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  1. Photography

    Thanks MRZ! I read your post before logging in. Imagine my surprise when I was expecting a human baby and the first thing I noticed was your chin. The cat looks really cute though. What breed is it? --- I often pass this garden on my walks around the lovely beach promenade here. I love the colors and I think the fence makes for an interesting composition(aside from it's colors, also, I like that it doesn't lead you into the picture, but instead just gives you a glimpse of someones private and highly valued property).
  2. Favorite movie lines

    "I'm your huckelberry!" - Doc Holliday, Tombstone. And then, this monologue from Cyrano de'Bergerac:
  3. Photography

    Thanks! I've recieved alot of positive feedback on that one. At first I was a bit lukewarm towards it. Maybe because I haven't spent days editing. But it just keeps growing on me. Only thing i'd like to change is the depth of field which is just a little bit too shallow, but it's not really something that bothers me. I've found that learning photography is much more fun than I had expected, so I think it's going to be time well spent. It would be fun to see what you come up with.
  4. Photography

    Speaking of time of day, I like how this day-to-night conversion turned out. It was shot around noon. A pretty dull and overcast day so it was fairly good for this type of thing. Lilacs This one was taken at the same location as the G&S(which is about a 5 minute walk from where I live). Shoreline
  5. Photography

    Thanks! It was taken around 6 AM. A little earlier would probably have given better light, but i'm not sure it would have reached those places.
  6. Photography

    Lovely dogs! They look cute, fluffy, happy and clever. Lately i've been keeping myself busy with learning photography. It's about time I learned a little more about it and there are many views worth capturing in the summer around where I live. Anyway, thought i'd show you a couple of shots... The first is one of those where I just got a little lucky. Thought i'd try some different settings on the camera, so went out in the garden to just find something to shoot. So there's pretty flower and I start shooting, when I see this little bug crawling around in there. While crawling around and trying to get a closer shot this other little bug joins the show. This is about when the proper composition for the shot started to become obvious. Now, one might think that the hardest part is communicating and directing the bugs. Them having tiny little brains with a poor capacity for language. That, however, was the least of my problems. I was using a 60mm macro lens for this. Macro lenses with short focal lengths mean that you have to get really close to the subject. This meant getting into a very uncomfortable position while trying to hold the camera steady. It also means it's easy to block the light and that you get a very shallow depth of field. The shallow depth of field in turn means you have to be really precise with the focus. I had to be very steady while still being fast enough to not let a gust of wind ruin it, and on top of that have the little bugs perform. This is the only one out of around 300 shots that worked. And, I really like it. Not because I got lucky with a difficult shot, but because there seems to be a story going on and the composition really worked. Bugs In the second one I could not decide which way to take. I kept going back and forth between the black and white and color. In the colored one I really liked the golden hues, and in the black and white I liked the silver toning. Then some photographer said that it's almost impossible to have black and white and colored shots next to each other, without them discrediting each other. Well, challenge accepted! I think this arrangement works. What do you think? Gold & Silver
  7. Spam Attacks on THE FORUM

    The problem is that I can't login at all from home. It just brings me to a login screen which I can't get past. My guess is that my ISP uses an IP range that has been blocked.
  8. Spam Attacks on THE FORUM

    Could this be related to what's happened to me? I can't access The Forum from my home IP, it just brings me to a login screen from where I can't login. However my account is, clearly, still working.
  9. I'll have to agree with that. I'm not familiar enough with the specifics to point exactly to why it is so, but I get a sense of "close, but not quite there" when looking at Helena's buildings. I don't mean that in any derogatory way, as I find the Roscoe residence in particular to be lovely. It's just that Lautner's buildings are beyond anything i've ever seen(especially the Arango residence, which is my favorite).
  10. I've noticed that when in the company of women who are good looking enough, or percieved by others as "high status" enough, reality starts to unravel. Suddenly, all other women think you're Brad Pitt and they go nuts. It's something i've never understood, and if I had not experienced it I wouldn't believe it. I must also say that I really don't like that kind of attention, it's just false and I much rather meet women based on my own merit. It's fascinating though. As far as looks go i've come across one explanation that seems to hold true. I don't remember where I got it from, but it goes something like this: When a woman sees a good looking man she's more inclined towards being a "sexual agressor", while meeting a man of good character she's more inclined towards being "sexually receptive". Good character here is by far the most important thing. Over the last few years i've improved my appearace a great deal, and if I were to describe the difference in one word it would be; "meh!". Sure, I get a little more attention and sometimes things run a little smoother but at the end, it doesn't matter.
  11. While I don't think she matches his ability, Helena Arahuete has some really nice buildings. "Helena started working with world renowned architect John Lautner in 1971 on the Arango Residence in Acapulco. She served as Project Architect on numerous Lautner projects, and rose to become the Chief Architect in John Lautner’s office until his passing in 1994."
  12. I don't think that holds any water. What about men living happily ever after with their spouses? And what about Roark in the granite quarry, or women drooling over men at construction sites? I think the most fundamental concepts at play here are beauty and strength. That's what causes sexual attraction. And beauty is not only youth, like strength is not only wealth or power. Also, love is not only sexual attraction - it's sexual attraction and sense of life.
  13. Merry Christmas to you all! Seconded! It's very appropriate indeed, to celebrate this holliday in a big pile of gold.
  14. Ethical question

