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  1. No more "Islamic Terrorism"

    :angry2: "Civilization-challenged." Hilarious!
  2. You are correct that I’m not asking this for the purpose of deciding to where to apply. I’ll apply pretty much everywhere. Location is a secondary concern, and only if it becomes a factor at all. I agree that it is more efficient to think about location only after I’ve been accepted somewhere. However, efficiency is not my main concern. I would rather have this already thought out in advance, even if that takes extra effort. If location ever became a factor in choosing a school I would like to have already thought about the issue far in advance. In other words, I would like to have formed a general evaluation of each part of the country long before I may have to choose between one place or another. I'm very glad you brought up the fact about visiting schools once you have been accepted to them. I had no idea some schools will actually pay to have you visit them. That is great news! Have you visited any places that accepted you?
  3. Which painters of fine art, past or present, are your favorites? My favorite so far is John William Waterhouse. I enjoy his style as well as the beautiful and romantic subjects of his paintings.
  4. I thought it would be nice to start a thread where members could place photos they have taken. Here is one I took of downtown Portland:
  5. "Spore": A game like no other

    I want to buy it. When is it supposed to come out?
  6. United States Citizenship

    Perhaps using a green marker or crayon to color it green would have been even more straightforward? (Sorry, I could not resist).
  7. I heard there was a debate between Leibniz and Newton about the nature of space. If I understand correctly, Newton believed that if all the objects of the universe were to cease to exist, space would still exist. According to Newton, space had an existence and a nature apart from the things “in” it. Leibniz disagreed, saying that space is nothing more than a relationship between objects, and that if the objects were to cease to exist, so would space. Since this is a question of cosmology, I think the proper thing for a philosopher to say about it is: "I don't know." However, how would (or could) a scientist properly answer this question? I have always been fascinated by scientific questions, even though my chosen career will be philosophy. My reason for asking this question is simply curiosity.
  8. Thanks. This was something I had been wondering about for a long time.
  9. Photography

    Yes. Here are some more cat pictures for all to enjoy (especially SCS) :
  10. Photography

    Thank you! Here's some more pictures (click on them to enlarge):
  11. Attacks on Causality

    Is there any way, in layman’s terms, you could explain what such a standard would be?
  12. nothing is real

    Very well said, Alex! Thank you for formulating something I've thought for a long time, but hadn't put into the right words yet.
  13. The Nature of Space?

    I've read the thread, and also Alex's excellent essay. By universe I mean all that exists. By space I mean the "something" that exists between the planets, inside a vacuum chamber, etc. I don't know what it is exactly. I have no view of space, aside from the fact that I know it exists in one form or another.
  14. Kant and Truth

    I’m quite busy and don’t have much time to engage in this discussion but I can offer this lead to your question: Because the Kantian innate structures of the human mind are supposedly universal to all people, he redefined objective reality as collective subjectivity. This was the only standard of “truth” left for him since he cut the human mind off from external reality. The only other alternative would have been personal subjectivity, which is no standard at all. I think that is why certain elements in the culture are so hung up on consensus. They may not realize it, but they ultimately got it from Kant.
  15. Strategy for Changing the Culture

    What about just helping to support ARI's "education funnel?"
  16. Power Structure

    Is there anything like this for non-fiction writing?
  17. Stephen's Health

    Betsy, our thoughts and hopes are with you and Stephen. Patrick and Lu
  18. Cox & Forkum - Save the 9/11 Memorial

    Signed it.
  19. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

    Bums who pound car windows demanding money. Sounds like a job for pepper spray.
  20. Happy Birthday to Free Capitalist

    Free Capitalist, Here is a Legionary Eagle for your birthday (Legio X Equestris). The Aquilifer is determined to deliver it to your birthday party no matter who stands in his way! Felicem diem natalem!
  21. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

    I really liked this movie. A relentless pursuit indeed. I think perseverance is the essence of the main character. What do you guys think?
  22. al-Qaida Says They Are Winning the War

    Which experience are you refering to?
  23. Ayn Rand on religion and America

    What do you mean exactly? How does socialism embrace reason?
  24. Ok, this got my attention. Shocking...