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  1. Vacation Cabin for Rent

    Hi everybody, I was able to hack back into my old profile! So I guess I'll use the old one again. Yes, I do have a lot of pictures of our view lot, although they were taken on a hazy, overcast day, so you can't see the long-range mountain view. If you're already a friend of mine on Myspace <>, you can see one picture there. Or I could email them to anybody interested. We did pick our cabin style. It's going to be beautiful, much more beautiful than the house we live in. My other properties so far are in TX, CO, and TN. Working on one in UT and one in CA. Rosalind
  2. Intro

    I'm from Toronto, Canada. I've been in SoCal for six years now.
  3. Intro

    Hi everybody, My name is Rosalind. I live in SoCal with my O'ist husband and two kids (future O'ists?). I discovered O'ism in high school, so I've been at it for a while. I'm up for my US citizenship in a few weeks, so I'm studying for the test. Have any of you been through it? From my research, it appears that they can only ask questions from a pre-set list of 100...insanely easy, if this is true. Looking forward to getting to know all of you better! Rosalind
  4. Just wondering whether you are planning to have each new member post an introduction about him/herself, as is common in cyberspace.