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  1. The Forgotten Man

    The film My Man Godfrey (1936), a fine romantic-comedy-drama with William Powell and Carole Lombard, is explicitly devoted to the theme of the Forgotten Man.
  2. The other book: Ayn Rand and the World She Made

    Thank you, Betsy!
  3. The other book: Ayn Rand and the World She Made

    Betsy, I see that you are listed in the Acknowledgments for Ayn Rand and the World She Made. May I ask if this was for anything specific, or for bibliographical guidance, or perhaps for browsing the Forum?
  4. The Theory of Elementary Waves

    Dean, This wave theory discussion reminds me of when we were in Junior High and High School, and had long discussions on a host of topics exciting to us. Remember how we sometimes stood talking on a street corner for a half-hour or hour before we continued walking our separate ways home? I recall the increasing multiplication of "elementary" particles in those days, how in each new school year we seemed to learn that more of them had been discovered. And I distinctly remember thinking, finally, that if I went down to the beach and began differentiating the waves by their various shapes, I'd soon have discovered a lot of "elementary" shapes -- but they wouldn't be "elementary particles" of ocean, even if I assigned all the shapes classical or fanciful names. I'm very glad to see that the existing paradigms are not hewn from adamant. You are doing fine work clarifying these elusiive concepts.
  5. My Salsa show

    Betsy: I've added a link to your essay from the Waltz Resources page at the San Diego Viennese Waltz Club. Something to think about between dances --
  6. Vera Lynn

    A fine anecdote. She has a wonderfully warm voice, and surely refreshes and renews the hope of love and home and peace for those far away from all of them.
  7. What is it about Atlantis?

    Thanks for giving a link to a Troynovant review! Apropos the ever-fascinating topics of Heinlein and Utopia, among recent additions at Troynovant is a sub-contents page pointing to our reviews of Heinlein novels and stories, as well as to other items such as my essay "Heinlein's Missed Bestsellers". Also, one of the "Strata" sub-contents pages is for "Utopias at Troynovant: Utopia in Power, or Dystopia". There are a couple of neat illustrations (if I may say so myself) from the Soviet era: click to enlarge.
  8. The Solar System is Not Round

    As has been pointed out, I'm not the source of the bit.What I have in mind concerning dangerous extra-Solar space applies not only to active crew (whether sub-light or hypothetical supra-light speeds); but to cold-sleep crew (see A. E. van Vogt's "Far Centaurus", Astounding Jan 1944); robot probes of the kind now trending outside the Solar System; and fancier robot probes to come. And dangerous not only deters volunteer crew, it deters those asked to pay and vote for paying for all kinds of missions. An exception would be Heinlein's "Long Range Foundation".
  9. The Solar System is Not Round

    Interesting! In recent decades, the simpler assumption of interstellar "empty vacuum" has been populated increasingly by dark matter, far-orbiting comets, dust, and so on. "Interstellar turbulence" suggests that venturing beyond the Solar System may be more exciting and dangerous than we had thought.