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  1. Sense Of Life in Spanish

    From Alan Tucker Thanks for the reply, Michael. I will drop them an email and see what they have to say. By the way, due to SOL I bought all the interviews with Ayn Rand from ARI, except the Phil Donahue tape. I loved the Mike Wallace interview. AR seemed to be at the height of her intellectual power. I was wondering if you had access to her Johnny Carson interviews and if you ever considered using them? In the Special Edition, I really enjoyed the interview you did with that gal, and of course the extra footage with Leonard and Harry Binswanger. Can you share with us, how much additional footage you have that may be of interest? Also, would you know who that woman is sitting in back of Ayn Rand at the HUAC hearings? The gal with the dark glasses and the hard-boiled glare, who looks rather bored and contemptuous of the whole process. Could she have been Richard Nixon's sister, girlfriend, personal trainer, bodyguard?
  2. From Alan Tucker Michael, First of all, I want to thank you for making SOL, which I readily admit brought tears to my eyes when I first saw it 2002. Anyway, I live in Latin America. A new Spanish edition of "Atlas Shrugged" has recently been released and was, the last time I looked, a bestseller in Mexico and Argentina where it was published. Ayn Rand is now becoming a familiar personality in Latin America, and is offering a view of life never before witnessed south of the border. What I would like to know is have you ever thought about putting out an SOL edition for the Spanish speaking market? Argentina and Mexico would be ready made markets, and as the fame of "Atlas Shrugged" advances down here, sooner or later all of Latin America would be receptive to a Ayn Rand's rational view of life.