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  1. The moral status of the typical average man

    But most people do aquire some knowledge of politics and philosophy and do recognize that it's of some importance. However studying the subject does not always lead in the right direction - thinking does not always lead to the right answers. People can make all sorts of mistakes and fall into all sorts of traps along the way(the cultural climate is not exactly making things easier here), and many people are unaware of their ignorance.
  2. I just found this version of Rachmaninov's Vocalise on youtube and i've never heard it played quite like this before... it really got me, it's so beautiful(and I mean everything; how it's played, the girl, the sound of the piano...). Perhaps someone here knows more about this? Anyway, hope you enjoy:
  3. Rachmaninov's Vocalise

    Thanks Vespasiano! I found this video of Zoltan Kocsis playing Vocalise: I don't know much about piano playing but I like this very much. It also seems with his playing that it's easier to follow the melody and the notes are clearer and easier to pick up. However I also like how the girls playing strikes me as more feminine, in that it's softer and more delicate. My favourite part though is when it builds up to that lovely flow of notes. I suppose this is part of Kocsis arrangement? Seems very fitting and reminded me of parts from the trio elegiaque. I looked at the youtube user profile and the girls name is Daria Rabotkina. She's got a website here: Speaking of the Vocalise... i'm sure you have heard this but it's certainly worth mentioning this incredible version sung by Anna Moffo:
  4. Drawings

    I really like the portrait of your father. Looks like you captured him really well.
  5. Was it something like this? I think that's interesting, because I believe it was the dark and brooding bad boy look that made Marlon Brando a sex icon among women: Personally I very much admire the classic, suave, gentleman. I think there's something refined yet distinctly masculine about it. Gary Cooper is someone I admire for that http://aesthetictraditionalist.files.wordp...per-6231378.jpg
  6. A problem dealing with people who act nice

    Is this like the game I sometimes play with my friends, where you look at each other and frown, and the first one to look away and start laughing looses?
  7. A problem dealing with people who act nice

    I don't think disintegration is the right way to go, one should rather integrate the new ideas. This can be very difficult to do with abstract concepts because to do so one cannot just do so by accepting the logic behind them, to fully integrate the idea one needs to fully understand how it relates to reality in a both abstract and concrete way. That "BAM!" can only come when you find the last pieces to the "puzzle", the other pieces being what you have gathered so far through your experience, and suddenly the whole picture becomes clear. Many times though we can see the validity of the idea but there are many pieces missing to get the full picture. That's why it's sometimes so difficult and takes such a long time to correct ones thinking and integrating it to ones life.
  8. A problem dealing with people who act nice

    I wasnt arguing that either, but I do disagree with you here. Why should it never warrant a large positive emotion, creating a large smile? What if the person simply just likes what he/she sees?
  9. Facebook advice?

    I think that according to the general etiquette it's a bit rude to ignore the requests. On the other hand, most people are probably just sending requests because they are a bit curious about what you are doing these days, and some may just be out to win the Facebook popularity contest - where the one with the most "friends" wins. I can't imagine anyone taking it too badly if you ignore them. Personally I just confirm most of the requests I get(not that I get many of them though ), I just take it very lightly and don't see why not. I don't regard it as a list over my best and closest friends, and I have never been bothered by anyone so...
  10. A problem dealing with people who act nice

    Not at all, and I don't think those cases are exceptional. I'm arguing that we can know, but to know we must look at the whole context(and in more difficult cases we may need to know more about the person too). I can give you another example. The other day I was shopping for some new clothes and going into a store I was greeted with a little smile and a "hello" by the woman who owns the store. I went on with my shopping, got a little help from the woman and when I was done I was the only one left in the store. 20 minutes after closing time I was still talking to the woman, while she smiled and laughed quite frequently. Do you see how the context is entierly different from when I walked in to the store and when I was still left there talking to her, even though it was after closing time? Would you agree that the later smiles meant something different than the first one? There's certainly no doubt in my mind. This is not skepticism. I'm not arguing that we cannot be sure, but rather how we can and should judge in order to know.
  11. A problem dealing with people who act nice

    If I have understood you right, I think the concept here is innocence. And in that case, when seen in adults, I agree that it's a tremendous psychological achievement.
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
  13. Is This Art?

