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  1. Atlas Shrugged Movie trailer

    Francisco is played by this guy, Jsu Garcia. I didn't see him in the trailer, either.
  2. I'm listening to the Dennis Miller Show regularly. He saw the Atlas Shrugged episode of the TV-show "Stossel", and is currently re-reading The Fountainhead. That's most likely what brought it on.
  3. Funny Videos

    I'm moving to Australia to study for my master's degree this summer. I'll stay there for two years. Unfortunately, I have an irrational fear of large spiders such as the Huntsman. I hope there won't be as many of them far south, in the temperate zone near Melbourne, where I'll be living. How concerned should I be about this?
  4. Federal agencies

    Do Objectivists support the existence of federal agencies such as the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the DHS? I've always assumed so, though I can't remember ever having read about it.
  5. Acton Institute Event

    I encourage you to watch the trailer to the Acton Institute movie "The Birth of Freedom." "Quasi religious" doesn't quite cover it.
  6. The Tea Party Movement Goes to Capitol Hill

    I'm certain you'll appreciate this: Glenn Beck covered the event on Fox News in a 2-hour special, and is likely to have had around 4.000.000 viewers. In the middle of the broadcast he put on Dr. Yaron Brook for over 4 minutes, and very respectfully debated atheism and individual rights with him. He also mentioned the term "Objectivist". View it here. Dr. Brook appears at 2:38.
  7. Dollhouse (2009)

    *POSSIBLE SPOILER FOR THE SEASON FINALE* I heard that in the season finale, when the main character wants to die, she is roused back to wanting to live when she learns that Barack Obama is President. Is there any truth to this?
  8. You'll know Objectivism is winning when...

    The selection of ads is based on your own individual profile though. The reason why the HBL ad appears to you, is most likely because you mention Ayn Rand in your profile. People who don't, are very unlikely to see the ad.
  9. Favorite rousing songs?

    This one always makes me smile. This is an old favorite by Jerry Goldsmith—I find it very inspiring and uplifting. I like this one from Hoodwinked, as well. Anne Hathaway has such a pleasant, innocent voice.
  10. Two logical puzzles

    This is a correct observation—though it's more complex, and gives every single field a logical symmetry. The correct answer turned out to be B.
  11. Two logical puzzles

    1. The black circle (indicated by arrow) will pass through the black field to its right, thus becoming white. 2. The white circle (indicated by arrow) won't pass through any more black fields, thus retaining its white color. I'm still trying to figure out A (which is the very last puzzle of the IQ test—#39).
  12. Two logical puzzles

    Your observations are correct—the circles do move one step right pr. square, and change colors when they're obscured by black fields. The correct answer turns out to be "H", however. Thanks for the pointers.
  13. Two logical puzzles

    I've included images of them in my post, though perhaps they aren't visible to you for some reason. Here's the direct links: A. B.
  14. I very recently took the IQ test at, and managed to solve all the puzzles with the exception of two, where I had to guess. I've been spending a bit of time attempting to solve them, but can't come up with any solid solutions. Are any of you able to see the logic in these? I'd appreciate any hints you might give me. A. B.
  15. Unfortunately I have no answer to your question, but would like to state that I too have been puzzled by this for a very long time. Non sequitur is, for some reason, the type of humor which makes me laugh out the most. As an example, the following scene from Seinfeld had me almost rolling on the floor laughing the first time I saw it, while other people were only slightly amused. I'm very prone to uncontrollable laughter, such as Elaine's, when presented with something uncanny/absurd in an otherwise serious setting. Fortunately, that hasn't happened very often.