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  1. Happy Birthday to AlexL

    Thank you, Betsy!
  2. Creation ex nihilo

    Sure, but my point was that, for those to whom the science itself is not accessible, looking up Wiki or an FAQ could help understand what a theory is (and is not!) about, provide some answers and clear some misconceptions and misunderstandings. Infinities/singularities - the genuine ones - in the equations of a physical theory always signal the breakdown of its validity in the vicinity of such points and the scientist are very well aware of this.
  3. Creation ex nihilo

    In my view, before declaring something as being absurd, in a field which is so far from our everyday experience, so unintuitive, one should seek answers from a good scientist working in the field, or at least some specialized FAQ's. There are many Big Bang FAQ's, some of which are maintained by professionals working in the field of General Relativity and Cosmology. This and this (?) are but two examples; they address some of the questions asked here.
  4. Creation ex nihilo

    Even Wikipedia is a better source, because it is, in a sense, peer reviewed. A quote from there:
  5. Creation ex nihilo

    [There is, however, no contradiction with your quote, because the latter is about what was before the Big Bang, and that is not part of the B-B theory proper.]
  6. Creation ex nihilo

    The Big Bang theory may be wrong, but it is definitely not "something from nothing": it does not assume an empty universe, that is zero mass/energy.
  7. What happened to ....

    Thanks Paul Sasha
  8. What happened to ....

    ... the site ? Couldn't conect to it in the last several weeks... Sasha
  9. The History of Philosophy by Leonard Peikoff

    Why not ask G. Reisman directly? Sasha
  10. The History of Philosophy by Leonard Peikoff

    They were transcribed and edited by Linda Reardan and published by George Reisman. The publication started in 1994 and was stopped after the fifth lecture (2002). I don't think there is a copyright problem, at least not with the five published lectures, because: - in his 1994 Preface to the first lecture, L. Peikoff writes "I am very pleased that my History of Philosophy lectures are being edited by Linda Reardan for publication by Professor George Reisman." and because - the five lectures are still available on the G. Reisman's page: If the publication stopped somehow because of the Reisman-ARI split, I do not know; maybe L. Reardan somehow lost interest because of the split - I just speculate. Sasha
  11. http://jewishworldre...rand_india.php3 Sasha
  12. I tried to read Mein Kampf twenty years ago and gave up after 50 or so pages: I found it uninteresting - extremely boring, repetitive, mediocre and stupid. Sasha
  13. The History of Philosophy by Leonard Peikoff

    Hi, Does anyone have an idea about the current market value of "The History..." on tape cassettes? In 1994 it was sold by the Second Renaissance for 2 x 295 US$ , Parts 1 and 2. TIA Alex
  14. A recent NYT opinion piece: Capitalists and Other Psychopaths - particularly vicious, and stupid. Sasha
  15. French elections - 2nd round tomorrow

    Hollande has 53-55% of votes (exit polls) Sasha
  16. Theory of Elementary Waves

    I couldn't find the standard TEW explanation, but DR- Boyd's explanation is apparently at variance with standard TEW, according to which - first, an Elementary Wave passes through the receiver and carries to the photon emitter the information about its characteristics. - then the photon emission with necessary characteristics is stimulated at the source and then guided / transported back to the destination by the Elementary Wave In standard TEW, this process will have to take the time necessary for the EW travel from the eye to the star and the photon to travel back to the eye, which means the man will receive the right photon from the star millions years later. Dr. Boyd's explanation circumvents partly this obvious problem by stating that the EW gets and carries the eye's characteristics towards the already emitted incoming photon "in the last moment". Therefore, it is my understanding that : - the standard TEW should have problems explaining our ability to see stars that emitted their light a long time ago (I do not know where does Dr. Little explain this ability of ours) - and that Dr. Boyd advances an unorthodox explanation, still based on elementary waves and almost certainly approved by Dr. Little. Any ideas? Sasha
  17. Theory of Elementary Waves

    I understood the joke, that's why I dropped it from the transcript, so lets forget about it. Dr. Boyd's explanation is short and clear. Is it essentially correct, in your view? As I understood it, Dr. Little endorses Dr. Boyd expertize in TEW, and this means, I guess, that Dr. Boyd would not publish an unapproved explanation. Alex
  18. Theory of Elementary Waves

    On the new Lewis Little site, a Dr. Jeffrey H. Boyd, MD, is introduced and described with these words: "the only other TEW expert on earth. Little and Boyd have been in conversation, bouncing ideas off each other, for more than half a century." On YouTube he appears with a video , titled "How do we see stars?".At the end, in the last few seconds, there is a rather puzzling comment, apparently also by Jeffrey Boyd. I don't know what to think of it. Alex
  19. British-born author, literary critic and journalist Christopher Hitchens has died, aged 62, according to Vanity Fair magazine. He died from pneumonia, a complication of the oesophageal cancer he was suffering from, at a Texas hospital. Vanity Fair said there would "never be another like Christopher". Sasha
  20. On Ayn Rand on Racism

    I remember having heard this definition: individuals are of the same race if they can interbreed. Hmm... the formulation must be adjusted for the same-sex problem, and even so, it might be false. Sasha
  21. We won't be able to even communicate with them: a question/answer cycle will take 1'200 years. Not even the tactics of continuous talking will help much. It is hopeless: the Universe is much too big end sparse, and this is not improving ... Sasha
  22. Pending FORUM Upgrades

    Betsy, if you need, you still can access the forum in its old Format - from the Internet Archive The last snapshot in the Archive dates from April 2011. Sasha
  23. Question on Ayn Rand

    Abstract algebra, specifically algebraic structures, if I remember well. Possibly in relation to the problem of concept formation. Alex
  24. Happy Birthday to AlexL

    Thanks Betsy & Ray ! Sasha