    Only thing i've really done since my application is the Marilyn Monroe picture and then this quick little unfinished sketch: (it's a pole dancer but I havent worked on the pole yet... it's way too sloppy but I wanted to make it relatively fast - I have a tendency to spend too much time just going back and forth when I work, getting stuck and not making any improvements at all, that's why I tried to limit the time a little bit). Usually I just have too much to do at school, especially when we have bigger projects to work on(that's why I tend to post here so irregularly, because when we have projects there's not much time for anything else than eat, sleep and work). The projects we do are supposed to be more serious work, but so far most of it get spoiled by the fact that we have to work in groups and everyone is sort of pulling in different directions. Currently though i'm working on something that has atleast got some good potential(it's basically up to a couple of us taking charge and trying to steer it in the right direction). Hopefully i'll have something nice to show when it's finished after the hollidays. During the hollidays I think i'll have a little more time to focus on painting too. I'll post here when I have something.
  14. Is This Art?

    I'm 26, so I set a goal to be able to work with this before I turn 30. But that's just to have a more or less short term goal to work towards. I guess though it's like one of my teachers said the first day at school; "if you're here to make money you're in the wrong place". While there certainly are money to be made in computer graphics it's a really tough buisness to get into, so it's not going to be easy. You know, i've thought alot about doing just what "comes from within". I think this is a necessary part. For the last 6 months I have only done a few small things that are really "my own". That is, when i've been free to do what I desire the most. This has made me realise that there is no way in the long run that I could do anything else. I just have to find a way to make that possible. I really like your Norma-Jean, especially the light. Thanks Mr. Tracy. I'll keep posting as I progress. I'd love to see how your digital work is going too.
  15. Is This Art?

    Thanks! I'll go with my caffeinated lines then. I don't mind posting a few pieces here in this thread, though I don't have that much to show. I would also like to give a little background so you can put it into context(while I hope this post will not be too long). I have only been doing this seriously for a rather short time. While I enjoyed drawing and painting when I was younger I never really managed to get my head around it. Some people seem to pick up on it from a very early age but I have come to it much later. I learned some 3D graphics many years ago but at that time the learning material available was rarely any good. I think it was about three years ago that I picked it up again when a friend of mine insisted that I try this great software called ZBrush(which basically is a very intuitive digital sculpting application). Earlier I had convinced him to pursue a career in digital graphics, which he turned out to be very sucessfull at, and I guess he wanted to return that favor. Anyway, I immediatley fell in love with the software and even though my first attempts would have been bad for a five year old I could already see the potential. And finding good learning material nowadays is real easy, and you know... once that process of creating something is broken down so you understand it, be it a sculpture, painting or a 3D-model, I suppose it's just a matter of practicing until you get good at it. At this time I had a full time job and on my free time I had a project of building a race car and starting a company for tuning cars. However I found myself spending an increasing amount of time learning 3D and digital sculpting. It became quite obvious what it was that I really wanted... Here are a couple of unfinished sculpts that I made just before I decided to apply for my current education. They are unfinished because I had to drop them and start working on the application, and because I lost the files I was working with. I must add that there are so many things wrong with those that really annoy me, and that would take 10 minutes to fix if I had not lost the work(and unfortunately i'm too busy with other things now that I have no time to make anything new, but oh well...). I guess the most obvious must be the "slightly" overexaggerated necks... For my application my goal was to get in despite the fact that I wasnt actually qualified and there would be quite many competing for just a few places(though I only focused on creating something that I liked). This is still the best work i've ever done, and while there are things i'd like to correct and that I can do better now, i'm proud of it(though I prefer the prints which I think look better). A big reason why i'm proud of that is because of how much I had to learn when I made it. The assignment for the application was to make a coffee cup, and that's about how much I knew how to do with the software I was using. Anyway, after that most of my time has gone to completing the assignments I get from my classes. I rarely have time to work on my own stuff which can get a bit frustrating. Most of the assignments are made just for practicing certain things, and they range from rendering, animation, technical directing and compositing. Not much to show there. Then we have different group projects, which noone likes and that really sets the quality. I guess I can show a few examples on a couple of assignments though. Nothing serious, but... Here the idea was to render some objects on a table. Just for the fun of it I added an evil teddybear, that's just my quirky humor. A couple of glass renders This one I made for a rendering competition we had(I was too slow so I missed the deadline though). I kind of like it because it shows a little bit on how I like to approach rendering, which is not necessarily the most realistic way(I used over 10 lights here) but rather to "paint with light". As far as 2D work goes I have done very little of it yet. We have had a few classes on drawing, just dealing with some of the fundamentals like shading simple objects. When i've had the time i've played a little bit with Photoshop and Painter. In Photoshop I have mostly done some textures and photo manipulations. This is my latest and most serious attempt at painting something. I found a photo of Marilyn Monroe, made a simple line drawing from that and then used it as reference. It's unfinished and i've used a bad technique with too much smudging. I tried two different aproaches for the hair but none of them worked very good. The idea here was just to practice value painting and I think that later I will make a colored version and try to get a nicer look. --- Goodness, this feels like a very long post. I hope that you found atleast something to enjoy. As you can see i'm very much a beginner here. A year ago I set a goal for myself to be able to work with this professionally within 5 years, and I guess that shows a little bit where I think i'm at(though I think I can do that sooner).
  16. Is This Art?