    This is a question I found on another (non-Objectivist) forum. The, completely hypothetical, scenario is this: A beautiful woman spends a lot of time a the hospital to be there with her dying father. She keeps her hopes up that, through some miracle, he will make it. The reality, however, is that the doctors can only give palliative care. One of the doctors responsible for the treatment has taken a liking to the young and beautiful woman. He handles his job exceptionally in every way, but whenever he can he tries to spend more time with this patient(or the woman, rather). Is it wrong for the doctor to "hit" on her and try to win her? --- I found this interesting because most people seem to respond with a knee jerk reaction that this is just so wrong. Many of those responses seem to operate on some sort of maelvolent premise. The woman is weak and maybe she thinks that she will have to sleep with the doctor in order for her father to get the best possible treatment. The doctor could also manipulate her by being there as a shoulder to cry on. My response would be that in the first case the doctor should be sued and fired, if he actually tries to make her believe that, and in the second case... well, it is manipulative and immoral; alot of guys have tried that however, and at best it would be like riding the Friendzone Express. So, my take on it is that the doctor could pursue her in an honest way, and that it is in fact the only practical way. And in that case; why not? One possible objection I can think of is that it would be unprofessional, and his employer would probably not like it at all. However, he could tread carefully to see if his interest is welcomed or not. Anyway, I would love to see your thoughts on this. Whatever your position may be i'm sure it would be more well reasoned.
  15. Global Warming Strikes Europe

    -9F today. I've turned all the radiators off to prevent it from getting colder. On a related note: Is there any way for humans to hibernate?
  16. Ethical question

    I don't see that as obvious. Can you explain why emotional involvement prevents objectivity?
  17. One of the things that commonly gets "negotiated" is the part about treating her well. It's a sad thing where good guys are taught to be wussy "nice guys", and women tend to much rather put up with jerks than to have that. Well, that's atleast until self-respecting women learn that dating jerks will eventually get them burned. Such women can search a long time before they find a good guy who's neither a jerk nor a "nice guy". Another explanation is that women test men. Some do it better than others. It's not uncommon that she will act immature and he answers in kind(or they both act immature), then she complains to her friends what a jerk he is. At the same time he will get her respect for standing his ground.
  18. Global Warming Strikes Europe

    Apparently global warming causes weather. Among other things...
  19. I've found that they are growing increasingly silent about it. A few years ago I heard alot more protests from feminists. While they're not completely silent today, there's certainly far less talk about it. The feminist movement tends to be a bit diverse though, so i'm sure you'll always find some feminists who haven't completely lost their marbles. If I were to make a generalization of the feminists here, this recent story illustrates the situation pretty well. Our "equality representative"(ha, I bet you don't have one of those in America! ) that it's discrimination to disallow student from wearing burqas at school. Now, that in itself I understand can be a tricky question, as i've seen disagreements on such issues even among Objectivists. The interesting thing though is how she, the "equality representative", ends her ruling with(my own translation here): "Contempt towards women is expressed in different ways in every culture, for example by sexualizing their bodies or by directing them towards taking care of the home and children. However, such expressions[of contempt] cannot be eliminated by shutting the women out from fundamental areas of society." This kind of reasoning is what happens when feminism and cultural relativism meet. Apparently it's just as bad to look at women as sexy, or have them take care of the children - nevermind if it's by their own free will - as it is having them stoned as punishment for being raped. Since our "equality representative" seems to equate our western culture to Islam, that must essentially be what she means. It's very typical of Sweden. If you ever hear someone have a negative judgement of another culture, you can be sure that they'll attack the western culture in the next breath. Regarding the statistics for rape, there are two arguments i'm familiar with as to why we have so many instances of rape here. One is that more cases are being reported, claiming that swedish women are more likely to go to the police if they get raped. The other is that under swedish law it's considered rape to have sex with a minor(even if it's consensual) or with someone who is too drunk and/or drugged. Not all european countries count that as rape, making it a little trickier to compare statistics. While I find the first argument ludicrous, the second is atleast factual - though I sincerely doubt that it accounts for the vast differences(a quick statistic I found said that in Finland they have ~500 cases of rape per year, while in Sweden it's over 4700... good luck trying to explain that, even when taking differences in population into account). Now feminists in Sweden are trying to change the law. They no longer want rape to be defined by the use of force, but instead by consent. Consider the impications by that. In most sexual acts the consent is implicit, and how do you prove there was no consent if you remove the criteria of force? It would be up to the judge to decide, arbitrarily. There is in fact an ongoing case that demonstrates this quite well: Man and woman have sex, woman brags about her high-status conquest, and now tries to put him down for rape. Hey, she wanted a condom, but there was no condom, so clearly there was no consent. Anyway, I don't think this has so much to do with supporting the jihadists. You're not nearly "cynical" enough here. I think they're just after power. Plain and simple. One way to get that is by imposing non-objective laws. Multiculturalism also serves that purpose, it provides them with votes and people who are ashamed of themselves are easier to rule. Add feminist-marxism and environmentalism to the mix and you get some real nasty stuff.
  20. Ethical question

