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  1. Happy Birthday to Cbaoth

    Thank you
  2. Penn & Teller - Bullsh*t

    For reference Ayn Rand received a direct mention in the latest episode of Penn and Teller: BS The episode is about anger management, Penn is making references to people who's anger has produced inspiration. The direct quote is: "Ayn Rand was enraged by Communists and people who tried to tear down heroes, so she wrote Atlas Shrugged."
  3. Happy Birthday to Cbaoth

    Thanks for having me Stephen This truely is a quality forum.
  4. Acura NSX

    Lovely looking car, they can be scary at the hands of a non skilled driver though... On second thoughts I guess that goes for most cars!
  5. Lapses in the process of self-improvement

    Thanks Stephen.
  6. Hi All, I have been pondering something lately that I am seeking clarification on. Supposedly a very large portion of the population has a huge fear of public speaking. The answers as to why usually lie in the fact that people fear embarassment in front of there peers. To me this seems to be a trait of second handedness, ie. People place their self esteem in the hands of others, so when spotlighted the chance of rejection is much higher and so their second hand self esteem may be reduced. Is the above correct or am I incorrectly interpreting the nature of a second hander? - David
  7. Lapses in the process of self-improvement

    Stephen, Could you recommend any reading material that focuses on uprooting and removing irrational subconscious beliefs that lead to the strong emotional responses you mention above?
  8. Clarification on Second-Handedness

    Burgess, In answer to Problem 1 as to why this is important to me: This issue is not one of a personal nature, rather I was looking for practical examples of second handers after reading the quotes in The Ayn Rand Lexicon on this issue. Like you said, a case by case review would be needed to really determine why public speaking is such a common fear. So in summary to Problem 1, I am trying to better understand and educate myself on one of the concepts in The Ayn Rand Lexicon. As to Problem 2, There could definately be valid objective reasons for fearing embarassment. Maybe you are giving a presentation that could seal a business deal and you fear making a fool of yourself could effect this deal. In this case it would be incorrect to make the assumption that the person is displaying second hander traits.
  9. Clarification on Second-Handedness

    Hi Paul, I definately agree with you that public speaking is a skill that can be trained. I was more looking at why the fear of public speaking regularly ranks as the number one fear in many surveys. The reason usually offered is that people are scared of making fools of themselves in front of others. I think I may be on the wrong track with my assumptions hence why I posted this question, I have re-read the section Burgess hilighted quite a few times now and would like to relate this to a practical example as above.
  10. The Secular Web

    I liked this passage: "Three dead young American soldiers were silhouetted by the moon's reflections inside our outpost bunker. The radio man sputtered, "Oh, Lord! Lord! Help us!" My response to him was to stop praying. I exclaimed, "To hell with God! You help us! You radio back for mortar and artillery fire support!" Fortunately, he regained his composure and radioed the forward observers for fire support to be directed at our map coordinates. Common sense dictated that staying alive was more important than wasting precious time praying. Consequently, he save our lives."
  11. Hi, I find myself working longer and longer hours lately, I am doing something I really enjoy (computer programming) but have found I have lost energy to do much else, my life consists of breakfast, work, dinner, sleep and repeat that process. Just wondering if I could solicit some advice from members here who have been in similar positions? - David
  12. Burgess: To refuel I like to play guitar and piano and listen to music. I play Golf on weekends and some hobbyist out of work programming is also on the list. I'm not much of a socializer and find that more draining that uplifting. As far as diet goes, I eat a reasonable amount of meat, but it is usually accomponied by a fair portion of vegetables. I try to stay away from too many simple carbs. Ray: I am very interested in hearing more on exercise and energy.
  13. Wow so many good replies, thank you all, Ray: I have a long drive to and from work, so add that onto the high level of mental focus I need for programming and I guess that would account for a large chunk of my energy being drawn into these tasks. Stephen: I have been in some form of employment for 10 years, this is my first really mentally taxing job. I am given a fair degree of freedom in the job, this allows me to put all my powers into finding great solutions to difficult problems and I really love being able to do that, hence the desire to put more time and effort into this job. As for my job being an avoidance mechanism for other areas in my life that may be lacking, I would say at the moment that while my living situation outside of work is not ideal (a situation I may not be able to move away from for 6 months or so), I don't use work as some sort of escape from this reality. KMorrill: That book looks very interesting, I will definately look at purchasing it. Oliver: Being in Western Australia my opportunities are more limited for attending conferences as you mentioned (most of them go to the East, few are held here). Tommy: Thanks for link, I love music and it is one area I like to re-charge my batteries so to speak.. Joss: Financially I am not being rewarded as well as I could be, but the experience I am gaining is more than enough reward. Jay/stella: I like to lift weights, but they are usually short sharp sessions twice a week, I will look into more everyday type exercise I can engage in. Sarah/Alex: I try to keep my caffeine levels down, I have a coffee or two per day. I have found some negative side-effects when taking elevated levels of caffeine. Burgess: Why the longer hours? I guess the main reason would be, as I have gained more confidence in my abilities in this job, I see more opportunities for me to have a positive impact on the organization I work for. With more opportunities come more work. My highest personal values? I would say productive work and personal development. Charles: I am generally out like a light as soon as my head hits the pillow and I don't wake very often during the night.
  14. Notes from the Russian front

