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  1. I'm new to the RSS feed thing

    Here are all my google reader RSS feeds. 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  2. Hm, that sounds like it would be interesting. I observed the Toohey correlation by comparing tricks he performed on characters to tricks Rand performed on the reader.
  3. Joe Stack's IRS Suicide

    I believe irrationality and insecurity ripple much faster and effectively than rationality and confidence. I have found the slow and mild approach to be ineffective.
  4. Joe Stack's IRS Suicide

    The IRS is a violent organization. This may be easy to forget but it is true nonetheless. They incarcerate and have an army of 2,700 armed agents. To pretend that it is the "non-violents" versus a "violent" is silly. The threat of violence is core to what makes the IRS work.
  5. Joe Stack's IRS Suicide

    If you haven't heard, Joe Stack flew his plane into an IRS building. You can read about the details of the crash here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Austin_plane_crash His suicide note was up on his website. The FBI had it taken down but you can read the letter here: http://www.webcitation.org/5ndnnvvrP Here is the end of the letter:
  6. Happy Birthday to Dusty Dettmer

    Aw thanks.
  7. As the novel progressed through various characters you begin to see different attributes of Rand expressed in various ways. Rand herself understands the characters too well, it is clear to me that she has parts of each inside her. Including Toohey and in fact maybe especially Toohey. Watching the one TV interview of her I could find it was clear she was a master of twisting a conversation to whatever her goals might be. Other characters are pieces of her that are more wholesome. She tries to take different aspects of herself and approach to life and place them inside a character. I believe John Galt was the only character that did not exist inside as a piece of her. She decided his approach was the correct one through rational thought and not natural occurrence in her personality. Maybe a part of her wished that she was as pure as him. On this I can only speculate, however the larger belief is that he is not a natural manifestation but a desired one. I think Rand realized that the capitalist and freedom ideals are never 100% economic arguments. After all, an ant colony is a very effective structure. So were the egyptian "gods" building their pyramids. Just look at her main signature: That's just about impossible to disagree with, eh?
  8. Ain't Fascism Fun?

    I definitely got the same feeling. It still creeped me out though.
  9. "I Hope You Dance"

    Heh, awesome. I love the singing and music but have to turn it off when the 'small by the ocean' line starts. I feel like it could be an awesome song if they got rid of the sacrificial crap
  10. A top-notch web host

    I have been burned by half a dozen hosting companies. I have a few tricks I know now. Befriend a porn guy (seriously). They know how to do cheap, scalable sites Google the name of the company and the word "sucks". So if you were researching Xyz hosting, you would google "Xyz sucks". The number of results is how much you should <i>not</i> use them. Fluid Hosting is a smaller company that does an amazing job. They're a bit pricey so you have to wait for a good sale to lock in a decent rate. http://www.fluidhosting.com/ Get a VPS (Virtual Private Server). If you're at all serious about your website (but want to stay low budget) there are many advantages to this. The most obvious is control -- you get root access to your "virtual" server. http://www.fluidhosting.com/vps/ Amazon is redefining scaling. Imagine making your site once and having it scale to any size? Too good to be true? Well Amazon is doing it with their (albeit oddly named) EC2 Cloud Google is doing the same thing but rumor is their uptime is bad. Compare the two and pick the one you want Google App Engine
  11. I know who is John Galt

    It's exciting to read such a great success story I'd say it is also difficult (albeit not as much) to socialize with Americans. Socialism has been making a very long bull run and doesn't look like it's turning around anytime soon. I recently tried to explain the perils of modern unions to some extended family members and was outcast faster than you can spell Mississippi I have been building up fuel though -- there is a certain way you must present things to make reality a part of the conversation. It is not a particularly easy task. A lot of good fuel for my lately is coming from this book: http://fee.org/library/books/economics-in-one-lesson/ Now I believe I have an approach people will hear and understand. If I start with a question like "What if everyone was unionized?" then lead into the lost profits of business people, then lead into investor shareholders not getting a return, then lead into how those shareholders will invest in more profitable business ventures, then explain how the business will start eroding due to lack of funding (from shareholders) to repair equipment and how this will lead to collapse of the business itself. I might offer the person a compromise they could latch on to (since their opinions would be quite unstable at this point) saying that the more successful a union is the more it will destroy the business and it's jobs. .. anyway I'm falling off the subject. Congrats! It's nice living without the guilt all the time isn't it? Have a beer on me
  12. Two logical puzzles

    I don't get what it's got to do with being smart.
  13. Tell her she's right, fundamentally teachers are different and unrelated to the food in the world. Since we need food we should avoid their treachery. Now careful taking my advice, a D was the best I've gotten in English class.
  14. A Concept I Found in Atlas Shrugged

    Do fill me in on those. My god-sister works in CPS. I think if I had to have someone taking away children from their parents it would be her. Or at least she works for 'social services' and I think it's the same thing. She has to take away kids sometimes. The bad stories I hear are the same with any bureaucratic institution. People advancing because of politics more than anything else. It can sometimes attract people with emotional problems. Apparently it also breaks down peoples sympathy due to all the incredibly depressing situations they're in until they stop caring.
  15. Optical Illusion

    It's because we're scanning, not actually looking. Our brains have optimized how to look at stuff and get just enough information to move on and no more. When my eyes hit the image I look at a few of the corners, glance at the texture of the thing and move on. I think a lot of these illusions tie into what automatic algorithms our brains have already. 'Hardcoded' by our genes and not available to be learned or forgotten.