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  1. US History

    Yes, you are right. This way I will learn the most. I have read the books by Gwen Bristow "This Side Of Glory" and its done the way you told me I should read it. I would recommend to book to anyone. It describes the South of the US during Colonialism, then during the Civil War and after that during the First World War.
  2. US History

    Thanks to everybody who suggested books for me to read on the topic of American History. To clarify my cause of requesting such in information, I am not a student of History nor am I intending to study History at any higher institution in the future. I wanted, for myself, to know more about the History of the US. Given several titles, I will order them and read them. If anybody still has any further suggestions, he/she is more than welcome to note them.
  3. US History

    Well, the level should be high. But I take you suggestion into account. An introductionary piece is always good!
  4. US History

    Basically I would like to have an in-depth knowledge of the US History, first because of me: I love History and I know way to little about the US History and second because I want to gain some "ammunition" against US bashing!!!!
  5. US History

    - The Founding years. In regard of this, also the settlement years and joining of states to the US. - The War of Independence. - The Mexican-American War. - The American Civil War. Anything really up to the First World War.
  6. US History

    I am very interested in reading about the History of the US. Could anyone give me suggestions for books about US History?!
  7. Dear Mr. Bernstein, I am currently reading "We the living". In the book, Kiras family is described as being Russian-Orthodoxe. This can be especially seen from Lydias side. What I do not understand is that Ayn Rand was born Jewish, so why didnt she describe the family of Kira as being Jewish? Could the answer be that Ayn Rand wanted to get to as many people as possible and therefore choose the biggest religion in Russia? I know it is a fictional book, but she even says, in the foreward, that the story is partly her story in Russia and characters can be taken from her family. Furthermore I would like to say, that the Forum should have a topic of the discussion of Ayn Rands books. Best regards, David
  8. British Railroads

    I agree with what you are saying. But I think that it is always good to know specific cases which come up in discussions between people. By looking at history and past cases, we can see what went wrong, tell them our view and make them aware of the truth. I actually also want to put in some more stuff I found out about the Rail Roads: The government gives out the liscening of the Carriage carriers, so this also means the government can take it away. There are health and safety regualtions, which are binding and also regualtions regarding locomotives, carriages... So, this is really not a privatised sector of the industry!
  9. British Railroads

    I have to say, that the topic of privatisation of the Rail Roads in Britain is always an interesting one and as you righly pointed out, people are not really aware of the true nature of this privatisation. As far as I am concerned, the British Rail, back in the days, when they were still state owned, were much worse than now. Now, at least you have new and decent carriages to travel in, that is only the Rail Road, not the Tube system in London. You also righly pointed out that the privatistion can be compared to the scenario described in Atlas Shrugged! So, the prices are also determined by the government. People working for the Rail Roads, the ones who handle out your ticket, they still work for the government. Another interesting point of this "privatisation" would be the fact, that the Rail track is still in states hands. And that is the most important point here, because as your friend argued that there was much of a chaos after the privatisation regarding delays and accidents. That was because the tracks have never been repaired and after all these years, they got faulty. And there, the state didnt act accordingly and hence all the delays and accidents. Basically, the British Rail roads are not privatised! The carriage carriers company, yes, but the rest, no!