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  1. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    This is a serious blow, but the world didn't end tonight. On the bright side, and I don't mean this sarcastically, the economy will probably be an unmitigated disaster by the time The Anointed One's term ends. That could be ripe for a rightwing revolution in the polls.
  2. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    If you want rapid updates on what's happening tonight, check out Ace of Spades live blogging:
  3. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    On another refreshing random note, fortunately not all blacks are Obama drones: I'll vote for her!
  4. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    On a random positive note:
  5. That's awesome! Sounds like a lot of fun!
  6. Happy Birthday to B. Royce

    Happy Birthday!
  7. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    You cannot say it that way as a means of obliterating distinctions. We don't have socialized healthcare, and had a good enough history of a free market system for long enough to build the most powerful economy on the planet, by which we fund the most dominant military force on the planet. If we advance further into socialism as Obama wants us to it will decimate our economy and eventually leave our military defanged. Without us, who will keep the world going? Who will march into caves in Afghanistan looking for terrorists? France?
  8. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    Tell that to people working in the oil and gas industry. Tell that to business owners who are about to get shocked by taxmageddon in January. Tell that to the families of the slain in Benghazi after Obama's pathetic toothless response. For the people paying attention there is plenty to distinguish between. Just because the GOP advocates a mixed economy it does not obliterate the many and deadly crucial differences between the GOP and the socialist left. Obama's vision of America is an unmitigated socialist country, with punitive taxes and redristibutionist schemes that would make the current tax and welfare system look harmless in comparison. His vision of America is bailing out GM to buy out union votes, then funneling taxpayer dollars into failed politically motivated "green" cars. His vision of foreign relations is America being just another craven and impotent EU nation. There are plenty of differences for those who can see them.
  9. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    If you think that Obama's damage can be easily "rolled back" then you aren't paying attention. How many countries, once they've socialized healthcare, ever undo that? How easy is it to roll back the EPA? The growth of the government and expansion of its powers is effectively a ratchet that only goes one way. There is a point of no return.
  10. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    Did all the dead victims of the Nazis and the Stalinists "come back"? For those who lived but lost years of happiness and peace, can they have those years back? Civilization can always eventually recover from collapse, given enough time; but this fact is hardly comfort for those on whom civilization collapses. What is ludicrous is the abstract comfort you are trying to offer by saying that a new and better America may, 100 years from now, figuratively rise from the ashes of my and our families' homes. Recovery happens well in the future beyond our lifespans, and cannot undo the destruction and misery that happens to us now.Go vote based on immigration and waste your life if you want; I'm sure as hell not going to.
  11. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    Why, when America is approaching fiscal destruction, when we are approaching a critical crossroads where we may forever become a European style socialist country with nationalized healthcare and insurance systems, should anyone in their right mind care about immigration or hypothetical religious-right scaremongering for this election? We are facing a problem so serious that if left uncontested the consequences will be so dire as to render immaterial any concerns about immigration policy or mystic threats of the religious-right. This is like the Siege of Gondor in LOTR: if you can't defeat that foe then you won't need to worry about any others because you will be dead. Who will bother to care about immigration or gay-marriage when their country is a wasteland with civil war or statism?
  12. Even Sandy concedes to union power

    Apparently Bloomberg wants the NY marathon to proceed as planned, which is not pleasing many people:
  13. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    Apparently a lot of Obama voters are defecting to Romney:
  14. FINAL Presidential Poll for 2012

    It's already started. Some GOP people in Wisconsin got seriously beaten up by Obama thugs. One of the victims was even a senator's son, who was confronting people for tearing up his Romney/Ryan signs.
  15. Objectivist Dropouts

    No, just understandably mistaken.
  16. And usually when it is said someone should acquire humility or modesty, what is really meant is they should lose arrogance. It's unfortunate that some words are almost permanently ruined when in certain contexts they can mean something good, as we lose precision in language...
  17. Do you consume media with a bad editorial stance?

    Exactly, which is why many conservative blogs provide "safe links" when talking about whatever the latest insanity of the day is from the New York Times, MSNBC, etc. On a similar note, I refuse to visit the site Little Green Footballs now that Charles Johnson has gone full moonbat.
  18. CIA denied help in Benghazi

    Watch the video: Obama won't, can't, and will not give a straight answer.
  19. CIA denied help in Benghazi

    Supposedly a soldier on the ground was "painting" targets so a gunship could hit them, and he was given no air support. Probably orders "from high" told the air support to stand down. It's sad, but it sounds like people were left to die, and no one will explain why.
  20. Happy Birthday to realitycheck44

    Happy Birthday!
  21. What did you think of the third Presidential debate?

    When virtually all polls now have Romney slightly above Obama, even polls commonly derided as being partisan leftist shills, that means something. It's not just statistical noise.
  22. What did you think of the third Presidential debate?
  23. Happy Birthday to Mac

    Happy Birthday!