    Thankyou for the information Stephen and Paul, very interesting, not to mention inspiring.
  15. CLK 55 AMG

    Beautiful car Ray. Do you mainly prefer bigger v8 naturally aspirated style cars? I have always had a fondness for many of the nimble turbocharged Japanese cars (think Mitsubishi Evolution)..
  16. Travel suggestions for Australia

    drm: I have seen 2 snakes, 0 crocodiles and 0 toxic fish in my 24 years in Australia Then again I am more of of a city person
  17. Travel suggestions for Australia

    I have lived in Perth all my life and could not recommend a nicer place to spend some time. Only problem at the moment is that we are getting 100F temperatures! If you like the City area, there are some nice places to stay (Burswood Casino comes to mind), plenty of beaches and restaurants close by.
  18. Wikipedia

    I have found it quite useful for computer related matters. Specifically lower level concepts.
  19. First Ayn Rand Encounters

    Nothing too interesting about my introduction to Ayn Rand. I just saw Atlas Shrugged mentioned many times in other forums under the top of "inspirational books". I decided to pickup a copy and have never looked back. Finally someone was espousing the values that had been brewing inside of me for so long!
  20. Objectivist Holidays

    hehe quite true
  21. Objectivist Holidays

    I am getting to like Xmas more and more, I am surrounded by people who are quite cynical about, not sure why.
  22. Dreams are so weird

    Speaking of sleep and vikings, anyone remember Ralph Wiggum on The Simpsons? "Oh boy, sleep!....thats where Im a Viking!"
  23. I can't believe it. I just saw the above TV program is going to be aired about a place I work at. Now while I wish they were praising our productivity and market domination. It is instead going to be an attack on the company based on lies and deliberate attempts to de-rail the company. While this show will be based on an Australian Alcoa refinery, I am sure all the Americans here are familiar with Alcoa World Alumina. We have tested and tested to make sure emission levels are within safe levels, everytime the governments environmental department says jump, the company has to say "how high?" or lose there operating license. The funny thing is that alot of the killer plumes mentioned above are nothing more than harmless condensate. We already have information that the TV station has chosen not to air many of the interviews taken from people who support the refinery and its upcoming upgrade. This just makes me so annoyed, I had to vent! I am sure there are people here who have felt these frustrations before.
  24. Apple

    Am I enjoying it? You bet! Only problem being is that it is so sleek I cant stop messing with it and looking at it while playing music hehe. For such a small screen the LCD is amazingly sharp and good looking. And what about the marketing guts it takes to supersede one of your best selling products while it is still a very good seller. I am betting the Nano's will run out the door between now and the holiday season.
  25. Apple

    I bought the new iPod nano the other day. Truely a feat of engineering.