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  1. Burnett "Discovers" Domingo

    Thanks a lot for linking this, Betsy, I really enjoy it. Sadly, I went to show someone this video, and it's gone! Apparently, someone reported it for terms of use violation. Does anyone know where to find this performance? I'd be happy to pay for it.
  2. Great all-in-one things

    Never had rose apples, but that reminds of the time I had a Grapple . It's an apple that tastes and smells like grapes. http://www.grapplefruits.com/
  3. How to Love a Lion

    Wow! I was sure you were going to link to this video. It's the same kind of story, but with two British men who raised a lion from a cub. I enjoyed these, especially as a cat owner with a very affectionate cat.
  4. Happy Birthday to DanReeves

    Thanks Betsy and Ray! It's been a great birthday week. (And even the weather's been nice, which is unusual for fall in Alaska!)
  5. Ayaan Hirsi Ali on "The Colbert Report"

    Thanks for sharing these! I've heard a few things about her book Infidel, but I had no idea that she was so explicitly intellectual, and fighting for good values. I really enjoyed her interviews.
  6. Dancing with the Stars

    Fun Someday I'll learn how to dance.
  7. Pic

  8. Pic

    Wait a second, my face isn't a space station.
  9. Pic

    It's my face!
  10. Dancing with the Stars

    They sound good. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them, if I can catch that episode. Now, by "your studio" what exactly do you mean?
  11. Stephen's Health

    I'm so overwhelmed with feelings upon hearing this sad news. Let me, for now, just express my sheer gratitude - to Stephen, and Betsy, for making this forum, and for being such inspirations to the Objectivist community. This is a huge loss, but Stephen's words and inspiration will live on - I'm sure of it.
  12. Happy Birthday to DanReeves

    Thanks folks And yes they are Ray!
  13. Alex and Sarah get married!

    That's a beautiful topaz! Congratulations to you both!
  14. V for Vendetta (2005)

    Warning: There are spoilers about this movie in this post. V for Vendetta is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. If I had to describe it in one sentence to an Objectivist audience, I would say that it's like taking Ragnar Danneskjöld out of Atlas Shrugged, giving him a smiling mask, and placing him in a futuristic totalitarian Britain. It's the concretization of a man of supreme intellect using force to combat an oppressive government. Are there other ways to combat totalitarianism? Of course. Is it completely justified to fight back in self-defense - force against force? You're damn right it is! P.S. The "torture" scene bothered me a bit as well, and I agree with Joss that I prefer his dramatic solution - but it wasn't enough to ruin the movie by any stretch.
  15. An Introduction to Progressive Exercise

    Thanks for the advice, Ray and Carlos. After thinking about my problem more, it occurred to me that my joint problems have all been occurring on my left side (left elbow and left knee). I'm right-handed, and my right leg and arm are much stronger. I think a combination of too much speed and too much weight put a lot of stress on my weak side joints, as I tried to work to failure for all my muscles. But today, I'm happy to report, I had no joint pain in today's workout. I dropped the weight I was doing and slowed waaaaaaayyyy down - trying 20-30 second repetitions. Just like you said Ray, slowing down that much really kicked my butt. I was sweating, struggling, and breathing hard and moving about as fast as a sloth. Now, it's time for me to sleep and get some good aerobic exercise. Dan