actually you can have your burger cooked either way at Fatburger which gives it another couple of points.) I enjoy In-N-Out very much I think it is a tad over-rated. There is a chain here in the Ventura County area name "The Habit". Excellent char-broiled burgers among other tasty stuff on the menu. Fast food done about a well as it can be done. I like McD's 1/4 pounders...haven't had one in a long time though. My first choice for burgers, however, are any of a number of "one-of-a-kind", non-chain burger joints that can be found around the greater Los Angeles area.
  6. Greetings All: Here are the most incredible 3 + minutes from Handel's Messiah: Enjoy!