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  1. While I enjoy the posts of some select members on here, I've become increasingly bothered by what Diana has said, along with what seems to be an apologetic support for members of the religious right. So, I do not believe I will be posting here anymore. The attacks on Diana are, as far as I know (As a regular reader of NoodleFood and her essays), totally unwarranted. The only thing I find perverse and hard to stomach is the intellectual and personal dishonesty. Feel free to delete this post if you are so inclined, I just wanted to make myself known and have an official "auf Wiedersehen". With All Due Respect -Ryan.
  2. Mandatory Community Service = America now fascist & Fuehrer is Obama

    I'm disgusted by it. I never claimed to like it, Betsy. I never claimed to like Obama. I'm just saying that he won't be reinstituting the Draft anytime soon. I COULD be wrong, but of course McCain spoke of conscription only as "not practical at this time."....Not practical until he starts another war, that he feels he has to sacrifice more Americans too?
  3. Mandatory Community Service = America now fascist & Fuehrer is Obama

    To put Obama's words into context, it isn't as awful as it sounds from that sound bite. Obama was talking about expanding people in our overseas bases, consulates, embassies and things of that nature and expanding the size of the U.S Peace Corps. This idea is not something we should be embracing, but it certainly is not as horrific as you all make it sound. http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=Df2p6867_pw Context starts around minute 15-16. Also, from The Volokh Conspiracy. However, in bad news along this line, Obama's first appointee Rahm Emanuel was, or perhaps still is, an advocate of conscription.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWZHTJsR4Bc Unless this is some kind of brutal campaign against her by a bitter McCain...Which I doubt.
  5. A sad day for gay rights.

    Melissa Ethridge is a hero.
  6. It's Election Day!

    Sorry, I hadn't seen your questions. 1) A. Bush has increased the size of the federal government more than any other president in 40 years, that includes Jimmy Carter. B. Bush has led over 4,000 soldiers of the U.S military to their slaughter in Iraq for a totally altruistic purpose, not to mention the massive amount who have been wounded both physically and psychologically. C. Bush made the most sweeping strikes against abortion of any president since Roe V. Wade became law. D. Bush made the largest additions to the Medicare program since the Great Society of LBJ. The following two are things that Objectivists have not been able to agree upon on a large scale. I personally find the actions wrong, but am willing to argue the points if provoked to. E. Bush has denied Habeas Corpus to Guantanamo detainees. There are people sitting in that place we know are innocent and have no legal justification to stay there, and yet, there they sit to this day. F. Unauthorized surveillance of citizens during non-war times. I won't even attack Bush's ideology in those points, but keep in mind he has expanded the sway of the Religious Right in the Republican party and was the champion of "compassionate conservatism"...In other words, social conservatism with lots of handouts for the poor 2). I remember you posting that awhile back. I am not claiming certain things about Obama aren't very worrying, but the president isn't an autocrat. Obama isn't going to make a lot of this possible without congressional consent. Do you believe that every Democrat is as radical as Obama himself? I don't know of anything McCain had said like that and I doubt he ever did say something like that. Thankfully, McCain is now is back to being a senator. I wish I could say the same for Barack Obama. ------------ At Piz, it is the Freedom of Choice Act. Sorry about the mix up Obama's no pushover on abortion, though keep your eye on Biden who believes life begins at conception. And in general, keep your eye on the religious left.
  7. It's Election Day!

    I think some people, namely Bill Bucko have been acting like sensationalists. Posts in bold, caps lock on half the time, statements about how Obama is going to destroy America and deserves not a single iota of respect seem fine for typical conservative talk radio boards, but I think it's a bit much on a serious discussion board. Of course he is entitled to his opinion, but it strikes me as that of an alarmist. The fact that many totally agreed with the post spurred my comments. At Piz. Piz, my mistake! I did not mean the free choice act. My brain must be clustered. The name has now left my mind, but it's the bill in congress that would make abortion legal even if SCOTUS overturned Roe V. Wade. Free Choice something, I believe. I can't believe my absent mindedness there. Sorry. I wish Obama ill in his effectiveness as an ideological Leftist, but I wish only the best for him, for guidance away from those positions. I wish I could clarify this point better, but it is difficult to find the words.
  8. It's Election Day!

    When America has not crumbled in four years because of Obama's "tyrannical rule", I'll smile and think of some of you guys who make Obama out to be history's greatest monster. Oi Vey. I hope Obama is given the correct guidance in how to run a country. It isn't just the president that makes policy-decisions and despite already lack-luster picks, I won't wish ill on him. He is the leader of the country I love and to simply desire his failure is not something any rational individual should hope for. Of course we must oppose his promised government expansions. We have to make sure he does not expand medicare further, unlike our last president. We have to make sure any strike at free speech is met with the harshest criticisms. We cannot allow Obama to use the FCC and other government agencies to regulate our speech. We have to continue the fight against Islamism, and we can't let Obama blind himself to the threats that face it. He is already getting his CIA briefings, and we must demand he act consistently with American self defense unlike Bush. Is freedom at stake under Obama? Of course. Freedom was at great risk under Bush, and we lost a substantial amount of it, along with money. WIth the current system of government we have, we'll always be facing threats but we can't tear down the Executive branch, but offer our intellectual support...That means by being critical of every move Obama makes politically, by praising any furthering of individual rights (Signing the Free Choice Act into law) and condemning a limiting of them (Net neutrality, expansion of the welfare state). Sorry folks, but no one pays attention to the screamers. They pay attention to the doers. The Liberals were marginalized during the first Bush term, mostly because they offered shallow criticisms ended with "And that's why I HATE THE PRESIDENT AND HE'S A NAZI". Let's not revert to that. Wish ill of his socialist policies, but don't wish ill of him.
  9. Revealed: Voting for Obama Was Racist!

    You know you're an idiot when you take your political points from Chuck D.
  10. More "Spread the Wealth Around" Nonsense

    Believing something and something actually being in your best interests are two different things, which is why Rand and others describe it as rational self interest. A drug addict is not working to his own benefit, and neither is a tyrant.
  11. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/pf/9725235.html It seems out-of-this-world (Or universe...). I was wondering if anybody here who may be more schooled in the world of astronomy/cosmology can shed some light on this stuff.
  12. A sad day for gay rights.

    That's certainly the end goal for me as well, John. But as a government institution of sorts, people should be given equal rights.
  13. A sad day for gay rights.

    Barack Obama is president. No matter how you cut it, whether you like him, hate him, think he's Hitler, it's a historical event...But this supposed leap forward for "tolerance" in America is being undermined by an attack on gay rights. Florida and Arizona have both passed laws banning gay marriage. California's votes have not totally been counted yet, but a ballot initiative there was winning as of last night that would strip away rights given to gays to have legally sanctioned marriages. It hasn't been a year, and already it's being rejected. It is damn shameful.
  14. It's Election Day!

    Hope Change is here. Everyone just hold your breath for 4 years...And your money.
  15. It's Election Day!

    Can I blame all that voted Bush for the 8 worst years since the 30s? Excuse me if I have 0 trust in the Republican party anymore.