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  1. Kant and Truth

    I’m quite busy and don’t have much time to engage in this discussion but I can offer this lead to your question: Because the Kantian innate structures of the human mind are supposedly universal to all people, he redefined objective reality as collective subjectivity. This was the only standard of “truth” left for him since he cut the human mind off from external reality. The only other alternative would have been personal subjectivity, which is no standard at all. I think that is why certain elements in the culture are so hung up on consensus. They may not realize it, but they ultimately got it from Kant.
  2. Strategy for Changing the Culture

    What about just helping to support ARI's "education funnel?"
  3. Power Structure

    Is there anything like this for non-fiction writing?
  4. Stephen's Health

    Betsy, our thoughts and hopes are with you and Stephen. Patrick and Lu
  5. Cox & Forkum - Save the 9/11 Memorial

    Signed it.
  6. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

    Bums who pound car windows demanding money. Sounds like a job for pepper spray.
  7. Happy Birthday to Free Capitalist

    Free Capitalist, Here is a Legionary Eagle for your birthday (Legio X Equestris). The Aquilifer is determined to deliver it to your birthday party no matter who stands in his way! Felicem diem natalem!
  8. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

    I really liked this movie. A relentless pursuit indeed. I think perseverance is the essence of the main character. What do you guys think?
  9. al-Qaida Says They Are Winning the War

    Which experience are you refering to?
  10. Ayn Rand on religion and America

    What do you mean exactly? How does socialism embrace reason?
  11. Ok, this got my attention. Shocking...
  12. How would (will) you vote in the 2006 election?

    I had fun with it and wrote in "Donald Duck" in the "race" where no one was running.
  13. Peikoff on the coming election

    I voted Republican because I'm not convinced that theocracy is a real threat in my lifetime. However I could, and would, change my mind if the existence of such a threat could be demonstrated to me. One thing that alarms me is this: I have heard that Christian intellectuals are starting to make inroads into academia. I don't know how many, or how rapidly, but I do see it as a potential threat. If the leftists are on their way out, they will leave an intellectual power vacuum. It looks like plenty of Christian intellectuals know this and are moving to fill that void. If we Objectivists cannot get enough of our own intellectuals in fast enough, we could be in trouble. One thing I am certain of: religious threat or not, ARI’s mission must succeed. If not, our civilization will go down hill fast one way or another, and in the next few decades.
  14. That was a really good video!