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  1. Objectivity

    Philosophers bounce off me. By and large I have relegated them to my background noise.
  2. Busy, busy, busy.
  3. Objectivity

    Neither can the philosophers. Three thousand years and they are still running around in circles. Not a good track record. ruveyn
  4. Objectivity

    I have studied the scans carefully. It doesn't show up. So either my mind is immaterial/non-physical or it does not exist. Fortunately I have a brain that serves me well. I can't miss what I either never had or could not find. ruveyn
  5. Objectivity

    Could you explain that? TIA.
  6. Objectivity

    I have taken "objectivist" (in the generic sense) to mean one who is more attached to facts and strict logic than to emotional crapdoodle, introspection, naval gazing and wishful thinking. Am I off by much? ruveyn
  7. Rediscovering the Pencil

    Hayzoos Marimba!!!!! Those drawings are dazzling. ruveyn
  8. A Boy and his Atom. Nano-storage.

    Have a look at this: The technology is mind blowing. ruveyn
  9. Beautiful Women and Men

    Oh gracious. Once again - Lust!
  10. Top Five Most Beautiful Cars

    Right. The engine and tires will be the heaviest parts.
  11. Top Five Most Beautiful Cars

    I should think that the Ultimate Strong Auto would be made of carbon fiber material which is stronger than steel and much lighter. With the right weave carbon fiber material, especially nano-filament would have both tensile and compressive strength. Imagine a car of only a few hundred pounds exceeding the string of a ton of steel! the mind boggles.
  12. Top Five Most Beautiful Cars

    Apparently chasis strength and power to weight ratio are not your primary concern. De gustabus non disputandem est. (Latin for there is no point arguing about matters of taste). ruveyn
  13. Marathon Bombing

    He finally did use the T word but it was not preceded by the I word or the J word.
  14. Once again, Pat Condell tells the truth.

    And again! The man is brilliant! ruveyn
  15. Once again, Pat Condell tells the truth.

    And yet again! Condell tags the E.U. for what it is. A proto fascist abomination. Damn! That man is brilliant! ruveyn