    Very good point, and I agree - waiting would be better for both of them.
  21. Ethical question

    Does power make it wrong per se? This reminds me of when i've been in a similar situation as the student-teacher, though the tables were turned. Not the same situation, but similar(though I won't go into any details). In my mind it constituted a challenge I could not resist. Did she have power over me? Sure, to the extent that I let her. This was the same way that a teacher can give you assignments and homework that you'd better do if you want good grades. If that power is missused the teacher can get into real trouble though, and you do have the freedom to walk away(even though it may have negative consequences. Would such a situation be different because i'm a man? I'm not saying this is what you're suggesting, but I think most people will have different reactions when the tables are turned. Also, shouldn't every adult be expected to use their own rational judgement, even when facing strong emotions? I'd like to note that i'm only focusing the question of power here. As far as professionalism is concerned I think you have atleast some responsibility towards your employer here(a teacher who dates students, especially young students, is probably very bad for buisness). I'll also have to think more on the question of trust. Though not exactly the same situation i'm thinking about a passage in Atlas Shrugged. Dagny and Hank are thinking back to where they met in Hank's office. He's got the upper hand in their negotiations, and he's asking her how she would have reacted if he would have named her as the price for that rail. I don't remember the exact words, but she responds positively, saying that if it was him asking her that then she would have done it.
  22. Good video, and I agree. Sweden has been ruled almost exclusively by the Social Democratic Party for the last 100 years, so what we are seeing now is just the result of that. However, regarding rape, as I understand it the statistics are a bit off on that one. We have a broader definition that atleast accounts for a part of the increase. I'm not sure how much though, and I suspect it's being used as an excuse by those who like to put their head in the sand and deny there's any problem.
  23. Immigration and the welfare state

    This is indeed what is already happening here. On one hand you have the multiculturalist-leftists advocating a more open immigration. On the other hand leftist-nationalists are getting more influential. Since people are getting more and more unhappy with the multiculturalist approach, they turn towards the only alternative present. However, they are just different sides of the same coin. They are two, only slightly, different poisons. Whatever you prefer, you still lose.
  24. I just learned a new word, thanks! Mercurial... seems to describe him well. I'll have to check out the works of those pianists. I'm only a little bit familiar with Martha Argerich. She's been with me for a while on my morning Spotify-playlist, with Rach's 2;nd concerto. I like her interpretation a lot, though I must say it's a bit by default as it was one of the first I heard, and it has just stuck with me for a while now.
  25. Indeed, that must truly be high praise. One word comes to mind when I see/hear him play; elegance. There's that effortless quality that almost makes it look easy. Didn't Rachmaninov say something similar about Horowitz aswell? There's a really fun video of him on youtube that I found delightful. It's an interview of him, in his home I think, where you get the sense of a bit of a shy and nervous energy to him. The reporter pushes him to play something and at first he protests; "Oh, I couldn't, I haven't played that for so many years!". Still, he gets to the piano, tentative at first as if thinking; "now, how did this song go...?". Then he starts playing away, laughing occasionally as in triumph and delight. I got the sense of a really good natured humor and how he just loved playing music. That's something i've found inherent in all the performances i've heard of him. Do you have any favorites among the still active pianists today?