    I could not agree more with that! I think one reason for that is because most people learn from the same sources. They find tutorials on the internet or get the latest DVD from Gnomon Workshop(btw, they have some really amazing educational material, maybe some of it could interest you - check it out at, then when they have learned the skills they do much the same thing as the artist they learned from. Then of course using the same techniques and workflows also generates a similarity in looks. In the industry there's also alot of preconcieved notions on how things should look. However that's something i've noticed the most in 3D where alot of work is only judged by the level of photorealism(which can be a valid standard within the right contexts). In 2D the biggest similarities seems to be found in concept art. Often there's just a certain look to it. One reason is perhaps that people are used to it looking a certain way, but then there's also a problem in that it's not just the artist who decides what it should look like. The artists get their orders from producers and directors, and I suppose that's not always working so well. One thing I do love about this field though is the almost complete lack of modern art junk. In the digital art communities you will instead find people who are very, very skilled and serious about their work. There's no slinging mud on a canvas or pretending that an artwork can consist of one solid color, instead people are devoted to serious study of the art forms and that is just such a pleasure to see. I was recently looking into the options of studying more traditonal art after I finish my digital graphics degree, just so that I can develop some really solid skills(and perhaps even move from digital to traditional art). I must say I was quite shocked at what I found at the colleges and universities around here. While they offered courses in painting and sculpting the student "art"work they displayed was among the worst things i've ever seen, most of it could not even be considered art. I mentioned it to a friend who studied art at a community college and he pretty much told me to forget about it; if the assignments would not drive me mad the classes consisting of 90% radical feminists sure would. --- Jumping to a different subject, may I ask what kind of Wacom tablet you are using? I think your line drawing looks very clean, which is something i'm having real trouble with my Bamboo tablet(not sure if it's me or the tablet though, but I find it much, much more difficult with the tablet than with pen and paper). My lines usually look like i'm about to have a caffeine overdose...
  17. Betsy, I admire your attitude and way of dealing with this. From what i've seen so far i've found no grounds for Diana Hsieh's attacks on you and Stephen Speciher, while you have on the other hand stayed with the facts. I must say that you have really impressed me.
  18. Organic Foods

    I used to think the same way when I started loosing weight. However I soon realised the necessity of keeping some track on the calories. It just makes it so much harder not knowing. It's not only that you're working sort of blindly, but it's also easy to fool yourself. That's why I found easier ways of counting. With time I have also learned to apply that to any kind of situation, which is extremely usefull. I mean, it's one thing to know when you're following your regular day to day habits, and another thing to still have controll when you go out with your friends, after work or whatever. Learning to be self-regulating and handling all different kinds of situations is very important. I would try to make your friend see that she's only making it more difficult, and that a simplified - yet consistent - way of couting does not have to be tedious or obsessive. I also understand your concern with not wanting to preach. As you say, it's a sensitive subject. However, keep in mind that most people that she's dealing with are probably also treating it as a sensitive subject, not to mention that most people are dishonest about such things because they are afraid to hurt her feelings. So whatever you do, don't be like "most people". Better to talk straight with her, just do it as a friend and not someone who likes to criticise her. But of course, make sure she really wants your help too because in some cases she might want to handle it by herself. A friend of mine pointed out a very important thing for me when I had just started loosing weight. He first asked me how it was going with the exercising and dieting, and I told him everything was going fine and I was training five days a week. He thought about it for a moment and then asked me; "that's good, but do you enjoy it?". I had not even considered that before, so I replied that while I did not hate it I did not really enjoy it either. He just looked at me straight and said; "if you don't learn to enjoy it you're going to fail". That's not the kind of advice everyone wants to hear but it's the kind of advice a lot of people need to hear. If you don't enjoy it it's only a matter of time time before giving up. Noone can torture themselves forever, yet that's what many overweight people try to do. At the root of this is a very difficult problem with conflicting emotions. They want to loose weight and have all the benefits of that, but they still enjoy an unhealthy and destructive lifestyle. Looking at it from the perspective of a healthy and fit individual this is sometimes very difficult to understand, but a lot of overweight people cannot even begin to understand what it's like "on the other side". The pleasure they get from food though is very immediate and very real. What they need is to reframe their thinking and to develop the proper emotional response to their rational value judgements. On the root of this there are often irrational ideas the person is unaware of and has accepted for a long time. Most fundamentally it's very likely to be some sort of mind/body-dichotomy. You can for example see that in the examples Ray gave about his clients. It's like these people are coming to him like hes some sort of car mechanic that can just fix them, then they back out when they realise it takes more than just a little bit of money and some quick fixes to get them where they want. I say this because one way you can help your friend, perhaps better than anyone else, is by focusing on her ideas. For example you could help her introspect in a more rational and methological way to help her better understand why she's acting in a certain way and find ways to become more rational. I'm not suggesting psychology sessions with her, but encourage her to introspect and consider different ideas and maybe she will find some good answers. Another thing that can be really helpfull and perhaps make her enjoy the process more is to encourage her to seek out more knowledge and information. You know how many things in life become much more fun and interesting once you learn more about them? If she sees the value of seeking out more information chances are she will get hooked and develop a genuine interest for it. One thing that got me going was when I joined an exercise forum and started asking some questions. After a while I got a PM from a fellow Objectivist which encouraged me to check out Arthur Jones, who was described as a real hero. That certainly got my interest, and it lead to learning a great deal about exercise and nutrition.
  19. Organic Foods

    Have you tried suggesting ways to simplify the calorie counting? The exact amount of calories is not that important, as long as she has some constistency in her counting she can make quick and simple aproximations. All she needs is a rough idea of the amount of energy in different foods. The rest is a matter of adjustments according to her weight changes. However this is just assuming she does not want to count calories because she finds it tedious and complicated. Maybe she has other reasons for not doing so?
  20. Organic Foods

    That's an interesting question, but the same question can be asked about many other diets. There are people who have succeeded with Atkins, high carb diet, paleo diet, intermittent fasting, Hollywood diet etc. etc. This is merely to say that these claims are everywhere and it really does not say much about the diet.
  21. Organic Foods

    I also prefer smaller meals. Regarding McDonald's food though, atleast the more typical meals, it seem to have a low satiety index and there's a lot of fat, so it's easy to eat too much of it.
  22. Organic Foods

    I only drink diet Coke. But to answer your question; because that would only make me more hungry. I realise of course that it's not a problem for everyone, the point is though that it's easy to overeat on foods that are high in fat.
  23. Organic Foods

    From what i've gathered the supposed truths I think you are reffering to are just bad, and sometimes even dishonest, interpretations of scientific research. In many cases when you read nutritional advice the studies presented to support that are picked just to support the authors thesis, and often times when you look at the actual studies you'll notice they are misinterpreted. Then there are also some studies that are just horribly bad, I have for example seen several studies where the results contradict the conclusion. The most fundamental truth here though is the relationship between energy intake and energy expenditure. If you spend more energy than you take in you are going to loose weight. So it's possible to loose weight eating any kind of food, just not any amount of that food. The of course there are some foods, or combination of foods, that will make it easier and healthier than others. I would for example not consider McDonald's food ideal because it's not very nutritious and you easily get alot of calories from it(my meals are usually around 3000-4000 calories there, and that's almost double my preferred daily intake).
  24. Aaaaw, that's just too cute! On a scale of 1-10 in pure cuteness that must be atleast 50! I'm gonna go play with my "little" rottweiler puppy now....
  25. Thanks for posting those videos, Carlos and Kitty Hawk! I'm also a bit of a Yes-fan myself('Into the Lens' and 'Heart of the Sunrise' are among my faviourite songs). Speaking of bass players, not to mention a couple of other "fairly adept" musicians, here's a little piece with Stanley Clarke in Return to Forver - The Romantic Warrior: It's perhaps more jazz than prog-rock, but I hope you'll enjoy it.